Locked Boy
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    The guy on the other side of the train just hacked into into his phone. Instead of Rammstein his hypnosis program startet and it instantly worked as you can see. He wont go at home, he´ll follow the guys commands, follow him at his home and into his dungeon. He´ll strip and put a collar and harness on. And lock his cock absolutely volutarily. He´ll beg to sniff his well worn sneaks, to lick them, to worship the guys leather boots as well, later to sleep in the cage which the guy of course will allow.

    When he drive at work the next morning his mind will clear. He wont remember anything. He´ll just wonder about the weird thing locked around his cock. On the way home the hypnosis will start again. This will go a few weeks. He wont know anything about what “at home” after work happens. But the desire to worship masters shoes and cock, to wear his collar, to be a good slave will slowly overtake his mind even when he´s clear.

    Soon he wont need the hypnosis anymore. He´ll follow the guy to his dungeon when he say hi on the train because he´ll be totally fixed on the dream body and the black leather boots! He´ll strip, kneel down and kiss the boots, put the collar and the harness on and crawl to his cage without any hypnosis because all he´ll know is that is what he wanted since he could think.

    This is how a new slave is born.


    When Sir said he wanted me out of sight, i took that to mean i’d hang out in the kitchen or something. 

    “There are times, boy, when i enjoy my peace and quiet and don’t wish to be disturbed, or have to worry about what you’re doing.”

    “No problem SIR, however you feel it should be will be cool with me.” I said.  He just smiled.  At that point he indicated i should kneel between his legs.  I crawled over and he took out a mess of straps and buckles.  Before long i was in a head harness with a gag and a thick muzzle.  I could see still but not hear because the thing also had pads that went over my ears. Small padlocks were soon in place.  I was then put in well padded fist mitts.

    Sir got up then and walked to the stairs.  Pulling a rug off the first landing, i saw that all was not as it would appear.  Sir pointed and i understood that he was indicating that i should get into the space under the trap door. I walked over and saw a ladder. Sir stopped me, and snapped in place a blindfold.  He guided me to the ladder by touch.  I counted 8 steps before my feet hit the bare cement. Through the mitts i felt the ladder sliding from my grasp as it was pulled up and out. Through touch, muffled by the leather of the mitts, i was able to feel that the walls were bare cinder block.  I was able to hear when Sir dropped the trap door shut.  When Sir replaced the rug, nobody would even notice there should be something bigger than a steamer trunk sized dead space under the stair.  Instead, a 9 foot shaft of cold cement held me.  I was in darkness, insured by the blindfold.  I was unable to grab onto anything to climb, there was nothing to grab, even without the mitts.  The height, rug, and the muzzle made sure that Master would not be disturbed. 


    suggestion #160


    Safely Store your Toys away when you don‘t use them 😈😈😈


    No worries the keys are safely stowed away in a time safe in your cell. Unfortunately you can't see the remaining time under your blindfold but if you're really calm the next hours you'll hear that little click when it unlocks. Then the real challenge begin: Finding the right of 6 keys out of the safe, still blindfolded, and open the lock on your back. Just to motivate you a bit more, the number of minutes you need from unlocking the safe until you put the suit out and unlock your smartphone with your (ungloved) fingerprint to send a verification message will be the days you spend in chastity after!


    "Just relax" the nurse said. Tom was getting anxious, he volunteered for a US Navy study to determine how long someone could survive at 30,000ft below the surface.

    "Your breathing air is now supplied by the built in breathing system (BIBs), urination is handled by a duette indwelling catheter, the rectal catheter will collect any solids, and your nutrition will be delivered via NG tube and IV."

    Tom was told the experiment may last several hours, he didn't know that the estimated duration was several months...

    As the nurse turned to walk away, she said... "I almost forgot to secure your arms and legs" She returned with medical restraints and thoroughly restrained Tom.

    Next update: (Someone reply with an update on Tom's condition 😊)


    He laid in the pressure cabin. Over the next days his breath has been mixed with a few alternating smelling substances he should get used to: The rubbery smell of the suit he'll have to wear vor loooong times. The smell of the sweaty socks he'll get inside the work boots connected to the suit. The smell of poppers to make him relaxing. In this time so he didn't get bored electrodes on his whole body stimulate him sometimes really enjoyable, sometimes painful. A display over his head showed scenes of fully rubbered divers like he will become in the second phase of the experiment. The scenes when they get dressed are connected with the smell of poppers, electric stimulation on his cock and balls and constant hypnosis via loudspeaker. The first 48 hours he struggled against his restraints. He screamed in his mask. At day 3 he was more curious for new videos. You could see it. With every new video he stops struggling and looking really carefully. After day seven he got hard every time he see the divers get dressed or undressed. Just the smell of socks, mixed in his air every time when a video with divers taking off their suits really seam to annoy him. After day 10 the acustic hypnosis was switched off. The estim and poppers smell was reduced by every round and at day 14 he saw videos from Rubber divers getting dressed just with rubber smell in his air and nevertheless got rock hard. Even the smell of socks seem to make him horny more and more. The experiment leader is really happy about his progress. He just ordered the skin tight latex suit for Tom he'll wear under the diving suit, arriving at day 20 and ordered that the whole pressure chamber is loaded to a navy ship and brought to the area where phase two of the rubber diver drone training will start. The dry runs will be over soon

    To be continued


    Tom totally lost every feeling of time. After an eternity of constant stimulation in bondage the door of the pressure chamber opens. To soldiers in black SWAT Uniforms and with gasmasks entered. First they releases the breathing mask. One of them opened one of his boots and took the sock. He put it into Tom's face with his rubber gloves. Tom instantly got hard from the smell. The soldier said: "OK the drone is ready for the next phase". The other soldier started to release his shackles and said: "Okay I'll release you now. Even if you're unrestrained don't try to do dumb shit. The pressure chamber is open but inside a locked room which only can be opened from outside with to heavily protected and armed soldiers and on a ship in the middle of the Atlantic also full of soldiers while you are naked... So you don't have any chance to escape!" Tom nodded. They lead him outside into a room looking like the cargo hold of a ship. The pressure chamber stould on one side, a lot of pipes, hoses and cables are connected to the back wall of the hold. When the program started it looked similar, just not in the middle of a ship but in an airplane hangar.

    In the middle of the rest of the room there was something black on the ground. Tom realized the smell of rubber again and his dick started to get hard. One of the soldiers took the black thing from the ground which was a full rubbersuit as Tom saw now and said "OK drone, put it on". Tom answered "Yes, drone is ready for his new uniform!" Did he really say this? One of the soldiers took a walkie-talkie and said "Function tests are running good. He get hard when he should and hypnosis also seemed to be successful" while Tom automatically put his legs into the tight rubber. When his legs were covered with his new second skin one soldier came and said "Wait, I help you with that." he took some lube on and integrated plug and kindly pushed it in Tom's hole. He moaned. This was a completely new experience for him but when the other soldier came with poppers and hold it under his nose and after a few minutes the plug went inside. From the poppers his before again Rock hard cock got a bit soft and the soldier with the lube grabbed it and put his cock into a a massive plastic pipe and an integrated cup in the suit over his already covered cock and his balls. The rest was easier. With oil the suit went on easily because it fits perfectly. On the arms were gloves so also his hands are covered in Rubber. Over his head came an rubber hood attached to the rest of the suit with holes just for eyes, nose and mouth. The two zippers from suit and hood were pulled together and Tom heard a click. When he touched his body with his gloves hands he felt a little padlock, he has no chance to strip the suit or even the hood off now. When he's completely in his new second skin they gave him white socks and shiny black boots which he put on. Then the other soldier came with a Gasmask connected to another thicker hood and pulled it over his face and head. This hood is also closed by a zipper and a collar around his neck which is also locked. A mirror on the door shows that his former identity is now completely gone because with the gasmask and the hood under it nothing from his face is visible. One of the soldiers pushed a button on a remote controller and the eyes of the gasmask became dark and mirrored from outside another button and Tom got completely blind. Then after a few seconds the glasses became transparent again. The soldier said "You see, we're in charge now just sit there and wait, the general will explain some things" he lead him to a chair and Tom said down. He pushed the button again and it became dark again for Tom. He heard steps, a door and then nothing. His cock would be rock hard due to the smell of the rubber but he can't because of the curved plastic tube under the suit. He even can't stimulate it because of the plug which was a real torture because also the plug make him horny. After a few minutes he heard the door again and steps. Then his glasses became transparent and a man in a uniform stould in front of him he started to talk:

    "Let me explain the Rubber diver drone program: diving missions for example to infiltrate or spy enemy bases from water are the hardest tasks of the navy. Many soldiers failed. Or quit after them. But we have to do them so the navy searched a way to make soldiers stronger without drug them. I'm really into BDSM and know that a man can take much more than usual when he's horny so the experiment wasn't to see how deep you could dive... We already know what is possible in this way. But to see if it's possible to condition a diver to be horny just from the gear he wears. And we succeeded. Of course we don't need soldiers focused on their cock all the time. You should stay focused on your mission! So we designed these in your locked Rubbersuit integrated chastity cage with a hard plastic cup over your cock and balls making touching or stimulate yourself impossible. If you fullfill our expectations and behave well we can release some pressure with estim" "How long I'll have to wear it?" "You absolved the dry run. Now the real training starts. It'll last at least 8 weeks and because with the integrated tunnel plug and the drain on the tube of your chastity cage and the possibility to attach cleaning hoses there is no need to remove the suit for this time. After training you will be released and then you can decide if want to go back to your old job as simple sailor on a navy ship or stay elite but this could mean phases of several months without taking of the suit so months of chastity." "Never! Not even the 8 weeks. I'm already exploding!" "Oh you'll have to. And you can. You'll live together in another pressure chamber with two instructors and two other diver drones applied voluntarily for this job and they wear their suits for more than 3 months So you will also make less than two! Oh and the Gasmask, we can reduce the airflow through the filter by remote control also, this will be part of the breath training. You'll have to work in total darkness so for some training units we make the glasses dark. As we have an integrated hose to give you liquid food you also don't have to remove it for longer periods." "I'm not sure if I want this" "You volunteered for basic training... So it was your wish. We'll complete the program and I think with all these technical possibilities WE are in charge. In eight weeks you're free to go if you still want. But now the only place where you go is the new bigger pressure chamber" "Okay okay I'll cooperate" Tom answered quickly. While the general talked he turned a button on the remote control and Tom felt a stimulating feeling on his cock which increased to a painful prick. "okay that's nice to hear. So let's start!" The soldiers came in again and lead im through the door and through a staircase into another hold. There were a much bigger pressure chamber three modules connected with a longer one on the back side. On the middle module there was a capsule connected to an adapter on the top of the module, hanging on a crane. In the bottom there was a big flap. This must be the 'elevator' to the diving missions. They lead him to the left module and pushed him to the door. One said "I wish you good luck and a successful training and then closed the door. Then he heard a swish and felt the pressure in his ears. He pulled on the door but it was locked or the pressure hold it shut. When he turned around there were two other drones. The looked exactly like Tom, shiny black bodys gloved hands, black boots. The eyes dark and mirrored. Their former identities are completely deleted by the suits and the masks. One of them, Tom couldn't see who, said: "welcome drone 3 to your new home. Let us show you our drone base." When he heard the word drone Tom's hypnosis-programmed subconscious said "Drone 3 is ready for the next training phase."

    To be continued

    Besides pics and a few fictional fantasy stories, some personal from me, some routine I'm a bit proud of:

    Since more than two months I wear my thin chain 24/7. I'm happy that I found a one I can wear in everyday life and for the moment I don't see any reason to remove it the next weeks, month, rest of the year...? If you're interested I can keep you up to date.

    In addition since a bit more than a week when I come home from work my collar and the lock wait for me. When I change clothes or after shower I put it on. When I stand up before I go to work it comes off as one of the last things from my "privat clothes" (sweatpants or sometimes fetish gear). Of course I don't wear it when I visit my family at weeken or such things. But mostly there's noo reason to remove it before I need to go to work next day or Monday. I'm happy making this a daily ritual. I've worn it often at home before but this state of discipline is a new stage. Maybe next would be to seal the keys for the chain away and putting the keys for the lock to the collar in a timer lockbox. We'll see. If I do so of course I'll keep you up to date


    Muzzled in the library


    At first time you're loud in the library you're kindly reminded to be quiet. The second time it doesn't sound that kindly. At the third time you're asked in the office and when you're leaving you wear a muzzle locked with 5 padlocks. You'll get the keys back when you leave the library but will have to report at the office and put the muzzle back on when you come to the library again for at least 4 weeks.

    Discipline at the university really increased since the new director came and introduced some new educational methods like Chastity when the grades are bad to focus on the relevant stuff, using of canes for punishments or this


    “Say goodbye to your former life, boy… welcome to your brand new existence!”


    He's struggling. Yet! After the recruit was choosen for the rubber drone program he was forced in the rubber suit, the harness and the gasmask. After the trainer chained him between the poles he´ll connect hoses to the gasmask and start the hypnosis programm. Poppers will flood the lung of the drone and the hypnosis will slowly ooze in his head through headphones and little displays in the glasses of the gasmask. After a few hours he´ll really enjoy it. He´ll be released from the chains and absolutely voluntarily crawl in his cage, close and lock the door afterwards and fall asleep. In the morning he´ll struggle again when he wake up in the cage. He wont remember anything of the session after the moment the hypnosis started and he wont believe that it´s he in the cctv video who moaned satisfied in the chains and crawled in the cage. This session will be repeated again and again more training units will be added. This will last for a few weeks until he falls in the drone mode without any hypnosis just from a trigger word. And stay in this state even when he sleeps (Which should happen just on command) until he hears the stop trigger. Then he´ll be “freed” again and send back to his normal companie. But before he´ll get a little invisible earplug and a bag with his rubber drone uniform which is locked with a number lock. He wont know the combination in normal state but he´ll know that he has to carry it wherever he goes. And when he here the trigger from the drone unit commander he´ll know exactly what to do. He´ll fall into drone mode, remember the combination and go to the next propper place to put his uniform on and do whatever his commander tells via his earplug. When his commander call the stop code he´ll strip the uniform off and put on his normal clothes. He´ll pack his drone uniform in the bag and lock it. He wont remember the combination again when he “wake up” as he wont remember anything he did in drone mode.


    Straightjacket on the Leash


    It was the first time outside masters dungeon since he was captured and enslaved 3 months ago. Master took him to a fetish event and he thought it would be his chance to escape. But Master was really careful. When he prepared him in the morning he put im in a thick rubbersuit which zippers are locked to the collar. After this he was packed in his normal clothes and the heavy straightjacked. Additionally he got the head harness with the huge dildo gag and for the drive in the windowless back of the van and from the parking lot with the subway to the event also a blindfold and because his Master drove some detours he couldn´t tell where he lives.

    When the gag came out for a few minutes for the slave to get some “recycled beer” and to of his former friends passing on the other side of the street he saw his chance. He called “Hey, Help!” and pulled on his leash. Master of course noticed it and before he can go he had the gag back in his mouth. Then master pulled him to his friends.They were really curious “Hey. Tim? YOU? What you doing here” “Hmmmmmmpf” he tried to scream in his gag but Master answered for him “Is that a friend? He now lives with me. He found me on a gay dating platform and wanted to live a BDSM livestyle. So he moved to me and lives in my playroom now” “Wow. Tim, we even didn´t know you´re gay” “I´m sorry that he can´t answer. He asked me to let him gagged whatever will happen until we´re back home. Also he´ll be a bit embarrassed so maybe it´s better that way” “Oh ok. Wow we didn´t know you´re such a pig” his friend says. “Better say good bye Tim” Master told him “Hmmmmmpf” “Bye.” That was the chance.... gone. Master pulled on his leash and pulled him back to the other side of the street. He got his blindfold and they drove home. Master pushed him down the stairs to the dungeon and in the cage where he had to spend the night in this outfit. In the morning he got the spanking of his life. His chastity cage was upgraded from a little cage to a heavy carrara belt and his opening at christmas was cancelled (it was in september)

    Next time he's allowed to go outside master will increase the security level and add a shock collar activated when the distance to masters remote control is more than 25 meters and heavy leg cuffs with really short chain