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A site dedicated to my love of the locker room, and the guys found within! ......... Kik me - lockerroomguys . Send me your pics Snapchat - lockerroomguys Skype Lockerroomguys

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    Well the time has come! It’s been an absolute blast but all good things must come to an end. Looking forward to starting a new Lockerroomguys community on Instagram and Twitter, and will hopefully have a new home soon. I’ll be keeping an eye on Tumblr in case mine doesn’t get blocked and continue posting SFW content btw ❤️

    You can find me here:

    Lockerroom Guys (@LockerroomGuys) | Twitter

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    Keep in touch!

    Make sure you drop me a message with your contact details/email/insta or Twitter and I’ll make sure we keep in touch! And if anyone has any suggestions for a new home for Lockerroomguys….am all ears!

    Twitter - @lockerroomguys

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    RIP Tumblr - act NOW

    Mortified at the news that Tumblr will soon be banning adult content! Lockerroomguys has been such a joyous and downright sexy blog to create and maintain and I am devastated that the community of over 65,000 will soon be no more. I am now looking at other ways to ensure the best locker room content is put out there/preserved, so if you are not already please make sure you are following me on Instagram and Twitter @lockerroomguys