Okay so playing RPGs is extremely good and fun and I love it and play should always be the thing, but having said that I also feel that just reading and talking and posting about RPGs you've acquired online is also a perfectly valid way of engaging with games, and I'm not just saying that because I've got more money than sense and have acquired a not insignificant amount of RPGs I haven't gotten to play yet


    I have this notion I rotate in my mind a lot about like, "degrees of play". Can't remember where I first heard the term but it basically amounts to this: there are 3 degrees of play with all games, and they're all separate but valid ways to play.

    Primary Play: playing the game. This is your TTRPG session, your match of Fortnite (forgive the example), or your game of Magic the Gathering.

    Secondary Play: planning for future play. This is reading TTRPG books or coming up with character ideas or planning sessions, watching Fortnite matches on YouTube or Twitch to learn strats and loadouts, or adjusting your deck in Magic.

    Tertiary Play: remembering past games. This is telling stories about wild campaigns of yore, watching your own replays or telling a friend about a nasty match, or that Magic post-game clarity where you realize that you should have made a different play on turn 3 in Magic and if that happened you would have...etc.

    TTRPGs have those three degrees more central than most. Planning a dungeon is play! Reading a new source book is play! Telling stories is play! It's just a different /shape/ of play than what we usually consider "playing the game". I think it's totally valid to buy a TTRPG rule book, read the rules, and never play a session of it. I think you played the game, just as a solo-play semi-linear procedural diceless play session.


    my mom purposely overpaid her credit card bill by 1 cent so every month they send her a letter that says they owe her 1 cent and it costs them a dollar to send the letter plus the paper. she is costing corporations money 👍


    Yes, but the added environmental cost of mailing a paper letter...


    do you think they cut down a whole tree because my mom overpaid one cent. do you think they make one new piece of paper every time they need one


    But trucks have to move that paper!


    are you not aware that those trucks would be going either way. they aren’t taking another trip for one envelope


    hello my name is billy postman, operator of the world's smallest and most environmentally harmful mail truck. it is one envelope big and requires thirty seven gallons of fuel to go one mile. (I personally am about one and a half envelopes big) my beloved truck is very slow and very loud and I hate both flora and fauna so so so much. I love corporations though


    “Lolita isn’t a perverse young girl. She’s a poor child who has been debauched and whose senses never stir under the caresses of the foul Humbert Humbert, whom she asks once, ‘how long did [he] think we were going to live in stuffy cabins, doing filthy things together…?’ But to reply to your question: no, its success doesn’t annoy me, I am not like Conan Doyle, who out of snobbery or simple stupidity preferred to be known as the author of “The Great Boer War,” which he thought superior to his Sherlock Holmes. It is equally interesting to dwell, as journalists say, on the problem of the inept degradation that the character of the nymphet Lolita, whom I invented in 1955, has undergone in the mind of the broad public. Not only has the perversity of this poor child been grotesquely exaggerated, but her physical appearance, her age, everything has been transformed by the illustrations in foreign publications. Girls of eighteen or more, sidewalk kittens, cheap models, or simple long-legged criminals, are baptized “nymphets” or “Lolitas” in news stories in magazines in Italy, France, Germany, etc; and the covers of translations, Turkish or Arab, reach the height of ineptitude when they feature a young woman with opulent contours and a blonde mane imagined by boobies who have never read my book. In reality Lolita is a little girl of twelve, whereas Humbert Humbert is a mature man, and it’s the abyss between his age and that of the little girl that produces the vacuum, the vertigo, the seduction of mortal danger. Secondly, it’s the imagination of the sad satyr that makes a magic creature of this little American schoolgirl, as banal and normal in her way as the poet manqué Humbert is in his. Outside the maniacal gaze of Humbert there is no nymphet. Lolita the nymphet exists only through the obsession that destroys Humbert. Herein an essential aspect of a unique book that has been betrayed by a factitious popularity.”

    — Vladimir Nabokov (tr. Brian Boyd), Apostrophes (1975)


    Véra Nabokov, Vladimir Nabokov’s editor and wife (among so many other things), mentioned in interviews with her biographer that he threw the Lolita manuscript into a fire several times (she pulled it out). Vladimir Nabokov spoke openly about his fear that the industry and an idiot public would pervert his book into a saucy sex fantasy instead of a study on predatory patriarchal horror. I hate how right he was.


    THIS IS........ DECISION 2023

    It's time for us to finally give these guys the election they always deserved. vote now on your phones


    “Oh tumblr is the gay communism website” and then you vote for fucking Mop again


    im only like 60% kidding when i say that anyone voting for someone other than Wretched Tooth is a neolib



    Fucking educate y'allselves, he's in prison for US, and Mop is literally to blame



    dying at the barricades for wretched tooth

    Dragon Age: believe it or not, the canonical king of Ferelden and last surviving member of the Calenhad line is the bastard son of an elven mage, two of the most discriminated against groups in Thedas!

    Me: wow. What a bombshell. That seems like something that will have a profound affect on the plot.

    Dragon Age: oh it won't

    Me: oh

    Dragon Age: yeah we're never going to bring it up again.

    Me: oh.