Music Is Life

20 love music! always with my twin smiley and my older brothers love em to deff... love my real friends n fam... wouldnt be here now if it wasnt for god watching over me... I love almost all types of anime, Dr.Who, merlin, mentalist, NCIS, Leverage, Homestuck, Sherlock, Agents of Shield, BIGBANG, Korean Dramas, B.A.P, GOT7, VIXX, Block B, BTS, Super Junior, U-Kiss, TVXQ, SO MUCH KPOP TO LOVE AND SO MUCH TO LIST, old school cartoons/selected few new one and much much more. I am a huge huge bookworm and proud of it. I am always willing to listen to those who need a friend and would continue to be there as long as they want me there. if you wanna know anything else just ask..

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2020-12-21 14:14:23