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2020-08-22 12:14:06

    Awe, I’m sorry - I didn’t realise it was a touchy subject..! May I ask for some spins as well? I’m rather curious to see how effective this app can be. Especially when you look this cute.

    I’d prefer not to be looking cute, by the way. I’m not supposed to look this way. But now I’m hoping you end up exceedingly cute so you know how it feels.

    Here we go!

    1. Doll Hair - Blonde

    This is what it sounds like, and it seems like a good start toward making you adorable. Your hair will be extremely shiny and always styled, just like a doll’s!

    2. Wide Eyed Surprise

    Two for two! This gives you that sort of innocent, naive, deer-in-a-headlight look. No matter what, you won’t be able to shake it. That should combine well with the hair!

    3. Got Milk?

    You definitely do! This one doesn’t fall under “cute,” however, so it’s too bad. This change ensures you’ll be lactating for the rest of your life. You’ll never run dry and never be completely empty.

    4. Milk and Water

    Another milk change? The title may be a little misleading. What this does is trades your need for water with a need for milk. Thankfully because of the last change, you should have plenty on hand!

    5. It Does a Body Good

    Hmmm, interesting. Yet another milk-related change. This one, well...you might not want to hear this, but the more milk you drink, the larger your breasts will grow. Seeing as you now require milk to survive...I think you know where this will lead.

    You’re cute right now, but I think you have a lot of growing to do in your future.

    Hmmm, maybe we’ll call this change “Milk and Honey.”

    Good luck, Jules!


    I wish I could get these changes for myself. I could live with the inevitable immobility really easily. Too bad it's random.


    Ugh my boyfriend said I have to spin 4 times! I’m a very Athletic Redhead!

    Do you do everything he tells you to do? You don’t really seem to want this...

    But, you’ve already asked and touched the phone. There’s no going back now. Let’s see how you do!

    1. Lesbian

    Oh, the irony. I’m sure your boyfriend wanted a fun new toy to play with. Sadly, he’s not your type anymore. Sorry you still have three more spins, though. Maybe the app will go easy on you.

    2. Breast Expansion - Mild

    Pretty minor change. You’re going to gain about a cup size, maybe slightly more. Not too bad!

    3. Breast Expansion - Moderate

    Hmm, now you’re going to go up a couple sizes more. I guess you’ll need some new sports bras.

    4. Breast Expansion - Extreme

    Oh wow. I’m not sure sports bras are going to help you much now. That’s the biggest expansion...and on top of two others, well...maybe you like lifting weights?

    But hey, you know what? Maybe you should be thankful that he only told you to spin 4 times. So let’s give your fifth spin to your boyfriend. Then he can be your girlfriend.

    You know what, I’ll even double it because he was so generous to gift you these changes.

    Here we go!

    1. Real-life Cartoon Princess

    Lucky you! I’m sure you loved cartoons when you were young. Well, your new girlfriend is a real-life replica of one of those princesses. This is similar to the Ani-Made Real in that she’s a real person, but with the features and body type of a cartoon princess. She’ll also move like one. Isn’t she adorable? Let’s see what’s next.

    2. Lip Expansion - Double

    Hmmm. Almost a shame it was a facial change, but you know what...it makes her look a bit unique.

    I hope you both enjoy each other!


    My jealousy for her 3 breast expansion rolls is outweighed by my certainty that I'm still bigger.


    I'll take a chance with 3 spins. Hoping to get massive tits, but obviously there's no guarantee.

    It’s completely random...but you never know. It seems to have been pretty generous today with people getting some of their wishes. Three spins coming up!

    1. DSLs - Fake

    I should probably rename this one to Duck Lips. It’s not tits, but at least something got bigger. And of course, because it’s the DSL variety, they are extra sensitive.

    2. Bolt-Ons - Extreme

    Ding! Ding! Ding! Looks like you hit the jackpot! Not only are they bolt-ons, which means they are extremely round and fake, but you got the Extreme size, which is the biggest I have programmed into the app. I hope this is actually what you wanted because they are going to be pretty unwieldy. 

    Let’s see what your last spin is...

    3. Breast Expansion - Heavy

    Wow. I’m stunned. Not only are your bre...fuck it, those are tits...anyway, not only are they going to get bigger, but they’ll be far heavier than normal breasts, sorry...tits...of that size. And at that size, I can’t imagine how heavy that might be.



    I wasn't particularly worried about mobility anyway. So, yes, worth it.