Temptation, Part 2

    -Still Wednesday-

    I am a thousand percent sure Connor’s guest and our “third roommate” is the same person. I laid there, dead-still in the darkness of night, as I heard soft grunts from the other room. ‘I’m so sorry, Connor’ I said to myself as the rustling in the other room had stopped. I had no way to prove it to my friend, nor did I have a way to really stop this. Still I resolved to somehow find a way to help him-

    My door creaked open suddenly, as I heard another being enter into my room. It was undoubtedly Connor. 

    As to which Connor it was? I couldn’t tell. Angel or demon? Heaven or Hell? I had no way of knowing.

    “Thanks for joining us for dinner,” Connor said. Angel.

    I breathed a sigh of relief. “Anytime, dude”.

    The relief quickly disappeared when I heard Connor move closer. “I just wish I had some way to repay you”. I gulped. 


    This was wrong. So wrong. I knew who was in his skin, and Connor was my friend. I couldn’t do that to him. I felt Connor’s flesh touch my own as he gently stroked my face. I swooned on the spot. God I waited so long just to feel something like that from him. But I knew this wasn’t really Connor. Connor wasn’t into that-wasnt into me.

    ‘Connor’ seemed to have picked up on my reservations. “Don’t worry bro, I want this…” He spoke as he began nuzzling my shoulder. Oh my god. I let out a soft whimper, slave to my lust.

    “Y-you’re not Connor” I stated, trying to shake off the pleasure I was feeling in finally having my feelings for my roommate reciprocated.

    For the first time, I saw the worn-Connor’s face up close. Connor was far too good, and far too nice to have ever displayed the emotion I was currently seeing on him. Deviousness

    “Oh?” Connor’s body spoke as he began twirling my hair and positioning himself above me. “Look at my face, bro. I’m Connor. What makes you say I’m not?”

    I-it’s just.. Connor would never-“ He cut me off, throwing my guard off when he smiled the normal smile I’ve seen from him all this time. He gestured to himself.

    “Connor? Cmon bro, I’m right here. And I just felt kind of bad for those past few days, and how awkward it all was- maybe you can think of a way for good ol’Connor to make it up to you?” I sat in stunned silence. Maybe this was actually Connor. Maybe he’s right. I tried to recall the events. Yeah. There was no way someone had been wearing him when I made that unwarranted advance. There’s no way the stranger could have known. I let myself fall for the lie of my own making, unwilling to accept some far more believable truths and driven mad with lust. Connor. Yeah, no other explanation. This was Connor.

    “You know… I’ve never done it with a guy before,” he stated. That set me off and I immediately grew rock hard. My growing cock grazed his defined abs slightly. Connor giggled. I was bright red. So red in my face that I wondered if he could tell, even in the dark. His thick arms brushed my cheeks as he pulled in close, whispering in my ear. “That tickles, bro.”


    Then I felt his abs brush my stomach, as he began gyrating over me. Skin grazed skin and the false-Connor hummed lightly.Fuck me. 


    Oh shit. No, NO. I couldn’t do that to my friend. Not when I knew it wasn’t him inside. Especially when I knew it wasn’t him inside. And yet, the non-Connor was unnaturally good at it.

    I steeled my will. Bracing myself and unwilling to reciprocate the stranger’s advances. Then, he kept speaking, kept rubbing his body over mine.

    “I know you want this, roomie. Cmon bro, I wanna smell me in you tomorrow”.

    I gave in. Surrendered myself to his flesh as we locked in a dance of skin and sweat and passion. Pure intimacy barely contained in the skin of my best friend. I looked him in the eye as he went down on me-er in me, feeling equal parts pleasure and sin. Fuck me. 


    “Hey man, I’m grabbing some breakfast, want anything?” Connor walked in, reeking of sex. Our sex. Though he didn’t know it. Tired eyes, hair disheveled- it filled me with warmth knowing this new side of Connor I was seeing was my doing. And yet, ever present was the guilt of keeping my dear friend unaware of the demon that hollows and fills into him at night. I could barely look him in the eye without cringing. Im so sorry dude. 

    I nodded from my bed, unwilling to leave. “Just get me whatever you’re getting. I’ll Venmo you, thanks dude.” 

    “I-uh, sure man.”

    Connor still acted awkwardly around me. But I could hardly keep my mind on the thought as my attention was brought back to the scent surrounding me. The real smell of Connor remained faintly on my sheets. It was the same smell he gave off that day hey came back from the gym. The scent of a fresh workout and testosterone laced sweat. The scent of man itself.Exquisitely musty. Exquisitely him. I clung to my sheets, staying in bed longer to remain in the hug of his lingering scent. 

    Then came my second night with Connor. Or at least, the stranger inside Connor. I kicked myself as I fell for him again. It was too much. I have loved this man for so long and to finally see him, to see his body respond and willingly reciprocate. I couldn’t help myself.

    We snuggled until the earliest signs of morning, when I felt a slight disappointment upon no longer feeling my friend on me.


    Something was wrong today. Conner- er- the stranger was still inside. I could tell by the way he spoke to me. By the glint of mischief in his eyes. Somehow I knew me this wold be a turning point if I let it keep going the way it did.

    I pulled the glass of purifying liquid I found off Amazon, and burned a little sage for good measure. I splashed a bunch on him when he wasn’t looking.

    Connor just laughed in shocking cruelty. “Bro, what the fuck is this”. His body began to wipe off the liquid and sniff the air. “Sage… really? I’m human, dumbass”.

    “It was, uh, an accident”. I stammer out unconvincingly.

    -Still Friday-

    On my way back from the library, I made a bee-line for my room. There had to be some way to get that man outside of my friend. His body swiftly moved to block me from my door. Shit.


    “You’re a smart cookie You know, don’t you.” Connor’s body stated in a threatening tone. I was frozen in panic “Well, no point in hiding it anymore is there?”

    He leaned in closer. Pulling me up to him with his left arm. “Maybe I’ll squeeze inside you, fill you out just like your buddy here… you’d like that, wouldn’t you?” I gulped. He quickly took notice and began cackling. “Just kidding bro, but seriously, don’t tell anyone okay?”

    I stared incredulously. “B-But Connor is my friend!” I shouted back. 

    “I know I am, bro” He laughed as he spoke. I shook my head, frustrated. “But as far as I can tell…” He pulled me in even closer, till my I had no choice but to breath in his hot, damp breath, to feel my friend’s sweat smear across my skin. “As far as I can tell, you’re not really in any position to make any demands are you?” 

    “Besides” the stranger stated. “I think you’d like Connor better this way.”

    Was Connor better this way? He was definitely more sociable like this, more open. My crush had always had a sense of reservation about him, like he carefully considered the very emotions he let out into the world. To see him like this, so free,was a sight to behold. It was like experiencing the rarest gem of his personality-even if it was actually someone else inside.

    I shamefully fucked him again later that evening. Sorry Connor.


    I was miserable. Internally storming in a mix of emotions. Grateful for getting to experience this new “side” of my friend. Guilty for letting it keep happening. Angry at the man inside- yet also falling for him. The way he carried himself- his confidence. It was charming in a certain light. 

    Anyway, Connor’s parents visited today.

    The checked up on their son, and I watched as the being inside puppetted the skin of their precious only child. I couldn’t bring myself to tell them that the man hugging them through Connor’s skin wasn’t their son.

    “Mind if he joins us for lunch” the Not-Connor asked.

    “Sure! Of course- we’d love to have you,” they beamed at me.

    I shook their hands awkwardly. Lying throughout the lunch as I struggled to keep face.

    “So, how has our dear son been. Not getting into any trouble, right?” They asked me playfully.

    “Yeah he’s a great roommate. Ugh…” I squirted a little pre-cum. Connor sat just a little too close, expertly rubbing his fingers across my inner thigh. Fuck. We were in public too. And I could smell him. That same scent…. He hadnt showered.

    “He ….mmmm… He does his chores,” I barely manage out.

    “Yeah, I’m a real good roommate, Mom and Dad” He patted my back, pulling me closer, tracing my spine before slipping his hand through my clothes and rubbing my side.

    I stared incredulously at his parents, at them not noticing what their son had been doing, before my eyes fluttered in lust. The waiter had come by and in that bare second of a moment I felt Connor slip his hand even deeper inside me, pulling me even closer to his body before he gave my dick a quick tug. He repositioned himself to look less obvious to everyone around us, but still kept a hand on. Taunting me.

    “So sport, we see you’ve been bulking out. Haha, putting on some extra beef for the ladies?”

    “I had a gym buddy help me out actually, Dad” Connor stood up, releasing me from his hold as I breathed out a sigh of relief. He did a little spin before kissing each bicep. God he was cute like this. “He’s been helping me bulk up, I’ve been doing so well, I feel like a new man” Connor stated, obviously using his words to toy with me. 


    Connor’s parents innocently congratulated their child on his transformation. I seethed. He wasn’t even trying to play like the normal Connor. Every word was laced in doublespeak, every sentence spoken with an unwarranted confidence. This Connor had absolutely no reservation speaking about anything and everything. Even to his own parents. Even as he spoke of his sexual exploits, while I watched his parents squirm at the awkwardness. I couldn’t believe they saw the person in front of them as their son. Not a single movement or a single word coming out of that skin’s mouth read “Connor”. Then again, I wondered, I probably wouldn’t have believe it myself, had I not seen it.

    Connor’s body toyed with the three of us, as he continued. He was loving this.

    “This ain’t for the ladies though. I want to get nice and big and strong for my fuck-buddy roommate. He doesn’t look it, but my bro is a monster in bed so he makes me want to be one for him.” ‘Connor’ stated matter of fact-ly. We spit out our drinks in shock. My eyes widened in horror as theirs narrowed on mine . Fuck. My mouth went bone dry as I excused myself in a flurry of apologies and excuses. 

    In my way out though, I couldn’t help but chuckle, despite the embarrassment. “Fucking Connor” I muttered.

    -Saturday Night-

    I got a text from Connor’s phone. 

    “They told me to find a new roommate. I told them to fuck off. Just 4 u bb.”

    I rolled my eyes before smiling. I had befriended the stranger inside my best friend, without even realizing it.

    Moments later, another night of forbidden pleasure-his room this time.

    In the late hours of the night, I went up to relieve myself, eyeing my face in the mirror. What was I doing? What was I doing to my friend? I felt wracked in post-coital guilt. I had been having so much fun, giving in to the temptation of finally having what I’ve always wanted. 

    Yet… I knew this couldn’t last. I couldn’t live with myself if I kept going. This was all too much. What we were doing was wrong. This was such a horrible thing to do to my friend- who had done nothing to warrant this kind of punishment. These were parts of his life we had stolen from him, experiences he would never experience, weeks he would never get back. I had to fix this.


    “This can’t go on, don’t you have a life to live?”

    “Yeah, Connor’s.” the stranger laughed. 

    “No, seriously dude. Please, you know I can’t give you anything or get you out by force, but please…” tears began to well in me. “I want Connor- I want my friend back”. 

    “I made him like this because I knew he had a cute face, and such lovely skin. He had so much going for him, but I knew he could be more. Isn’t he so much hotter like this?” The stranger asked. 

    “I’ve seen you though- you’re already pretty hot. Why Connor? Why all this?”

    The stranger let out a sad smile before procuring a vial of clear blue liquid. It felt odd enough seeing him display these emotions, let alone Connor. I knew this wasn’t the real Connor, but to me this felt like the “Real” Connor somehow. When the stranger was inside, my friend displayed so many different emotions, tried so many different things. Would it be so bad to keep it going? I asked myself, before releasing the intrusive thought. I loved Connor for what he was, even before all this. That was the real Connor.

    The stranger spoke genuinely through Connor’s voice this time. “Look man, I just wanted you to have a bit of fun- Well, obviously, I took our boy here to have some fun with this cute bod, but eventually I made it my mission to help you lighten up. You always seemed so glum around him. Just something about the way you carried myself when I wear him. It broke my heart. You… like him, don’t you? Like really, really like him. Love him, even. I think you already know he loves you too- as a friend” The stranger let out another pitiful smile, stroking my face with Connor’s hand. I couldn’t help but let out a stray tear. “You deserve someone who looks at you like how you look at Connor bro, the world’s so big, trust me. There are so many people in the world, I’m sure you’ll find someone. But until then, I wanted to at least give you a taste of what you wanted”. I was speechless.

    “Not that it seemed to have helped. Anyways, I get it, I get it. Here.” He handed me the vial. I kept my hand on Connors a little longer than I needed to. “I’m about to knock out, which should make him wake up. If Connor and I both take  this at the same time, it should be enough. Make him drink some of this, while I’m inside and it undoes the whole suit-thing. You’ll see him hollow out one last time, just wake me up when that happens so you can help me squeeze out of our boy. I’m gonna need a bit of help getting out, since it’ll affect me too, so that’s where you come in. Once I’m out and he fills back up, it’s done. You’ll get the old Connor back, permanently. This stuff lasts forever.”

    I sighed a breath of relief. I could finally have my friend back. “So I know Connor’s safe, but what about me? Couldn’t anyone still jump inside like you did with Connor?”

    The stranger laughed. And I saw the faintest hint of mischievousness in him, like he was considering it himself. “Well, maybe just don’t take any drinks from strangers, bro.” He eyed me up and down, grimacing slightly. “Anyways, you’re… uh… probably fine.” I have to admit, that stung a little.


    As I eyed the empty vial, I thought about the implications of keeping Connor a suit a little longer. The ultimate temptation. Could I really do this? What the fuck would even happen? No. Connor was my friend. I could never do that to him. I wiped the impurities from my mind and smile back at my tired friend, handing him some freshly brewed tea. “Here… you seem a little on edge, and it’s a thank you for breakfast the other day.” 

    He grabbed the tea, taking a long sip before breathing out a sigh. “Thanks man. I really needed that. I just haven’t felt like myself lately. I feel like this weekend flew by and I barely remember a thing.”

    I ignored him, hoping he would pry any further. 

    “Connor, I’m so sorry about everything dude. I know you don’t swing that way- it, it was wrong. I just thought that-“

    He patted my shoulder. “It’s fine man. We’re fine, right? I get it, and… I’m sorry too, it just kind of weirded me out is all. My gym pal was talking to me about it the other day, actually. Helped me understand where you were coming from. You remember him right? Had pizza the other night I think…” Connor continued speaking but I had long stopped paying attention.

    I could see Connor’s skin stretching unnaturally. I bit my lip before averting my gaze. Just a little while longer. I only had to last a little longer and I’d have my real friend back. Just a while longer until we could go back.

    I looked out the window to the fall foliage and sighed wistfully. Go back to what, though? Connor is a great friend, but I cursed the man inside him for giving me a taste of what he could have been like. Had he… well. Anyways, this… was nice. I would forever be grateful to the stranger, endearing little asshole, for this little fantasy. Who knows? Maybe I’d have some future run-ins with that cutie. I nodded at whatever question Connor had asked me while I had been in deep thought.

    “Thanks man, and thanks for understanding. You’re a real good friend. Actually, you’re like my best friend. So I’m glad we could hash this out.” He smiled as he spoke. That smile ripped through my heart. God it was the most genuine thing I’ve seen from the real Connor. Light, pure, platonic. Connor calmed himself before knocking out on the table cold, unaware of the storm that had brewed inside  me. On one hand, he really saw me like a brother. It’s all I ever wanted out of him. Before. I knew I would be his friend for life, and he would be mine. It was a love that transcended anything I could have with the stranger inside. A type of love that could stand the test of time. Agape. And yet, that last word haunted me. That last component of his smile which I knew would destroy me from the inside the more the years would pass. The piece of my friendship with Connor that I could never get past. Platonic.

    I looked at the now sleeping Connor, rapidly hollowing out, and stroked his cheek one last time. I spoke a quiet truth to myself in a whisper.

    “I love you.”

    -Still Monday-

    “Ok dude, he’s out cold. Time to go.” There was a rumbling inside Connor and more and more of him began to thin out.

    I gulped as I saw my best friend reduced to a thin skin barely containing the muscular man inside. “Thanks, We don’t have much time before he fully reverts back- could you give me a hand?” the stranger asked. I stared at the muscular hand coming out of Connor’s mouth, and the thick bicep it was attached to. It was beckoning me for assistance, beginning to grow frantic as the effects of the vial kicked in. “Cmon man, please!”

    I stared at the deflated Connor beginning to re-inflate. I gulped. There it was again. Temptation. What would even happen if I did what I was thinking of doing?

    I shook off the dark thoughts and grabbed the stranger’s hand. Tears began to well in my eyes. I’m a such a shitty person.


    In that instance, I shoved the struggling stranger back inside and quickly slipped in with him. “Hey bro, what the fuck!?” I ignored the stranger, still crying as I continued to envelop him and myself inside the skin of my best friend.

    “I’m so sorry Connor. I just want to you so bad.” I panted, as I burrowed even deeper inside my friend. I watched as his skin began to move on its own, slowly encasing me in his flesh, trapping the stranger inside as well.

    He very quickly realized what I had intended to do. I felt him scream bloody murder as he tried in vain to escape. “FUCK BRO, fine! Just let me through, I don’t wanna be trapped in this..like this.. p-please!”

    I leaned up to the naked stranger behind me, intertwining my arms around his biceps and my fingers clasped through his. “Oh god oh god. Connor I’m so sorry…” I moaned, utterly defeated by my lust.

    We continued squirming together as Connor’s body pressed us unnaturally tight together. I felt the stranger’s face smash through mine, rearranging myself and my very being as my jawline became more pronounced, and my chest began to puff up in newfound musculature. “Oh I get it now…” I pant, “so that’s why you wanted out.. no can do- bro. You’re me now”. He whimpered as I overtook his personality. My sense of self began to devour his. “Bro” I teased again, using the stranger’s choice of word as my own. I lived for this shit.

    I adapted the stranger into me, wearing his own brain like a skin over my own. I forced his neurons to fire, melded his thoughts to wrap over my will. In the process, I began to feel my own thoughts, my own emotions well with newfound pride and lust. 

    “You sick fuck!” he shouted as the Connor-suit around us enclosed around us even tighter. I could barely breathe from my roomate’s unconscious embrace of flesh. I began to gyrate my hips, making sure to both fill out my best friend’s piece and swallow the stranger’s in the process. In hot, steady breaths and an enclosure of Connor’s insides, I guided the unwilling stranger’s body and we writhed together in unison. Until we writhed as one body. I began laughing as the man’s own liquid struggle layered over me, as I took in the concentrated rank of a man who had been inside my best friend’s body. He was stuck here, with me. The scent was overpowering, almost putrid. Just how I liked it. 

    I felt him shake his head trying to stop his own mind from working to transfigure every word I spoke. I spoke through his mind, the strangers perversions were my own, only amplified. His lack of reservation, his confidence was mine to control. And through our now shared mind, through the covering of his mind over my own, I began to feel guilt wash away into lust. “Much better. You’re gonna make me hot, dude. We’re gonna be a fucking package like this. The best part is, you said it yourself bro- this is permanent. You make a nice core for me. And then? Then we’ll be Connor at his core. Forever. This is hot shit bro.” I drew out the last word, making sure it rung out from inside my best friend.

    The stranger began to cry inside me as he felt us compress even tighter together. As the last of the him melded further into me. God he had such a cool confidence about him. Real open guy too. Stealing that into myself was its own reward. Though unwilling, he completed me, and I completed Connor. Once I the stranger was fully integrated into my being, I began to feel parts of the outside world through the stranger’s previous control over my friend. Through Connor. So hot. 

    I felt Connor begin to stir awake, but could hardly address it. Eternally sandwiched from inside and out. I felt the stranger sweat inside me, musky, putrid jock sweat embedded into my scent profile. Then I felt out new scent bleed through our Connor skin, again embedding itself as a component of his own. That ounce of pressure release was fucking amazing. Concentrated testosterone, brimming with the musk and pheromones of three men impossibly bound together- the scent was other-worldly. This was Connor’s new scent. And I had the pleasure of smelling it through his nose.

    “I… uh..” Connor began shaking himself awake. “Oh fuck” he stated, sniffing his pits and wincing. As he began to pull his arm away, I began to test the waters. “I.. Mmmpphhhh!” I kept his arm up, and his face slammed right into the source of the rank scent. 

    “Shut the fuck up bro, smell this right. This is us now.” I stated plainly from inside him.


    “H-Holy shit! What the fuck!” He shouted as he began to panic, watching his larger frame move on its own as I began to walk us to my room. 

    I grabbed one of my shirts that I thought would look best on my new skin, and began to tear at the sleeves to better show off our new biceps. I then walked to the mirror, examining the new body embedded inside my friend’s skin. Hot. I looked at the shaking head attached to the body, moving in disbelief. “This can’t be happening!” he screamed. 

    “Of course it can, babe, you let your best friend in. You let me inside your skin. I love you-er, I guess it’s really me now” I laugh as I continued. “Walking around like that, stupid, rigid, dutiful son. Bro, you know I’ll do a better job living our new life”. I pulled the corners of his lips into a smile, into my smile so Connor knew it was coming from his permanent roommate.

    Connor thrashed wildly, lashing out at empty air, clawing at his own skin at the feeling of his sweaty roommate living inside. In the process, it only served to consolidate me further as his core. In every movement he made in the outside world, his body was forced to use the muscles and the form wearing him. My form. In every shared movement, as he used more and more of my muscles. In his thrashing, we bonded ever closer together. I moaned throughout, at the feel of being compressed deeper and deeper inside my Connor in his tantrum.

    “Holy Shit Man! Please, just leave! Please! Get the fuck-“ he trailed off as he began to feel a numbing sensation in his mind. His face slipped into a tired trance before it conformed to my emotions in a cracking sensation. 

    I claimed Connor’s face as I continued. “No can do dude, this is permanent. I get to be your roommate until the day we die” I moaned. “This?” I exerted full control, pulling my new Connor-colored pythons into a quick gun show. “These?” I stated as I used his vascular hands to trace his body, running them up my new hands before running through the ‘Freedom’ tattooed on his bicep. I gave a Connor a dirty grin through his own face, accentuating it with a wink. “All mine now.”

    “Oh god, oh god oh god” He began to mutter as I watched him search for solutions in his mind. He looked at his new body in absolute disgust, feeling revolted at raw filth in the equivalent of two sweaty bodies squirming inside him. At the new smells he now felt himself making and the new, unearned muscles he felt perpetually filled with. 

    I slapped him in cheek, reveling in watching it go flush as I continued. “Connor, Connor. You’re such a great friend. A best friend. Giving me yourself life this?-”

    “Fuck you man! I didn’t GIVE you anything. Get the f-“

    “Aaaas I was saying. You’re an amazing friend for letting me wear you out. Don’t worry bro. We’re flesh and blood pure Connor now. New. Connor. I’ll take good care of us.” I moaned as I reasserted control. “Watch.” 

    I wrapped my Connor fingers around my new Connor cock and began pumping.

    “I love you, man”.

    His brain had long since reconciled the past experience into a dream. He somehow found away to explain the missing roommate as well. I think a part of him knows deep down I’m still inside the man, but he had to somehow figure out a way to live with himself- even if it was a little lie. He even explains away the actions his body takes on its own as his own actions. I’ve been inside Connor for quite some time now, so at this point we’re both used to this new little arrangement. 

    We’ve become such a package that I began to attract other ‘strangers’. I once felt a dizzy spell hit me upon drinking some special protein mix from one of my new gym buddies. He must have been tried to hollow me out, I mused. Clearly ineffective. I only laughed and stated “Occupied”. 

    Some of myself leaks inside of Connor’s mind as well. He can’t help but dream of his now buff roommate inside- Wearing him. Completing him. Some nights, when I let him have control back, he jacks off to it- to me. I revel in those moments. Corrupted to loving me. Sexuality, inclinations, preferences. All pointed to me. Connor was truly mine in those moments. Those nights I join in, giving each of us partial control as I jack off to the feeling of wearing him, living him, and he jacks off to the idea of being worn, being used, being lived in by his now buff, now long gone roommate, forever unaware of my presence.

    He still thinks it’s just him doing this alone, when his left hand strokes his face and his own voice blurts out “I’m right here, dude. Your bro, your man’s never leaving you”. 

    I often think back to the person I was before. And what I had considered this whole arrangement to be at the time. A Temptation. It was weakness.

    Wearing Connor is a gift. For everyone. Everyone fucking loves Connor- fucking loves me. I wear my boy just right. 





    I love him so much. God I love him. And he’ll never know. Maybe it was a curse from a past life or something. To live like this, tantalizingly close to him but unable to act. I knew he didn’t see me that way, but that didn’t help any in my situation. 

    Take today for instance, he just came back from the gym today soaked in the lingering smell of sweat. It was probably residual perspiration on the clothes he was carrying back or some other thing in his bag. Still. The smell. Goddamn. I could have died and gone to heaven on the spot. I tried to sneak a whiff of Connor, but all I could pick up was whatever soap and cologne he used. It was earthy, woodsy. Like cut cedar and fresh rain. It’s the Connor I always smelled, since he did always keep himself quite clean, and it’s a wonderful scent in its own right, forming the basis of my idea of Connor and the scent I associated with him. But damn. This paled in comparison to the hints of musk and workout sweat I could glean from his clothing. He reeked of pure man and it’s such a shame he covered that up. God I hope he doesn’t do laundry anytime soon.

    He must have picked up on something, cause not a moment later I got a “Oh dude! I’m so sorry, this stuff probably reeks haha. I’ll get it washed up so it doesn’t stink up the place” he laughed politely. Fuck.

    “Sure, you do you” I stated back, mentally cursing at his propensity for cleanliness.

    You’d think the ROTC guys wouldn’t give two fucks about their smell but I guess Connor was an exception. Then again I don’t really know what they did, so maybe it was normal for them. In any case, he definitely did laundry tonight, and I definitely lost out on a good jack off.



    So, weird thing happened last night. Connor looked tired as fuck, but he went out. The man must have been running on sheer willpower alone cause he had some kind of training day earlier today too. He collapsed in his room at like 8. Yet there he was an hour later- eyes bloodshot, hair tousled. Maybe he wanted to let loose or something? Still pretty weird. I mean, the guy was practically a saint. It’s odd enough that he went out for drinks, but even odder that he went out dressed like he did. Still I could definitely get used to a more experimental Connor. 

    He was also a little looser when he came back. Gave me a pat on the shoulder and a wink. Something about “keeping the room safe” or something. I couldn’t concentrate enough to tell what he was actually rambling about. His breath was drenched in alcohol. I feel like I almost got drunk off the fumes alone when he spoke. No surprise when he had no recollection of any of it after he woke up from his nap. 

    Total guilty pleasure, but the messy look was kind of hot on him. Never seen my friend so disheveled like this, he was always so prim and proper. It’s kind of nice to see him knocked down a few pegs. 


    Connor let out a cute yawn before scratching his pits. He gave his scratching hand a quick sniff before settling into a satisfied smile. My dick jumped a little. I feigned ignorance when he regarded me, asking me if I saw that. “I… uh…no. Definitely not.” 

    Sure dude.” Now fully aware of my stare, Connor continued scratching at himself. “You’re seeing this now though, right?” He ran a hand over his stomach, gently feeling through his defined abs. I kept replaying the event in my head, drooling the delight I just witnessed and at a little daydream of me coming up to to feel this new side of Connor with him. In my daze, I barely noticed my roommate inching closer.


    Plus, did he seem bigger? Though I can’t say I’ve ever seen the guy without a shirt on so I guess I just never noticed. Regardless, this version of Connor was fucking hot. Looks like he’s got a tat too. Hot. 

    “Baby if you’re gonna keep looking, you might as well have a taste.” He laughed warmly. I couldn’t believe what I just heard. In my stunned state, I couldn’t do anything beyond stare at him in disbelief as a vascular hand that seemed larger than it should be guided mine around his perky ass. God what a nice ass. I still recoiled out of the sheer absurdity in the situation. Try as I might, I couldn’t wrap my brain around the idea of this Connor. It’s like he was two different people. Well, I definitely liked this version of my friend more. I’m still drooling over what just happened.

    “Another time, then,” he chuckled before walking to his room. 

    Weird. Connor never really shut his door other than to sleep. Guess he was tired or something. 


    Well shit, I totally misread all of that. Today, I thought I saw that same glint of intrigue in his eyes and decided to risk it. Conner was just sitting in his boxers eating cereal and I was just standing there, a few feet behind. I couldn’t help it. My hand instinctively reached out and the cupped the outline of his ass. Perky. It was cute and compact and plump but definitely had a bit of muscle behind it. I regretted the action immediately. 

    “…The fuck dude?” He gently whispered. It was more bewilderment than anything. Fuck. He was incredulous and I couldn’t blame him. Anger raged inside him, I could tell. But neither of us knew what to do in the situation. We stood there, staring at each other for what felt like hours before I relented.

    In shame I could barely stammer out a shameful “s-sorry” before I slunk back to my room, bright red. 

    I fucked up.


    Okay. Scratch everything I just said. Connor is fucking with me. He’s got to be. He strode around the apartment half naked, humming a quiet tune to himself. Sure. Fine, I guess. Whatever. But as soon as he noticed me on the couch working on an essay, he walked over and gave me a hug from behind. Oh my god that hug. Connor was a lean dude, but I swear his muscles were fucking bulging, like they were barely contained in his skin. He wrapped those thick pythons over my shoulders and chest and I just about melted on the spot. I’m pretty sure I moaned a little too. Who wouldn’t? Wrapped in his warm embrace, surrounded by this man- I was his for that moment. I tensed up on the spot. I knew he didn’t swing that way, so I don’t know what he was trying but there was no way I would fall for what I could only assume was some kind of trap. 

    He spoke in a tone laced in sex. It set me off in a way I didn’t expect. This was a side of Connor I’ve never seen, a tone of Connor I’ve never heard- an experience of Connor I’ve never had. It was a Connor I never knew I needed.

    “I’ve seen the way you look at this body. You’re not very subtle.” In the faintest of whispers, he leaned in until his lips were barely touching my ear. My dick was already rock hard in anticipation- I was practically bursting at the seams and I’m sure he had a great view of it. “Just say the word and ‘Connor’ is yours”. 


    With a control and a willpower I never had before, I refrained from kissing this boy- from putting myself all over him on the spot. I mentally cursed at my friend. ‘What the fuck are you playing at Connor?’ 

    His hot, damp breath caressed my ear in its own embrace as I stood my ground, unmoving like stone. “Got to hand it to you, bro, you put up a really good fight. It’s okay. I love a good fight. Makes victory taste all the more sweeter.” The feel of Connor’s thick, defined fingers running through my hair and wet, slimy tongue across my cheek. He rolled his body forward, so the pulse through his abs would be felt across the back of my neck. From this spot, he was downright imposing. His guns went in for another caress- this time wrapping across my cheeks and around my chin.

    “You know I love you bro… This body’s straight as an arrow. But it’s my body- I’ll go gay for you if you want”. What the fuck. Oh god I got a bit of his sweat on my cheek too. My eyes fluttered, body entrapped in a spell of my own hormones reacting to my friend’s advances.

    Connor broke me. I shivered on the spot, leaned up to the man, moaned an “Oh fuck…Connor I-I need you. I-” before he cut me off. “Well bro, kind of looks like you still got some work today- you have fun with that.” He laughed coldly. He was fucking with me.

    That whole exchange was really fucking weird, cause just a few hours later, it was back to pure awkward silence between us. Like a flip of a switch, the every energy he exuded around me could only be described as uncomfortable”. I wanted to talk to him, to speak with him about earlier, to tell him I wanted him the same way. Something about those eyes read differently though. They read the same Connor I had been used to until recently. I decided to hold my tongue. Something about this situation wasn’t adding up.

    Also I’m pretty sure this kid needs to see a doctor or something. I swear the guy doesn’t sleep- he’s out every night and then I see his tired ass drag himself to class every morning. Rushing a frat? Weird drugs? Could have been a host of things. 


    Now 4 days since the incident last week. Thankfully he hasn’t brought it up- nor has he brought up whatever the fuck yesterday was. If it was even real. I sweat and stumble over my sentences in every conversation I make with him. I flash back to what he said to me. God, this was all too much. Every time I try to focus myself, focus on whatever he was talking to me about, I couldn’t help but think of the Connor that visited me yesterday night. 

    Maybe, maybe it was just a hallucination. Maybe I dreamed it all up. I was working on an essay for hours. The whole encounter could have easily been a dream. He’s been going out every night too, so it’s not like he could have been speaking to me that coherently. Still. That didn’t make it any better. Whether or not he knew it, Connor was a demon in my life. 

    I shamefully admit I totally jacked off to that little exchange from yesterday after he left. Grabbed some used Connor-scented garments off his hamper and exploded all over myself in a Connor-themed session. Nothing like the exquisite gym-soaked clothes from a week ago, but it was enough. It was still Connor. My eyes rolled up to the back of my head in pleasure as I took a breath, basking in the afterglow and the scent of forest and earth and faintest lingering musk of Connor in my nose. Connor was everything to me and, hallucination or not, I committed yesterday’s events to memory. 

    -Still Tuesday-

    Shitshitshit. Definitely not a dream. I caught the son of a bitch. In the dead of night, I caught him sneaking in from a dark corner of the room. Like a figure manifest from the shadows itself. He was holding some silver figurine in his hand, reciting some odd words, before he lunged at the sleeping Connor. He gave my roommate a quick sniff before scoffing. “Bro you have to stop cleaning all your nice smells away… With that the stranger pulled at the corners of Connor’s mouth. I watched as my roommate’s skin was forced to accommodate the man’s muscular calves. 


    I watched as the stranger pulled Connor every further up himself. Damn, even in the dark I could tell the man was ripped. When his head finally slotted into where Connor’s skull would be, and Connor’s face was stretched being pulled, I saw the immediate change in my friend’s demeanor. This was the guy who’s been fucking with me recently. This was why Connor looked so buff lately. I couldn’t see the man who jumped inside my best friend, but I could never wipe that smug smile he wore through Connor’s face. 

    The smell that originated from inside Connor, the same smell I experienced a week ago. God I loved that scent. It permeated throughout the room. Best friend concentrate. Like a humid, musky, grime that clung to the very air and decorated my nostrils. I never wanted his scent out of me again. I felt like I was inhaling Connor himself, regarding a newly discovered private part of my friend.

    My stomach churned in a mix of anticipation and horror. Sweat beaded at my temples. Gotta admit, this was kind of hot. I had to figure out what I was gonna do about this. Self-preservation kicked in and I fled to my room, taking special attention to ensure I did not alert the man inside Connor. Not like he’d notice anyways- dude was feeling himself up almost immediately after he slipped inside. 



    It’s like clockwork at this point. The “other” Connor came back early in the morning from a wild night out, before passing out on our couch as I was finally able to speak with my friend. Impossibly tired eyes looked back at me. He gave a weak grimace. “Must have passed out again….Uh.. can I help you man?” My heart sank. Could I really tell him this? My poor roommate. “No, uh.. do you want any breakfast?”.

    I could tell he had meant to say yes. He motioned as much, before staring at my face and turning away. Fuck. He was definitely still put off by last week’s advance. I honestly don’t blame him. “N-no. I got it. Thanks.” 

    I grimaced awkwardly before shrugging and walking to fix myself some breakfast. This would complicate things. And I couldn’t do that to Connor. I needed to find a way to fix this without him knowing. Evidently, his body being used and worn out like an evening jacket was taking its toll on him. Despite whatever we were going through, he was still my friend. And I couldn’t in good faith add more to that burden. 

    “Hey, one of the guys from the gym’s coming over for dinner, that cool?” 

    “Yeah man, I’ll just order some extra pizza,” I said back, sighing internally in relief at some semblance of normalcy.

    -Still Wednesday -

    I met Connor’s gym friend. To be honest, already forgot his name. He gave me a wink when he shook my hand and I couldn’t stop staring all dinner. I think even Connor picked up on it. He looked almost jealous with all the attention I usually gave him being directed at the stranger. The stranger asked to use the bathroom, and I wanted to let him know how to get to it, but he seemed to already know the path.

    “Hey bro, is it cool if I stay the night?“ I nodded automatically, lost in deep thought.

    There’s something peculiar about the Connor’s gym friend. And I didn’t notice it until I was already in bed. Then hit me like a brick. 

    That fucking smirk.



    If anyone knows who this guy is, please let me know… for.. uh.. research purposes.

    Soul Transferrence 1.0

    I had finally done the impossible, the Soul Transferrence Chip 1.0 was completed. It allows the user to upload their soul into the chip and transfer it to another living host upon them wearing the article of clothing it is attached to. I just had to try it out and I knew who I could try it on! The only perfect body I knew could fit me.

    My brother's best friend Ryan, is super close with my brother, Riley. They both did everything together. Every time, Ryan would always come over to our house. Riley doesn't treat me nice, but Ryan treats me so well, always getting me gifts and snacks. Moreover, Ryan was more handsome and buff. He likes going to the gym to build up his muscles. He was oozing with self confidence and charm. If I wanted to transfer my soul, I want to be as cool as him.

    I placed the chip in the removable sole of a new pair of shoes I bought for Ryan. One morning, I visited the gym he frequently works out at and I saw him getting ready for his routine.

    "Hey Ryan, sorry to bother you, but I need a favor." I stuttered to him

    "Hey bud, wassup. What kind of favor do you need? I'll see how I can fully help you."

    "So I got you this pair of shoes because I know how much you wanted it from the conversation you had with my brother. I have placed a new workout assistance chip that tracks your progress and uploads the data to my computer so I can generate future better workouts for you based on various factors. I was wondering if you would do be the favor of being the trial user." I lied to him while presenting him the sneakers.

    "Awesome little man, its pretty cool that I have the honor of being your test rat! I'll be happy to help out. haha You didn't have to get me this pair of shoes, I would have helped out regardless! Anyways I can afford my own clothes and shoes, I have lots of money! I will pay you back later for these!" He winked at me while trying on the sneakers.

    "It fits so perfectly! I guess you got my size correctly! Anyways, I have to start my workout now, you can have a seat at the side. When I am done, I'll give you a ride home." Ryan continued while getting ready to start.

    "It uses sound vibrations, so you will be able to hear the program starting up and uploading. Just ignore it, don't let it bother you." I reminded him as I headed to the locker room. Upon reaching there, I started the program via a mobile app. My body started disintegrating, and I felt my soul being absorbed by the chip in Ryan's sneakers.

    Data Upload Link Initiated

    Estimated Time of Completion: 65 minutes

    Ryan stripped down to his workout shorts and started with his workout, he didn't realize that his actions and mind was slowly influenced by me filling up his hunky body. I felt a rush of adrenaline and testosterone the more Ryan was absorbing me. I could feel a boner forming in his shorts from all the sexual thoughts I had about his bulging muscles and endurance.

    (Half an hour in) Upload Progress 50%

    Ryan was starting to feel lightheaded as my soul took over more of his mind and body. He thought it was due to the fact that he forgotten to drink his pre-workout booster that he was feeling this way. I influenced him to think it was okay to take a break. As he sat down, he fainted slightly. At that point, I pushed further and entirely took over his body to prevent him from falling over.

    At this point, I thought I messed up my chip because my soul didn't fuse with Ryan. I was supposed to take over him and become everything of him and I, but his soul dettached and went into the chip.

    Soul Transferrence completed

    I stood up. My body was reigning in all the glory of full-blown power and self confidence. My chip works! I flexed and posed. I smiled as I could feel a raging boner filling up my shorts. I suppose I did enough that I can not finish my gym routine today. Time for me to shower and explore more.

    His manly musk emitted from my body as I stripped. Ryan's body was all sore from his workout and side effects of the soul transferrence. It was a out of body experience as I caressed my new meaty pecs with my muscular arms and biceps. I can't believe this is all mine now. I am hot and buff. I am the ultimate definition of awesome.

    Out of the shower and drying off my glistening body, I received a text message.

    *When are you coming over babe? I can't wait to feel your swole muscles and enjoy your post-workout Ryan milk. 🤤 Pump me full of your testosterone filled juice with your footlong.* Riley had sent me.

    Without thinking, my body reacted and replied,

    *Soon babe, I am thinking about your smooth, sweet body too. Im super horny today. I need you to help me pump me dry.*

    "OMG, Ryan was gay and he was together with my brother, Riley. Gawd, am I having feelings for my own brother? I can't stop thinking about his perky butt and the hot, steamy sex we have everyday after my gym workout. I thought Ryan's soul was transferred to my chip; did some of his residual soul influenced me during the take over?" I thought to myself in worry.

    Something in mind clicked. Soon I forgot about my train of thought. I couldn't figure out why I was panicking.

    It doesn't matter. My balls are loaded and I am horny. I'm going to fill my boyfriend up with my milk. I am going to enjoy it so so much. My name is Ryan and I am pure awesome.

    Ouija Boards Don’t Have A Sense of Humor

    This idea was a request by @leothunder21

    You originally scoffed at the idea of playing with the board with your friends, but after a few drinks and an open mind, you eventually gave into their pleas. You weren’t a believer in the supernatural, so you found it hard to believe that using a ouija board would end up with any fun result. To you, it was just a dumb parlor trick that was able to fool the lighthearted and those desperate for evidence of life after death.

    When the game first started, the group began by asking for any spirits to make their presence known. After a few attempts, their questions were completely ignored and elicited no response. To try and join in on the fun, you called out “Spirit, make yourself known!” and chuckled. Out of nowhere, the planchette quickly slid across the board, pulling everyone along with it in a single swoop. Everyone else gasped and cried out in shock, but you were not convinced. Assuming that it was just a joke, you cockily declared “Well, what do you want then?” 

    You and your friends meticulously watched the board as the planchette dashed across the board letter by letter. “B-O-D-Y” it spelled out, which made you chuckle at such a predictable answer then. Your friends were still sure that the board was real and begged you to leave it alone, but you wouldn’t give it up. “If it’s a body you want, come and take mine then. I’m not sure anyone would want a body like this though, even a ghost has standards…” you stated. And it was somewhat true, you weren’t the ugliest guy ever, but you certainly weren’t in the top 100 guys that someone would wish to look like. Overall, you were quite average and your clothing didn’t help your case, which only emphasized your lanky body and average demeanor. 

    Apparently though, the spirit talking through the board was willing to take you up on the offer. Your face quickly drops from a cocky smile to a look of amazement as a billowing plume of smoke manifested out of the plastic viewfinder in the center of the planchette. Your friends gasped in shock, but both you and your friends could do nothing as the smoke darted towards you. It took only a few seconds, but it felt like an eternity for you as the smoke shot down your nose and throat. You could only gag and choke on the smoke, but right as you felt yourself reaching the brink of asphyxiation, you suddenly drifted off into a state of slumber.

    When you wake up, you find yourself laying on a dark black floor. Unsure what was going on, you frantically search around as you find yourself lost in a seemingly endless dark void. Upon a second inspection, your eyes suddenly recognize a form manifesting out of the void. Within several seconds, you watch as a hulking brute of a man materializes in front of you and gives you a devilish grin. “Well hello there” he said, his husky voice echoing within this darkness you now found yourself in. “Who are you? What do you want?” You respond, your tone pointed to tell the man you weren’t intimidated by him. “You know who I am, you invited me into your body” he chuckled, which made you begin to realize that this was some form of ghost. 

    As a look of panic began to spread over your face, the man directed you to remain calm. He detailed his story about how he was an up-and-coming jock who was killed in a freak accident. For years now, he’d been searching for a host to help him have an opportunity at life once more, so he was ecstatic when you willingly offered up your body to him. When you asked him if he was going to take control of your body and leave you here, he chuckled and curtly stated that he had no desires to trap you deep within the trenches of your mind. Instead, the specter proposed a new deal that would be beneficial to the both of you. By accepting his deal, he stated that he would be able to help you become an irresistible man that would demand attention and respect. By merging your souls, you would be given the opportunity to be the assertive man you had always longed for. The spirit’s demands were fairly simple, where he would be allowed to have access to all of your senses and thus get to experience life once more (even if he was permanently in the passenger seat). He asked for the ability to mentally communicate with you when necessary, where he would only offer tips and tricks when it came to becoming a jock like he once was. 

    You stood there, thinking about your possibilities. If you refused, there was always the possibility that the ghost’s demeanor would change and thus punish you for not agreeing to its terms. As you considered the deal, you realized that it wasn’t a completely terrible one. By letting this spirit take up a residence within you, you’d remain in control and become a buff jock like you always wished. On top of that, you’d be allowed to maintain your intelligence and personality to become a truly triple-threat with a killer body, a high IQ, and an approachable yet cocky personality. 

    After a few more minutes of thinking it over, you looked at the spirit and placed your hand forward. “It’s a deal then”, you stated with a smile. The ghost returned the pleasantry and shook your hand and flashed a bright smile.

    For moments, everything went dark, but things were happening while you remained unconscious. In the real world, your friends began to gasp as your body began to contort and twist in a gruesome fashion. Your body let out natural grunts and growls during the contortions, but that wasn’t all that was happening. Your arms tensed up as fists clenched, but to your friends’ surprise, your arms began to explode with muscle. With the visual resembling a balloon being blown up, your friends could only look in shock as biceps inflated into existence and forearms thickened to create two intimidating arms. The changes continued downward as your body continued to inflate with muscle. Your thin torso soon began to explode, with hefty pectorals manifesting within seconds and stretching your shirt to the absolute brink of ripping. One-by-one, abdominal muscles emerged and popped into place down your stomach. With these changes finishing on your torso, your stretched t-shirt ultimately lost the battle and ripped in several places.

    With your torso now completed, the changes move a few inches south as it begins to localize around your dick. Even down to the equipment, you were incredibly average. This situation is soon remedied as your dick begins to lengthen several inches and gain a little bit of girth as well. The changes move to your backside, which is clear to your friends as they watch you slowly rise up on the bed. Your ass begins to inflate with a healthy mix of muscle and fat until you’re left with a brand new bubble butt.

    The changes once again continue its downward movement, with your legs becoming the new focus. Your friends could only stare at your jean-covered legs, watching as the flesh underneath rippled and waved in a strange fashion. It didn’t take long before your thighs began to grow a musculature that would have only been possible after years of hard work in a gym. Finally, your calves also inflated as well to show that your new body was quite the runner. Much like your t-shirt, your jeans were ultimately no match for your wide thick thighs and ultimately caused the denim to shred. To finish up the physical changes, your body tenses up as your height quickly grows from a normal 5’8” to an intimidating 6’4”. In response, your jeans now look like a pair of capris and your t-shirt begins to ride up until it more closely resembled a midriff shirt.

    Now that your body’s musculature had completely changed, a final wave of cosmetic changes began to spread across your body. Through the tattered shirt and ripped jeans, your friends watched as jet black tattoos began to manifest all across your body. Your nerdy friends gasped in response, immediately growing intimidated by just the sight of the fresh ink. As the changes begin to dwindle down, your hair starts to magically recede into your scalp until you’re left with a look of a freshly buzzed hair that only adds to your now permanent look of dominance. While the hair finishes disappearing from your scalp, facial hair also begins to push out of your pores. The wiry brown hair quickly grows out of your face until you’re left with a modest beard. To finish, a little bit of trimming occurs around your mouth with your mustache and goatee area.

    Now that your changes are finished, it’s as if on cue when your eyes jolt open. As you return to consciousness, you grumble and groan due to how heavy you feel. “Gosh, that was such a weird dream…” you say, tilting your head in confusion as you hear the deeper voice coming out of your mouth. When you bring your hand up to your face to wipe your eyes and stretch your arms behind your head, your eyes go wide as you see the thick hands and tatted-up forearms and biceps you now had. Watching your biceps bulge through your ripped t-shirt, you grin as you realize that the ghost truly did follow through with his promise. “Thank you” you thought, hoping that the ghost was able to somehow hear your appreciation. You jump at first as you hear the spirit’s voice echo within your mind. “Thank you as well, I appreciate you doing this for me!” he says, a surprisingly cheery tone being noticed in his voice. 

    Standing up, you stumble and attempt to remain upright as you attempt to get used to your new weight and center of gravity. You hadn’t expected such a change, but it was understandable given all of the muscles you had just been gifted. Your friends have become totally forgotten in your mind as you head into a bathroom to check yourself out. After flicking on the light and turning towards the mirror, you gasp at just the sight of your new body. Tired of seeing the tattered shirt, you grip the fabric and rip it completely off your body, revealing your inked and buff body. You shift in the mirror and take note of your beefy pecs and flex for your own satisfaction. As you feel your now-larger dick beginning to firm up at the sight of yourself, you decide that it’s best to go out and explore the town. No longer in the mood with playing childish games, you grab your oversized winter coat that now fits perfectly and head out into the night. With a body like this, you were eager to see what the world had to offer you now.

    It had been almost a year now since the change and life had only gotten dramatically better for you since then. As it turns out, the spirit used to be a football player, so upon him bring up this fact, you asked him to share that knowledge. Your brain became overstimulated as years of experience flooded your mind. Various plays, tips on how to be the best player, and even experiences that the ghost had in his past life began to spring forth to the front of your mind. After returning to a normal state of consciousness, you decided that it would be a shame to waste this knowledge and ultimately tried out for the team. 

    With this built body and his shared knowledge, you immediately made the team and eventually became the star player on the team. In less than a season, you turned a failing football team into a championship winning team. With your meteoric rise, the college bent to any whim of yours to keep you from leaving them. As a result, you were given a full ride scholarship and the full backing of the college as they vowed to help you go pro once you graduate. It was obvious why they would do that, given your meteoric rise and already growing social media following, the opportunity of you going pro would only positively represent and promote their college. The partnership with you and the ghost had turned out to be mutually beneficial for the both of you. Now, you both were looking to accomplish things that neither of you would have ever done solo… 


    Harry has worked in the city sewer in daily basis since 2018. But today might be his last day, he thought, when he found a glimmering amulet clearly made from some precious metal left or maybe dumped in this filth hole that would generate him some fortune.

    Little did the young highschool drop-out that already entered his mid-20 realized that the amulet shouldn't be touched by anyone.

    The entity trapped inside the amulet awaken due to the contact it made with human skin and as the entity opened his eyes, the amulet glow in the rather poorly-lighted sewer and triggered a little ripple as it breaks free from the containment of the amulet and entered the unprepared Harry. The brute has no chance to defend himself from the invader as it quickly filled all extremities of his limb. Not even a minute, Harry already look different with sinister gleam radiated from his eyes. The entity is ready to take back what's his and avenged his defeat in a rematch that he won't lose this time.

    But first, he should assemble subjects that will do everything he orders without question......maybe it's best to start with his fellow sewer boys


    "Yo Harry, sup?" asked Alfie casually as he excused himself earlier today because he got some emergency condition back at home, he claimed earlier to their supervisor

    "Listen up, human. You are going to walk into your flat and get me your brother and his best friend. Do you understand me, Alfie?" asked the possessed Harry with his inhuman voice and an off-putting emphasis as he called Alfie by his name exactly when his voice returned to normal

    "Yes Harry, I understand. Get my brother. What's to do afterward?" answered Alfie monotonously as his eyes temporarily looked hazy and lifeless while his steps seemed a little bit off

    "Just wait there and I'll come pick you three later," answered Harry briefly before he ended the call

    Then, after ending the call, the possessed Harry started his walk to the parked car used by his team. But even before he reached there, he found 2 of his workmate lounging on the ground after they got drained due to their work and now they're just chilling while waiting for the other.

    "Yo Harry, mate, where you goin'?"

    With a sinister grin, he looked at them and then rubbed his amulet. The soft look quickly turned into glare at the two unaware men. Not long afterwards, the two of them already walked behind Harry as if they're his bodyguard.

    As they crossed the street, Harry could make up the figure sitting in the back of the opened van. There, the 19 years old Oliver currently minding his own business all alone while waiting for some other workmate of his. Oliver noticed the approaching Harry and the two others and greeted his older coworkers

    "You done mate?"

    Harry rubbed his amulet and glaring red lights radiated from it. Oliver's eyes turned bright red for a seconds and then suddenly his expression turned stoic

    "What do you want me to do, Master?"

    "First, call me Harry. Second, act normal but you're not going to disobey me. Three, can you drive?"

    "Yes Harry, I can,"

    "Good, here's the key. Now let's pack up and drive,"

    "What about the others? Aren't they still inside?"

    "I don't think they will ever come out from there. Gotta solved 'em first to charge up my power. Let's just pretend we know nothing about it, after all, we don't come to work today,"

    "We don't come to work today. Got it. Then, let's hop in and you can tell me what you are up to, Harry,"

    The vengeful spirit inside Harry smiled widely and that is animated by Harry's face. The two guy behind him still remained expressionless but their resting face looked like the type of face of people you don't wanna mess with. As both Harry and Oliver walk to sit in front, the two guys hop into the back of the van and sit quietly with their blanked out faces.

    That asshole Duncan Pembroke and his alliance won't see this one coming, Harry thought in his mind, feeling confident that this time it will finally work and no one will be able to stop him afterwards.

    I was so proud of my dad, he had managed to win the final game even though it's been many years since he played football. I bet having my young body helped, and going to my practices as well. You see, we had initially freaked out when our weird neighbor said he thought it would be "hot" if my dad and I swapped bodies, and then he somehow made it happen! After trying and failing to find any way back, we had settled into living out our new lives.

    A perk I hadn't expected was how Coach reacted to me now, in my Dad's body. Dad had always kept in shape and still had a killer set of pecs. Pecs that Coach Jensen loves to grab when he fucks me. With mom out of the picture, Dad had been on the market for a new lover... but with me in charge, that lover was going to be a man. Besides, Dad didn't mind. I think he was always bi, because I caught him in my body making out with the quarterback. Well, he is at that experimental age.