Upcoming events

    June 20-threesome with a secondary school girl at my place and looking for 3rd guy

    July 5-gangbang at hotel dorsett and venue booked and need 10guys and 6 girls are already on and set for the event

    August 9-orgy event and 20girls will be paricipating and more to add in by followers willing to bring their gf/fwb along and this event 60guys are needed and more vancany upon adding more girls in

    Rules and regulation-Reblog and like this post and wait to be selected by pm you and dont msg me privately

    Pics of the girls will be posted in upcoming days


    July 5 n august 9 events are still avaliable so new followers do reblog n like this post


    Next big event july 5 and now its 15 guys and 10 girls so keep on pariticipating


    Event getting bigger and also have an idea organising orgy in a private yacht which a follower owns and 3 follower wants to bring their gf/wife/fwb to event with their willing and pasir ris minah also will be a orgy participant which she accepted,so keep on participating and you might be a winner of this once a lifetime event

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    So far for july 5,out of 25,10 are chosen and are in touch with me and 15 to go and gb will held in private terrace house in west and place be kept confidential untill event ends and girls are 17 of them pariticipating so keep on like n reblog to try your luck and also considering participated contestents right now


    Last event of the year

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