Do you dare me to?

I think my favorite pictures are always those with real people who look like they are doing something they really hadn't expected to be doing that night. Probably involving alcohol, and the phrase, "Do you dare me to?"

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2018-11-24 18:52:52

    Submitted by a follower: Ok, I want to be honest, this isn’t my photo, I found it on another Tumblr site. But me and my best friend did this exact same thing a couple months ago when we went on a girls vacation. We were at a resort that had a nude beach section and for the first few days we kept making jokes about going there and seeing some D. We are both happily married, so we weren’t looking to hook up, but every day we would joke about going to the nude section and then we would chicken out.

    That evening we were both separately talking to our husbands on our cell phones and my friend mentioned that we had been thinking about going to the nude beach. Rather than be upset, her husband was really excited and said we should do it. I mentioned it to my husband but told him I doubted we would really do it. Then he said “I dare you” - which he knows gets me to do things most of the time.

    The next day after a couple cocktails we talked about it again and this time decided we were going to do it. We took a long walk down the beach to the nude section where there was a sign just like the one in this picture warning that beyond this point you will encounter naked people. We stood there for a minute, just a foot away from the imaginary “naked line in the sand” and said, “are we really going to do this?”

    My friend said, “fuck it, let’s get naked” and untied the strap on her bikini top and pulled it off. I shook my head getting myself ready and then did the same. Once my top was off I looked at my friend and she had already removed her bikini bottoms, so I kept going and in a few seconds we were both standing there butt naked.

    We walked across the invisible naked-line and on to the beach and we did indeed encounter a good number of naked people of all ages, shapes and sizes. And we saw lots of D as there were quite a few more men than women on the beach.

    We felt a little weird carrying our bikinis in our hands, as nobody else was doing that, but we didn’t have a bag or even a towel with us, we had left all our stuff at the regular beach. It had been such a spur of the moment thing that we hadn’t really expected to do, and we weren’t prepared. Even more important, we realized that our boobs and butts didn’t have even a drop of sunscreen on them, and given how white they were, we were going to burn pretty quickly in some sensitive places.

    Fear of skin cancer, or more likely a painful sunburn, made our decision for us and we turned around and headed back to where we had started. As we walked we talked about how weird it felt to be outside naked, and how much older the average nudist seems to be, at least the ones we had seen in the last 10 minutes.

    My friend joked that our husbands would have really enjoyed being there, and I replied that I didn’t think I could have done it if her husband was with us. She said, “really? It wouldn’t bother me at all if your husband saw me naked.” I was shocked and asked her why. She said that I have much bigger tits than she does (which is true) so he probably wouldn’t give her a second look (which I highly doubt) but mostly because she thinks of my husband like a brother, and who the hell cares if your brother sees you naked.

    That night we called our husbands and told them about our adventure on the nude beach and kind of exaggerated how much time we spent there. They both asked repeatedly if we had taken any pictures and after teasing them for a few minutes saying “maybe we did, maybe we didn’t”, we finally told them there were no pictures of us or anyone else. They did not try to hide their disappointment.

    When we got home, my husband had all kinds of questions about our naked adventure, and I said that after all the build up in my head it wasn’t that big a deal and that I would do it again if the circumstances were right. I also told him what my friend had said about how she would be fine going to a nude beach even if he was there. At first he thought I was just putting him on, but I insisted it was true, or at least that’s what she said in the moment. He thought about that for a minute and then he said that maybe we should plan a vacation with them in the future.

    I rolled my eyes when he said it, thinking it would never happen and that my friend wouldn’t go through with it. But a couple weeks later my friend and I got together for lunch and she told me that she and her husband having been having sex almost every night since we got back from vacation and that he brings up going to a nude beach all the time. She said that he even suggested that we do a couples vacation together, and that she thinks it would be a lot of fun.

    I don’t know if I can do it, but it looks like I’m outnumbered, and I guess I haven’t ruled it out. If we do, I will send you an update.

    Anonymous submission questions...

    I have gotten this question a bunch of times so I thought I would put this out there for everyone. This site mainly posts real amateur photos submitted by you, along with some others that I find along the way that look authentically “real”.

    That is the whole point of this site after all.

    If you have a great photo or story you want to share, and you want me to keep it anonymous, just send it as a message and I will post it without reference to your username so that nobody knows where it came from.

    You can also use the Submit button, but when you do that Tumblr automatically displays the account the photo came from.

    So whichever way works best for you, I’m happy to accommodate both types of submissions. Keep them coming!

    I have also been thinking about posting stories about dares or lost bets in addition to photos. If you have an opinion about this, please leave me a comment or send a message. I know you all like the photos I post, and am not sure if you also want stories or just keep it to photos.

    Thanks to everyone who visits this site, and special thanks to all you daring ladies who are willing to share your adventures with us!

    From a follower:

    I dared my wife to go out onto the deck of the resort we are staying at wearing nothing under her sweatshirt. She agreed to let me send this photo to you because she said, “you can’t recognize me, and nobody I know would think I would do something like that.”

    Let’s hope she does more dares in the future! Well done, great ass!

    Submitted by a follower who said:

    I just found this picture which I thought I had lost forever. Probably ten years ago I convinced my girlfriend at the time to get naked as a dare. She told me she would do it but I couldn’t take any pics. I managed to snap this one while she was getting undressed, but with the flash she totally busted me and made me delete it.

    Luckily I managed to un-delete it, but then I couldn’t remember where I had hidden it. Until today. Enjoy!

    Thanks for sharing, I wish you had been able to get a couple more pics cause it looks like it was a great dare!