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    Wait what's a buildings fire evacuation plan if you aren't supposed to use the elevator to get down


    You go down the stairwell/fire escape. Is that weird?


    But what if you have a walker or a wheelchair??


    in america at least, in this situation, there isnt one. either your loved ones or the firemen can get you out using the emergency fire escapes or stairs, or you die 


    That's fucking horrific, thank you


    “fun” little story:

    last summer my friend who is an amazingly talented artist and i were in this super tall building, and she’s in a wheelchair and i’m pushing her around the room. it’s an art exhibit and some of her art was chosen to be showcased there and so it’s all fine and dandy until suddenly an alarm starts going off


    everyone starts running for the stairs and my friend just looks at me with this forlorn look on her face

    “i can’t go down the stairs”

    but i’m a stubborn bitch “i’ll carry you”

    “what about my chair? it’s too expensive for me to be able to get another one if i can’t get this one back”

    “i’ll carry that too”

    and i did. we went to the stairs (by then most people from our floor were gone) and i lifted her up in a fireman’s carry over my shoulder and then lifted her chair up and used the ridiculous amount of adrenaline that was coursing through my veins to make it down approximately 20 half-flights of stairs until we met some people exiting lower floors, one of which who kindly took the chair. I changed positions so i was holding my friend bridal-style which was, somehow, easier and the person who took her wheelchair (with her permission to handle it of course) accompanied me to the ground floor and then out the doors

    basically there is no real protocol for people who can’t use the stairs in an emergency. it’s up to the people with them, if anyone, to help them or the person to somehow make it down the stairs alone, unassisted

    thank fuck that it was just a faulty alarm system, because if i was unable to carry her down those stairs and the building was on fucking fire???? then i don’t know what would have happened to her, but i don’t think it would have been very good.

    it’s fucking ridiculous and ableist to the absolute max.


    I use a cane. When I did a day-long fire safety training at my northeast American university (UMass Amherst), I asked that exact same question: “what am I supposed to do if the fire alarm goes off and I’m in my lab on the twelfth floor?” 

    the fire marshal hemmed and hawed for a while and then said to take the elevator- you’re supposed to leave it free for the fire department to use and they want able-bodied people out fast not waiting for elevators. if the fire alarm has just gone off the building probably hasn’t suffered enough structural damage to make using the elevator dangerous, and modern elevator wells are heavily reinforced. many large and high-trafficked buildings on my campus have fire rated elevators that link in with the fire alarm system so they won’t let you off on a floor with a possible fire. 

    if the elevator isn’t working, wait in the stairwell and call the fire department to let them know where you are. modern stairwells are also heavily reinforced- it might not be pleasant but modern building code usually requires fire-resistant stairwell doors in office and big residential buildings, also to help firefighters get in and out safely. older buildings’ stairwells may or may not be retrofitted with fire-resistant doors but a stairwell is generally the safest place to wait if you can’t get out. 

    what happened to your friend was horrible, and i’m very glad you were there to help her out, but you can absolutely use the elevator to evacuate if it’s not shut down. those don’t-use-the-elevator rules are for abled people.  


    This is GOOD TO KNOW. why do they not tell people this??


    I can hazard a guess that if you tell people that the elevators are technically save to use a lot would use them, blocking them for fire fighters and disabled people. Like disabled parking is pretty much constantly used by abled people, for the convenience of walking 10m less. You expect non of them would clog the elevator in a 30 stories building?


    wait people sleep with their doors closed????


    okay now im curious. reblog this with where youre from and if you sleep with your door open or closed


    okay, so I’m on my firefighter bullshit again.

    Sleeping with your door closed can literally save your life.

    In a properly alarmed home - that is a home where all of the smoke detectors are connected, either via hard wire, or via wifi system - a fire in one pat of the home will trip the smoke detectors in the *entire* home. Sleeping with your door CLOSED would not, then, contribute to how quickly you would hear the smoke detector alarm go off.

    The door being closed, however, WOULD contribute to how much smoke enters your room while you are asleep and vulnerable and unable to guard your airway BEFORE the detector goes off. And in a modern home, the products of combustion are absolutely DEADLY. The gasses given off contain so many toxins and poisons, that if you sleep through the first few minutes of the fire and inhale that smoke? You won’t have enough coherence left TO wake up, even when the alarm is screaming in your ear.

    The minutes that keeping your door closed can save before it burns through should your home catch fire in the middle of the night while you are asleep? Will literally save your life. Even something as cheap as an ordinary hollow core interior door. It’s enough. 


    Also demons in the hallway can't get me