One of the most fun and exciting aspects of the slutwife fantasy and lifestyle is when the wife starts dressing like a slut in public. There are a few reasons why both men and women could find this very exciting. All the sexual attention will be focused on her which will draw into many primitive reproductive aspects for both husband and wife. In a sense, she is out and looking to mate, which brings out hormonal responses from her body, the husband’s body, and the other people looking as well, creating a chain reaction of excitement throughout the place. Sexual energy is amongst the most potent human drivers for accomplishments, status, beauty, power, etc. but we will talk more on that on a later post. For today, let us focus on the topic, a girl dressed like a slut brings out a lot of benefits for everyone around her. To summarize briefly, you want her more, she boosts her sexual confidence, and every guy wants to test his luck with her.

    It goes without saying, everyone wants to look good and everyone wants to be with someone who looks good. So what is the issue? Why isn’t every single wife out there not dressed like a slut? Why do most men who fantasize about the lifestyle complain that their wives refuse to dress slutty like they ask them too?

    These are all good questions who’s answers could vary slightly from one girl to the next. In general, it comes down to her self view, which tells her that she is not looking to mate.

    To grasp this perspective, why are teenage and college girls more willing to wear slutty clothing than married women? There are a variety of factors, but in general terms, those girls are looking to mate on a hormonal level. They seek attention and are willing to show more to get it. So shy do most lose this when they get married? Well, because she is no longer competing for a sexual partner to mate with. She no longer needs the same raging hormones to drive her to seek the perfect mate.

    There is a lot of evolutionary and psychological factors as to why this happens this way, but we won’t dwell on that since this is not science class. What is important to know is that her being married is not an end to your dream of seeing her dress like a slut. Below, we will cover some good guidelines to use so that you can help your wife to go from dressing like a prude to dressing like a slut.

    1. Tell Her Why and Go Slow - As with anything regarding a person you love, this is not about manipulation, this is about doing something together. So tell her what you would like and why. Wording is key. Do not say, “I want to you look like a cheap hoe”, say, “I love your boobs and wish you would show them off a bit more. Why? Because you think she is hot and you love knowing you have something every other man wants. You love how empowered you feel when you can tell every guy desires her and how you get to take her home. You love how good she looks and you want her to feel as beautiful as possible. Do not expect her to go out looking like a slut just because you asked, this may take time, so give it to her. The more prude she has been, the more insecurities she may need to overcome, so don’t rush it.

    2. Build Her Up - Confidence in her body will be one of the biggest obstacles women will face. So before trying to rush her into wearing a thong bikini, build her up. You should always be complimenting how good X body part looks and how hot you think she is. This only gets you so far, so getting her into increasing her exercise and fine tuning eating habits will go a long way over time if you both do it. Celebrate small accomplishments and ensure you compliment how she is looking much better. Her hair, nails, time at the spa, massages, etc are all ways to pamper and build her up. Think of her as being a slutwife already, so worship her body, treat her right, take her out, and love her. A happy wife is a sexy wife, and a sexy wife is a slutty wife.

    3. Start From The Inside Out - Before ever attempting to have her wear that slutty attire outside, have her wear it inside just for you. She needs time to process how she looks dressed like that, so don’t rush it. Appreciate her effort and let her know how much you love the way she looks. She may be happy dressing up a bit for you at home, but even if she wants to, she may need time to build herself up to go out showing. This could be in a physical and psychological sense as well, so take your time with her at home. A second factor to starting from the Inside Out is her underwear. When it comes to going out, she is much more like to wear something sexy under her clothes that you know about but others don’t. For example, she is more likely to wear some really sexy lingerie underneath her normal clothes than she is to wear a micro dress. So as far as going out goes, start by asking her to dress sexier under her clothes and work your way out. Example, have her wear a blouse that she normally wears, but now with a push up bra. A skirt she normally wears, but with a thong.

    4. One Thing At A Time - Unless she is open to it from the start, do not go trying to get her into a micro dress that covers less than a bikini. In other words, do not have her show everything at once. Ask her to focus on a specific area first. Assuming she has big boobs, have her wear a push up bra under a tight blouse that hugs her boobs without showing skin. Then you can progress to having her show off her neck with another blouse still wearing that pushup bra on another occasion. On a later date, she could show the top of her chest. Then a slights glimpse of cleavage. Etc. If she is more of a leg/butt girl, she can start by wearing a sexy thong under a long and loose skirt. Over time, her skirts should get slightly shorter and tighter. This application goes with jeans, going from loose to really tight and torn, to shorts, to micro shorts and skirts, etc. Bikinis, from one piece, to more revealing one piece, to two piece, to small bottoms, to thongs, etc. You should get the point now. Again, this is not a race, do not rush. Start from the Inside out, get her comfortable, pace yourself, and let her flow.

    5. Talk About Reactions/How Proud Are You? - When she does go outside wearing something sexy she normally wouldn’t, make sure you compliment her before even stepping out. This builds her ego and confidence. Once out, take note of guys that check her out. Once back in the safety of your car, home, or someplace distanced from the guy, bring it up to her who you saw checking her out. You want to wait for the right moment so that she does not become self-conscious about it. Just tell her who you saw, what they did, and how proud you are that she is so sexy, and how much the whole thing turned you on. If possible, finish this off by eating her out and give her the orgasm of her life. Condition her to associate dressing sexy = male attention = orgasm, this will get her going the right direction.

    6. Give Her An Excuse - If you want your wife to dress like a slut, give her an excuse. In other words, take her out. You want her to spend over an hour getting ready to look her sexiest, make it worth her time. Promise and deliver on a nice dinner and night of dancing (See post on Dancing). Make her correlate dressing up sexy with fun and attention, and she will want more of it. Also, take her to places where there will be other guys who can check her out, and remember to tell her what you saw afterward and how much it turns you on. Other excuses for her to practice wearing less are Halloween, role playing sex, trips to the beach, faraway vacations, etc. the more you give her an excuse to dress sexy, the more she will do it. The more she does it, the more attention she gets, the more you pleasure her.

    7. Go From the Outside In - Assuming she became comfortable wearing certain slutty clothes out in public but she has reached her limit, now you must go from the outside in. So lets assume she has become comfortable wearing a short skirt that just covers her butt. She may have reached her current limit and may not want to wear a skirt any shorter than that because she would literally be showing part of her butt. Do not try to fight this, just flow with it. You can still buy her and ask her to wear a shorter skirt, but tell her to wear it at home for you. Same applies for blouses with cleavage, etc. wherever there is a limit, ask her to wear it at home. The second aspect of going from the outside is that once she reaches her limit of what she is willing to wear externally, you focus on what she wears internally. That is, her underwear. We covered pushing into getting her to wear sexy lingerie as often as possible, so assuming she is already doing that, focus on getting her to go bra less or panty less while still wearing clothes within her limits. Remember, only focus on one thing at a time, so don’t ask her to go and get rid of all her bras and panties, you will only ask her to either not wear one or the either until she is ok to move on. However, remember the end goal is not for her to be bra less or panty less, the goal is to get her comfortable feeling sexy and looking slutty. So if a push bra makes her feel her sexiest, stick to that.

    8. Push Her Geographical Comfort Zone- As stated, we use the privacy of our bedroom as a safe space to start from. She should feel comfortable enough there to wear just about anything in front of you and know you will enjoy it. The next step is making her confortable in the living room. When she becomes comfortable wearing something for you in the bedroom, start guiding her into wearing it for you in the living room. The best way is by taking her there for sex. Then you can ask her to get you a glass of water while wearing her sexy clothes (the kitchen). Then you can move on to stepping into the backyard to hangout at night with the lights off. Then front porch at night with lights off. Then taking her for a drive at night. Then picking up food at a drive through. Asking her to go pay for something at a gas station. Etc. You repeat this process during daytime hours as well. The point of this is getting her comfortable wearing sexy clothes for you and expanding the comfort she feels in the bedroom to the rest of the world. Never make assumptions that just because she wore something similar or less clothing on one occassion, she will be comfortable wearing something else next time. With each item of sexy clothing, plan on starting at the bedroom and take any immediate progress as a blessing. The more comfortable she becomes with slutty clothes, the easier this will be.

    9. Dont Be Cheap/Invest in Her- There is no way around this. If you want her to dress slutty for you, you can’t be cheap. She is not going to dress as sexy as she can for you to take her to McDonalds. She is not going to feel confident wearing a dress you picked up at the dollar store. She is not going to be feeling very sexy with those 2 dollar panties from Amazon. She is not going to look forward for a date at a truck stop dive bar. If she is going to put in the work, show her you will too. So buy her a nice sexy dress that she will feel excited about trying on for you. Buy her that sexy lingerie that makes her feel like a sex goddess. Get her those high heels that she has been staring at. Invest in her. Now don’t go broke either, don’t sacrifice your livelihood trying to make her a slut, cause it will have the opposite effect. Plan accordingly and invest money in buying her nice and sexy things you want her to wear for you in public. For training purposes only, you can buy her cheaper and sluttier stuff she will only wear in the bedroom, but don’t be cheap when expecting her to wear something out in public for you.

    10. Let Her Go Alone - When she is comfortable wearing something out with you, ensure she is comfortable wearing it without you. Meaning, if she wears something sexy at the bar with you, go to the restroom and leave her alone a few minutes. Let her experience how safe she is being alone dressed like that. If someones hits on her, tell her how sexy she is and how much it turns you on that every guy wants her. When possible, ask her to wear something sexy to work, even if it is just lingerie. Ask her to wear a sexy skirt next time she goes shopping. Have her wear one of those new smaller bikinis at the pool. Have her wear those shorts you love around your friends. Create personalized scenarios where she wears her sexy clothes, then give her time alone with other men. Show her you are not jealous, you trust her, and any attention she does get only turns you on. The more she gets to do this, the more confortable she will become around other men who check her out.

    These are some general guidelines to use to get your wife to dress sluttier. Notice that these are guidelines with no particular order, they are meant to be used simultaneously and adjust as needed. I can not guarantee that your wife will dress like a cheap prostitute waiting to get picked up, but if you follow these guidelines, your wife is guaranteed to dress sluttier than she currently does. Furthermore, you will begin to condition your wife to expect male attention and correlate it with pleasure, just like those slutty college girls do. This will have her opening up more to other possibilities.


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