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    $10,600 ;)


    $16,500 💋🎀 ☮️ ❤️


    Haven’t done 4 12 or 13 rest yes at one time or another


    I’ve done every one of those… so 18,500?


    $17,000 all but 9 and 13 here… looking to change #9….. Can any one help?

    My fiance and I have been together for about 3 years. During that time I learned that she wasnt extremely close with her dads side of the family. She had seen her dad maybe 4 times the entire time we had been together until recently they have reconnected. My fiancee and I also smoke weed and do shrooms. Well so did her dad and the rest of that side of the family. Well he invited us and her brother and aunt over for a smoke session at his house. A little after 2 hours her brother and aunt went home. Then her dad pulled out molly and asked if we had done and if we wanted to do it. Neither of us had done it but definitely wanted too. So the 3 of us took it and trip for awhile and we all started to come down from the high and began getting sluggish. Her dad offered more but I said no. My fiance however did want to keep going so they both took more. I ended up passing out on the couch while we were all watching the office and they started to get high again as I faded out. I woke up having been passed out for what it felt like only an hour. I woke up to an empty living room and Netflix asking if anyone was still there. Once I woke up a bit I could here A lot of movment coming from down the hall way so I sorta staggered that way hearing voices of my fiance and her dad getting louder. I got to his bedroom door and open slightly to see my fiance having sex with her dad. I just stood there in the hallway trying to figure out what to say or do. I couldn't figure out if I was turned on or disgusted. I probably stood there for 45 minutes as they just went at it. He was making her do all kinds of things. They were in missionary when I found them and they did a lot more then that. I ended up jacking off at the very end when he came. The craziest thing is I'm pretty sure he got her off more then I ever have. When confronted after she was sober she said she felt disgusting but admitted she enjoyed the experience.