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2020-06-11 18:40:07

    @nitropanic ‘s Chika top recoloured in the Sorbets Remix palette!

    This recolour is an add-on and includes all 76 colours of Sorbets Remix

    Mesh is required, you can find it here

    (Also thanks to the creators of the CC I’m using)  

    If you’re having any issues, send me an ask or a PM!

    DOWNLOAD(Google drive)

    Feel free to tag me in your posts when using my recolours! I would love to see what you do with them!

    @maxismatchccworld @love4sims4

    Unisex Get Together Dress Shoes

    25 swatches

    Color tagged, disallowed for random, tagged masculine and feminine.

    You need Get Together for this to work!

    TOU: Don’t put this recolor behind ads, on paysites, or reupload.  Linking is awesome, but do not host my files; Link directly to this post or reblog. Please do not use timers on links to my content.  Thank you for being respectful!

    Download here! (SFS, no ads)

    Hot Girl Summer Mini Set

    I have reached my FIRST goal on Patreon!!! Here is the Mini Set I promised :)


  • Maxis Match Hairstyle
  • Available for Teens-Elders
  • 18 EA swatches
  • Hat compatible
  • BGC
  • Make sure sim detail is set to Very High

    Ombre Accessory:

  • BGC
  • 18 EA swatches
  • Can be found in “Accessories”  
  • Swimsuit: 

  • BGC
  • 12 swatches 
  • One piece swimsuit
  • Download (Patreon)

    Ruby Hair - TS4 Maxis Match CC

    A big poofy goth-inspired hair requested by Emily, one of my $2 patrons! I’ve just got one more essay to write and then I’m done with my first year of college!! Also, once s4s updates I’ll start making a lot of new hairs! Enjoy! :)

  • 63 swatches (18 EA colors + 45 Poodles)
  • Separate files for just EA, just Poodles, and merged
  • BGC
  • Hat/Accessory compatible
  • Female Frame
  • Teen - Elder
  • Custom Thumbnail
  • All LODS
  • Please check my TOU before downloading!! Downloads under the cut

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    Luna Lips

    This is my second lip set 🤍 This is the fourth and last free-launch pack as a new creator. There will still be four items coming as early access on Patreon right away, before we start with regular weekly content which you can get with my Jupiter Tier og Venus Tier if you don’t want to wait 2-3 weeks! This is just the beginning!

    ☁️ INFO ☁️

  • 5 swatches
  • BGC
  • Custom Thumbnail
  • ☁️ TOU ☁️

  • Please tag me if you’ll be using and sharing photos!
  • Do not steal or claim to own
  • Do not share download link without inluding my name

    @maxismatchccworld @mmfinds@mmoutfitters @ts4-maxiscc @meisiu-ccfinds 🤍


  • Custom Thumbnails
  • High/Medium Poly
  • HQ Textures
  • HQ Mod Compatible
  • T.O.U.

  • Don’t Re-Upload
  • Don’t Re-Edit
  • Don’t convert to other games.
  • Don’t claim as your own
  • DOWNLOAD ( No AD FLY !! )


  • Custom Thumbnails
  • High/Medium Poly
  • HQ Textures
  • T.O.U.

  • Don’t Re-Upload
  • Don’t Re-Edit
  • Don’t convert to other games.
  • Don’t claim as your own
  • DOWNLOAD ( No AD FLY !! )

    reyna hair;

    I’ve had this in my mods folder for a while but just haven’t gotten around to uploading it until now. It is by no means perfect but I’m happy with how it looks atm, so here it is! Hope y’all enjoy!

    Fun fact! ‘reyna’ is the tagalog translation to the word, ‘queen’.The hair kinda reminded me of Lorde and idk, please don’t @ me lmaoo

  • base game compatible
  • hat compatible
  • lods
  • ea swatches
  • download| let me know if you run into any issues!

    ❤ ❤ CRIMSON ROSE EYESHADOW: Eye-shadow

    Fall vibes in summer? 🤔😅 Regardless, here’s an item that I barely make! 😀

    I think I’ve only made one other eye-shadow? Honestly, it was not the best I’ve made 😛 So here’s another one to make up for it! 💖

    The colors of this eye-shadow are quite deep, so it is great for fall or other more dramatic looks! 👍🏻 Though there are lighter swatches as well ^^

    Please enjoy this item, if you would like, tag me if you use this cc or any of my cc so I can see how it turns out on your sims! 🥰💖

    Model: Suzy

    ❤ Base Game Compatible (BGC)

    ❤ Eye-Shadow Category

    ❤ All Genders: Female and Male

    ❤ All Ages: Toddler to Elder

    ❤ 24 Swatches

    ❤ Made by me!

    ❤ Custom thumbnail as shown

    ☟ T.O.U

    Please DO NOT modify, recolor, or alter  without my permission + DO NOT include my creations into cc packs  without my  permission + DO NOT credit my own creations as your own + DO  NOT share the direct download link + linking is allowed but please mark  resources/credit me + do not reupload

    💕💕 DOWNLOAD! (Sim File Share, no ad.fly or ads) 💕💕💕

    Me and Raven over at @qwertysims were talking about how much we wanted this bomb ass crop top from forever 21, so I made it for TS4 for our pixel people to enjoy! There’s only one swatch so it didn’t make much sense to give this a full preview. Download below!

    Male Rig uses the mesh from Spa Day and @luumia‘s Bod-E mesh.

    Female Rig uses the crop top mesh from perfect patio (?)

    Despite that, they’re both base game compatible and disabled for random!!!

    Download [ Simfileshare ]

    These bad bois are a set of earrings. (Obviously) They feature art from two of my favorite black female artists Sacrée Frangine (though this is a duo of a black woman and a non-black woman (let’s just let that slide for the sake of this description.)) and Jade Purple Brown. Enjoy!

    Download Info:

  • 40 Swatches
  • 4 metals: Gold, Silver, Rose Gold and Black
  • PSD
  • DOWNLOAD - SFS | Patreon [ Always Free ]