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    A poodle clipped and dyed to resemble a pony.


    Every time I see this I go “oh, neat pony” and scroll past while my brain chugs through the caption like the slowest computer on earth and I have to scroll back up to it


    @0kkvlt have you seen the bear?

    It’s the same poodle

    Her name is Bijou and her owner likes turning her into other things


    I saw the bear and said “oh, cool bear” out loud to myself, I think I may just actually be very stupid


    does anybody else remember when the h*nger g*mes movies were big and there was that really dark, haunting song in them about a man getting lynched and people watching it because that kind of violence was so normalized in their world (that “are you are you coming to the tree, they strung up a man, they say he murdered three” song), and then in real life they made like a club version of that song to play on the radio


    There is literally nothing funnier than the marketing of teh Hunger Games franchise because they couldn’t figure out what to do other than perfectly imitate the villains of the story


    The set for The Addam’s Family TV series (1964) was a lot more colorful and pink than you probably thought. Since the show was filmed in black and white, the color scheme wasn’t all that important. Another reason for having such a colorful set was due to how black and white film registers various colors. In order to get the right shade to appear on film, a lot of the set (such as the pink wall paper) was a strategic choice.


    Except the walls weren’t pink. They were red. There weren’t a lot of color photos taken of the set of the Addams Family TV show but the handful of sources show red walls. Only this one image that has made its way across social media shows pink walls. This color publicity photo shows a section of that same wallpaper.

    The best evidence of red walls comes from View-Master slides.
    View-Master was granted access to many different shows during filming of an episode to take photos.

    Color photos.

    Thanks to the blog View-Master World we can see the main set in its full color glory. All these are from season 2 Portrait of Gomez.

    What about the famous image that shows pink walls? Having a closer look it appears to have been scanned from either a magazine or some sort of print media. It has the telltale signs of halftone screen printing. What has either happened is the colors were crushed in the process printing or the print media colors have deteriorated over time. In addition to the pink walls the whole image is way too yellow. While far from perfect and not the best image to work with here is a quick attempt to color correct that image.


    It’s time to bring out those AIs which generate colored footage from old black and white ones and feed it the whole show


    that supergirl lesbian kiss where the girls look like they are going to quit after that take is the polar opposite of the scene in brokeback where alma sees jack and ennis making out and heath ledger almost broke jake gyllenhaals nose


    the binary


    #someone said ‘the supergirl kiss looks like when michael kissed oscar on the office’ and it does and i’m screaming


    this is literally the same gif


    I fucking choked


    Hollywood cast queer folks to play queer characters challenge. And cast POC to play POC


    This last point is absolutely true.


    Having been in high school when Brokeback Mountain came out, I can tell you Heath and Jake took A LOT of heat for many of the scenes in it (including this one), because they WEREN’T all awkward and afraid to touch each other. They both went in with the attitude of “we’ve been hired to portray a relationship, and we’re going to do that.” I lost count of the number of times they were asked if it was weird/different to kiss another man. I think it was Jake who made the most confused face ever at the camera and kind of went “….no…..? A kiss is a kiss?” The speculation on their sexualities ran RAMPANT—at the same time that Heath started dating Michelle Williams (who played his wife, in the most positive-but-ironic turn of events ever). They literally were basically not allowed to say “queer people are people, and you don’t have to be queer to see that queer people can love and cherish each other emotionally and physically.” They did their best to do that, working against a mass media that was going “look, it’s a story about TWO MEN!! And they HAVE SEX!!! HOW FREAKY!!!”

    So while I agree that in 2019 we should be aspiring to cast queer actors to play queer roles, please recognize that the fact we can aspire to that now is partly because of what two straight actors did fifteen years ago, when they decided they weren’t going to be afraid to risk breaking each other’s faces in a show of passion and longing.


    it really is so so fuckin funny that padme died of just a broken heart while hooked up to 6 billion high tech medical instruments 


    general grievous is basically two charred muscle cells rescued from a dead body and reconstructed into a whole ass biomechanical monster but we can’t keep miz amidala from being diagnosed with Terminal Sad,


    star wars heritage post