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    Benefits of infant circumcision


    After the birth of a son, majority of the parent population would be worried about this process. Circumcision is the process of removal of foreskin from the genital part of a male baby. This is quite a common process performed on newborn, particularly in the United States. Parents usually find it hard to make a decision whether to get the process done or not. Earlier, it was a cultural and religious custom to get the circumcision done. Hence, there wasn’t much issue with respect to a decision to be made. Later as time passed by, infant circumcision has become the sole responsibility and decision of the parent.

    Parents usually step back from this process worried about the pain and risks that may come along with. In such a scenario, the members and other stakeholders of the American Academy of Paediatrics (AAP) grouped up to form a multidisciplinary task force in the year 2007. Their main aim was to update the recommendations made by the Academy in the year 1999. The result of the evaluation done on the recent evidence highlighted the fact that benefits of infant circumcision outweigh all the risks involved in the process. In addition, it justifies the decision made by the families that supported the process. The Circumcision Policy Statement of Pediatrics Volume 130, Number 3, September 2012 clearly explains about this fact. There are numerous benefits with respect to this process. Few among them are as given below.

    Urinary tract infection

    UTIs are not much common in men. Yet, the infants below the age of one have a high risk of this infection. Studies have reported that when compared to circumcised male infants, uncircumcised infants are more susceptible to this infection. If overlooked, it may even lead to kidney infection as well. Circumcised infants don’t need to worry about this infection.

    Penile Cancer

    Circumcised men don’t need to worry about getting affected by penile cancer. Whereas for uncircumcised men is a matter of concern. At the same time, woman with uncircumcised male partner is more susceptible to cervical cancer as well.

    Sexually transmitted infection

    Circumcision reduces the risk of sexually transmitted diseases like HPV, Herpes Simplex Virus type 2 and HIV. The chances of these infections are really high in uncircumcised men. Though circumcision cannot eliminate the risk of these infections, it can reduce the chances to a great extent. Physicians usually recommend infant circumcision rather circumcising in later stages of life.

    It is very common for parents to get tensed about the risks in the infant circumcision process. There are no risks involved if the process is conducted in sterile condition by expert and trained professionals. Complications are very minor and rare. Infant circumcision is recommended as the complication rate will be considerably low when compared to later stages. Parents are responsible to take ultimate decisions. Hence, clinicians are strictly recommended to explain parents about the benefits and risks involved with any bias. According to American Academy of Paediatrics (AAP), even the American College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists have certified these facts.

    Guys should find out they’re circumcised and why from their family first, especially their dad since the main reason most of us are circumcised is out of family tradition (‘to look like dad’).

    I think it’s sad that too many guys find out from the internet, either from porn or from hearing the word and then googling it, only to be educated on all kinds of propogandist horror stories about circumcision by intactivists.

    Instead, a guy should find out about it directly and unashamedly, and learn the benefits right along with the other facts of life. He should also learn that his circumcision lands him among the vast majority of American men, happily circumcised just like him.

    Learning that you’re circumcised and what it entails should be a source of reassurance and pride, not a confused hunt for information online met with blushed half-answers and ignorance from those closest to a guy.

    Be proud to be cut, and help your circ bros to find their pride as well.

    -Cut Jake

    Okay serious question. 

    Men if you have been circumcised, do you ever wish you were not, are you made that your mother made a decision for you as a infant? what are your thoughts on it?

    If you still have your foreskin, are you mad that your mother didn’t cut you? 

    i don’t want drama i just want answers.


    Are cocks sexier circumcised high and tight, US style, or low and tight, Euro style? Why?

    I think the low style is better. It simply looks more streamlined and neat. The glans contrast more usually too.


    I also like the low and tight look. It seems more masculine to me, with nothing but tough outer skin and a glans perched on top. It’s as if there was never a foreskin there to begin with.

    Plus, complete removal of the inner foreskin is necessary to maximize the benefits of circumcision (decreased sensation, increased stamina, reduced masturbation, etc.) so anything less is cheating women of what they deserve from the procedure.


    Isn’t it rather selfish of men to fight against circumcision? Think of a man resisting his girlfriend’s plea that he get cut, he’s really just fighting to keep as much pleasure as he can while denying her her own

    This is the correct way of looking at it in a sense. I think some men are honestly in denial about the benefits circumcision provides for their partners in terms of health and sexual pleasure. Similarly it seems some men who are circumcised are in denial about their loss. It seems that in both cases a man needs to accept the loss of sensation and learn to see it as a positive.


    I think @thewonderofwillows is right on track. I see so much complaining online by circumcised men and it just doesn’t make any sense to me.

    Yes, you have had a huge part of your penis surgically removed.

    Yes, it was the most sensitive part of your penis.

    Yes, you receive less pleasure from sex than you would with a foreskin.

    Yes, masturbation is more difficult and less satisfying without a bunch of loose skin to roll up and down.

    Yes, your glans has become thickened and tough from constant exposure to the environment.

    That’s the whole point of circumcision!

    The consequences of circumcision aren’t horrible side effects that make the procedure unacceptable. They’re the whole point of the procedure!

    Circumcising a penis transforms it from a soft organ of self-indulgence into a hardened tool of pleasure. Men who have been circumcised have been given the ability to satisfy their partners as they never could with a foreskin.

    We need to shun this culture of selfcentered complaining and embrace the sacrifices women demand of us. There’s nothing a foreskin gives us that justifies denying women the sexual experience they deserve.


    What advice would you give to a man with reservations about being circumcised at the request of his significant other?

    Just do it.


    I’ve said this so many times before that anyone who’s read my blog should know exactly what my response to this would be.

    Just do it.

    Women know what’s best in these matters and they’re the ones who are in the position to press the issue.

    Of course you have reservations. It makes you feel good. You like playing with it. You’ve always had it. You’re scared of what it will be like not having it. But do you see what the common denominator is there? 


    Your foreskin is a selfish indulgence.

    And this is why you needed your significant other to step in and insist you give it up. But now that she has, you need to listen to her. She knows best. Her judgement isn’t clouded by all the things that make you want to keep you foreskin. She can be dispassionate and objective about the situation and see it for what it is.

    All you need to do is trust her.


    This is almost a perfect articulation of what I find arousing about circumcision as a kink, and the place I think it can have in a healthy relationship between loving adults. So hot.