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    pros to bringing back bison to our prairies and having less cows:

    - bison take up way less energy in the winter because they dont need shelter and theyre built for blizzards, their hump is literally adapted to plow through snow

    [image description: an articulated bison skeleton display on a mostly black background, the spinous processes between the shoulder blades are approximately as long as the shoulder blades are and get gradually shorter towards the hips end description] - bison have no natural predators, (aside from humans), and can protect themselves. it would remove the excuse of slaughtering wolves to protect cattle - theres the idea that cattle will trip on prairie dog holes, be injured, and cost a lot of money to fix. bison are smart enough to avoid holes and are adapted alongside with prairie dogs. less killing of prairie dogs equals more prey for black footed ferrets. which are heavily endangered due to cattle grazing land and mass slaughter/revenge killing of prairie dogs by farmers - a large portion of bison conservation efforts are indigenous ranchers and support of these efforts is support of indigenous sovereignty and vice versa - bison graze by taking off the tops of grass and moving on, they avoid most wildflowers as well, cattle tear clumps of grass out and destroy vegetation that arent made for cattle predation - bison are more efficient in digestion than cattle are and need less grass to sustain themselves, and tho bison still create lots of methane like all bovids do, we have more cows than we would have bison (also spoiler alert, majority of greenhouse gas emissions are burning of fossil fuels, not cattle, despite the amount of people preaching how evil cow methane is)

    and finally…

    theyre supposed to be here!!!! they were strategically killed nearly to extinction to aid in the genocide of native americans, restoration to bison isnt the whole picture but its a huge step to righting many wrongs