Low Pursuit

Welcome to my rando Internet spot. I generally post weird and interesting things that I find in games, TV, and movies along with the occasional internet rant ****** If you wish to follow me elsewhere, a list of my other public accounts can be found at http://lowpursuit.simplesite.com ****** Note that some material is reblogged to pausescreens.tumblr.com ****** Shout out to theshizz.org and alt.music.prince

Last update
2020-08-02 19:51:12

    Cleaning my room and came across my old trophy for winning a Super Mario Bros tournament. what I won’t be winning a trophy for is my Instagram skills, whatever https://www.instagram.com/p/CCzKWNvJ_Yk/?igshid=wqlbmsj6pzea

    I just finished up the 30 day video game music challenge over on Twitter (also @ LowPursuit). Made a playlist if you’re interested