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    Last summer my friend’s mom discovered hundreds of teeny tiny toad tadpoles in a puddle in her driveway. It was drying up, so she asked me about moving them to a nearby pond. I told her not to, because moving amphibians unnaturally between water bodies can spread disease.

    So she filled up a watering can every morning and every evening and replenished the puddle, adding dechlorinator drops she uses for her fish tank to make sure the water was safe.

    The tadpoles survived and grew up into little toads who eventually hopped out of the puddle.

    I think about the tenderness and compassion of this a lot.


    OP, there are two wolves within you and I’m curious which one is better fed.


    As a graphic designer please let me tell you that I aspire to think of something 1/1000th as clever and execute it even remotely as well as this logo right here


    this makes me think of when every sign for Baskin Robbins suddenly switched to this in 2005

    like i wanna know who stared at their BR long enough to realize “THERE’S A 31 IN THERE” (to represent the original 31 flavors they served)


    Growing up with your starters

    Artist:  esasi8794 / Twitter


    The captions are also really cute, although they mostly describe what’s in each photo:

    Bulbasaur: Somehow, nomming on my clothes… has become a weird habit of theirs.

    Venusaur: That hasn’t changed now that they’ve grown, but they’re very gentle.

    Charmander: It’s my first attempt, but I made a plushie so that he wouldn’t get lonely.

    Charizard: That plushie seems to be his favorite even now.

    Squirtle: Squirtle’s a bit timid and hides behind me at the smallest things.

    Blastoise: Looks like they’re scared of the first Pichu they’ve seen. You’re not really hiding!


    This is adorable


    You forgot these!!!


    I’m disappointed that these were left out