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I have a keen interest in legs and everything that can be between them. I only post what I realy love, what I did or I would like to do.I'm a 60 something widower (bi), from Sao Paulo (Brazil).All images are from internet (NSTW) and you must be + 18

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2021-03-08 13:02:28

    I find this photo kind of sad because its probably the last one I will have with one of my former best friends.

    This was outside my hotel before heading to Camden to see Perturbator at the Underworld. I had been looking forwards to this night for ages as hes one of my favourite artists, and I had lined up to go with a large group of awesome people.

    Everything was great until after the gig when Jessie started acting up, being totally uncontrollable and erratic…..I was pretty drunk myself but I think anyone who knows me would agree that im level headed and not a trouble maker. I dont do “drama” unlike most drag queens and trans girls / girls….

    I managed to get us a taxi to Soho and within half an hour of being in the ShadowLounge bar , me and Jessie had gotten into a fight. I don’t remember exactly what pushed her to that point of unreasonable stupidity, or how exactly it kicked off, but I punched her several times in the face - and she bit me on the hand and shoulder, badly. Security obviously thought I was the problem as they set on me straight away but by that point it didnt really matter anyway.

    I had to go to the hospital this morning for tests as it looks like my left arm has been attacked by a wild animal.

    Still, the gig was awesome. Got a photo with the man himself too. Just a shame I had to lose my friend over something so pointless.