I don’t think we’re born with a natural tendency to protect the environment. I think it’s something we learn if we’re educated and brought up to have the manners to care for the world. At some stage in our lives, the greed factor became stronger, and that has led us to the horrible situation were in now. A CHANGE IS NECESSARY, and I believe my films convey that.“ - Hayao Miyazaki

    kyoto trip -1-




    向日葵の風鈴 夏らしくて可愛かったなෆ





    この後、伏見稲荷へ。 到着した頃は夕方で暗かったのでフィルムでは撮れず…。またいつかリベンジしに行きたいなෆ

    Osiris-Canopus Jar

    A Canopic jar with the head of Osiris emerging from it. In the cult of Isis and Serapis, during the Ptolemaic and Roman periods. Osiris-Canopus jars (also known Osiris-Hydreios) were carried by priests during processions. As they are solid, each symbolically carried water from the Nile, fertility that originated from the god Osiris, one of Egypt’s earliest fertility gods. 

    Osiris-Canopus was named after the ancient Egyptian town of Canopus, on the western bank at the mouth of the westernmost branch of the Delta known as the Canopic or Heracleotic branch – not far from Alexandria.

    Roman Period, ca. 131-138 AD. Grey basalt, from Hadrian’s Villa. Now in the Vatican Museums (Gregoriano Egizio). 22852