stupid Birb Bomber

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2022-08-11 18:43:38

    Hey, AO3 folks (and fanfic writers elsewhere)... if you see this offer, RUN AWAY FROM IT. IT’S POISON.


    Please read this twitter thread and then stay FAR AWAY from the people being described


    The tl:dr; version: These people want you to “file the serial numbers off” your fanfic and publish it with them.

    The catch: If the IP owners ever come after you, you’re on your own… and you have to pay the publisher damages! (Not to mention the IP owner…)

    Also: their advances are CRAP. Also: Your advance (such as it is) is obtained by crowdfunding. WTF!!!


    AVOID AVOID AVOID. Dear sweet THOTH on his e-scooter, stay away from these people.

    ETA: Victoria Strauss of Writer Beware has looked at the contract and declared it “completely incoherent and inadequate”.  

    So, honestly AVOID.


    Yep. I saw it on Twitter yesterday and the contract is genuinely bonkers. Avoid at all costs.


    More of your mutuals are radfems than you think! We're just afraid to say it out loud because y'all come at us like mosquitoes. But the percentage is hilariously high

    lmao coward


    Do yourself a favor and unfollow and block us then. Radfems aren't welcome here and if you're quiet about it because you're afraid of our reaction, you're a fucking coward.

    Get the fuck out. You know you aren't welcome. You know that what you have to say isn't welcome. Your beliefs are actively harmful to cis and trans people alike. Fuck you.


    I’ll represent you in court :)


    Isn’t it consensual when she gave him the photos when they were together 🔚


    From a lawyer: “The photos were consensual. But she did not consent to distribution “


    He really thought he did something with that comment and his lil stank emoji at the end lol


    Reblog to save a LIFE dat shit is not ok


    for the ladies, and even gentlemen, who follow me and find themselves in this situation.


    Same goes for you Men. If your ex leaks photos of your dick or any videos you sent her, you can sue too. Yea, giving the photos with consent is Aight, but spreading them around and “exposing” Ain’t it chief