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    I was talking about being afraid of people leaving me behind because I’m too sick, and my boyfriend just looked at me and said: “It’s my choice to be your boyfriend. It’s your friends choice to be your friends. You don’t have to understand it, but you have to respect our choice. Don’t try to make the decision of whether you’re worthy of people on their behalf because that’s not your decision to make.” I think that’s an important thing to remember. That whether we’re worthy of someone’s time and effort is something others can decide for themselves regardless of whether or not we agree with them. There’s a lot of peace in realizing that literally all you have to do is accept the love other people choose to throw your way. That you aren’t the one who gets to determine that you aren’t worthy of their love. That other people can choose to love you regardless of how you feel about yourself - and that you can learn to respect their choice even though you’re feeling unworthy.


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    One day I said out loud, “when we’re apart I think you must hate me, I picture you seeing my name when I text you and heaving this big sigh because I’m so annoying” and he quietly said “that’s a little mean. I wish you wouldn’t picture me that way” and something clicked

    If your affirmation makes you feel uncomfortable because it’s “too big for you to receive” then honey, it’s the right affirmation. Your life isn’t going to change if you stay in the same mindset.

    You have to break out of that small way of thinking if you want the big stuff. Will that affirmation cause tension in your body???YES. Should you stop affirming it?? NO. Push and break those mental patterns and old ways of thinking until your new affirmations override those old narratives. That affirmation may feel like a lie at first....but it won’t feel like a lie when it manifests👏🏼

    When you are feeling low, tell yourself that “I DESERVE THE FUCKING BEST.PERIOD. NO TAKE BACKS. I SAID WHAT I SAID”

    Aren’t you tired with the same old shit???? EXACTLY. Get to it. Change your mindset yesterday already. It’s time you get what you want. You are a success story. You are that person who manifested the life of their dreams.

    🤪🤩💸🥂✨✈️💕😝🥳....get fucking excited👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

    i don’t know who needs to hear this, but here it goes: you don’t have to repeatedly and harshly punish yourself for every little thing you think you do wrong. you don’t have to diminish or eliminate your worth and dignity in order to become a better person and acknowledge your mistakes. please forgive yourself, please keep going and please, be flawed! perfection is unattainable.


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