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    Friendly reminder that GIMP does pretty much everything Photoshop does, and it’s 100% free. Fuck DRM and the license culture, we have plenty of open source options available to us as a consumer.

  • Lightworks is a freeware video editor on par with Premiere
  • Blender is an excellent freeware 3D renderer,possibly better than After Effects
  • Lightzone to replace Lightroom
  • Inkscape to replace Illustratr
  • Audacity to replace Audition (I also received a free version of Pro Tools with my Scarlett Solo audio interface)
  • If Adobe is going to be greedy shitheads, then fuck ‘em. Don’t use their stuff. Freeware can be just as good, if not better, than Adobe CC.


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    Shark infested beans. My mum would make me and my sister a bowl of baked beans, with little toast triangles standing up in it for the shark fins. Sometimes the toast fins would have bites taken out of them; she told us the sharks had been fighting and it was the funniest thing in the world to us back then. I was in my late 20s when I finally found out that those bites were all she’d eaten that day.


    I was high off my ass last night and had this dream where I was in this dense ass forest and sitting there was a tall woman. She was so tall I couldn’t see her face but she was wearing gold and I was like “uh…hi?” And she said “I made you, do you know that?” And I nodded and she was like “I hear your thoughts. Why do you hate my creation? Why do you try to destroy yourself? I made you perfect as you are. Please don’t break my heart”. Then she started crying and it flooded and I woke up with fucking heart palpitations like what does it Mean™️????


    polar opposite of this post


    inspiration struck and would not let me go until i drew this


    This is really beautiful!!!

    RIP Academy Award winner Samuel E. Wright   

    “Wright died peacefully Monday night at his home in Walden, New York, after a three-year battle with prostate cancer, his daughter Dee told The Hollywood Reporter. “He was the brightest light,” she said.

    Born in Camden, South Carolina in 1946, Wright was part of the original Broadway cast of Jesus Christ Superstar in 1971.

    “You don’t know what people are going to judge you by. It doesn’t matter if it’s a cartoon, Dizzy Gillespie or Othello, I’m going to play it with the same fervor, just in case anybody’s watching.” - Samuel E. Wright  

    He went on to replace Ben Vereen in the musical Pippin and received a Tony nomination in 1984 for the musical The Tap Dance Kid.

    A second Tony nomination followed in 1998 for his role as King Mufasa in The Lion King, the stage version of Disney’s 1994 film.

    But he was best known for voicing Sebastian, a role he reprised in a Little Mermaid TV series and other cartoon spin-offs.“  

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    StarLion: The Thieves of the Red Night (2021) 

    “The Gods of Olympus were real. In fact, the great Olympian Forefather Zeus was the forefather for such historical giants as Thor and George Washington. But that was long ago, now the descendants of the Gods have new jobs: Superheroes. In a world where power and myth have walked hand in hand, professional heroes serve alongside humanity to combat those who would use their Gifts for evil.

    After gravity-manipulating teen, Jordan Harris is arrested for vigilante activity, he is given a simple deal: go to jail or go undercover in the nation’s most prestigious superhero training academy - Fort Olympus. His academy work comes second as he uncovers a conspiracy that threatens not just the city of Houston, but the world. While Jordan is used to working on his own in the dark of the city, he must soon learn about teamwork and confront his own shortcomings which leads him from vigilante, to criminal, to hero. “

    by Leon Langford

    Get it now here

    “Originally from Virginia, Leon has honed his skills as an award-winning screenwriter, with a passion for rich, impactful storytelling. With degrees from George Mason, Texas State, Chapman, and even Oxford, he is well versed in storytelling in all aspects.  

    After previously working as a Writer’s PA on Yellowstone Season 3 and as an assistant to Lena Waithe, he now works full-time as a screenwriter. He has a number of projects in development including a feature project for Will Smith’s Overbrook Entertainment.”

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