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    This question has irked me. If a Kaasari and a human female do the do, would she become pregnant? And if so, would the baby, and all others after, be all boys or could there be the chance for a girl?

    Yep, a Kaasari could impregnate a human female. It would be rare for a few reasons, one being that there aren’t many Kaasari in the wider galaxy beyond their home planet. Another, being that Kaasari are typically attracted to men, since they are a species of one gender (male). But there could be “straight” Kaasari, so to speak, should one ever be attracted to a female of another species.

    The offspring of a Kaasari and a human female (or male!) has a small chance of being female, but it would be very unlikely. My headcanon is that there aren’t any recorded instances of this in the galaxy, so in-universe it would only be speculation. The descendants of a half-Kaasari/human bloodline might carry the potential for female offspring but I think it would be a recessive trait sort of thing. The idea of a female Kaasari would be like an oxymoron to Kaasari culture/society, so if one did appear, who knows how society would react.

    That said, the offspring of two Kaasari will always be male.

    Thanks for the questions!

    If anyone is interested to know more about what this is referencing, you can read my Star Wars mpreg fic BLOOD SONS here: https://archiveofourown.org/users/LyricStarWars