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    Building your physique starts in the kitchen


    Hey big bro. I found those special spices you been using. I was surprised first time I used em thinkin it was some kind of pepper. But it was crazy tasty and before I knew it my stomach was getting all tight and my whole body was putting on muscle. I got some biceps and pecs and abs. Felt so fucking good. Of course I had to have more. Now look at me. Not that skinny shy little bro anymore. Sure I’m forgetting shit. No wonder you’re so dumb. But who care I’m going to get hotter and bigger than you.


    Last Seat

    I picked a seat near the back of the plane hoping it wouldn’t be crowded on the way to Vegas. I listened carefully hoping the airline wouldn’t say those dreaded words, full flight. Nothing was more uncomfortable than sitting next to someone who took up more than their share of the seat. I think I might be in luck as I watched the last passenger board and counted enough empty seats to accommodate people. I sighed in relief as I watched people disperse to their seats until one more figure popped out from the front of the cabin. He was handsome and built, but boy was he big. He looked at either side of the plane and slowly made his way down turning sideways to fit in the small aisle. He seemed to be studying the open spaces and the people in them. I had a whole row to myself, so I wasn’t worried when he made his way back to me. “This seat taken?” He gestured to the empty two next to me. I shook my head and he grinned sliding in. I thought he’d sit on the outside seat, but no he squeezed himself in next to me even lifting my arm rest to make more room for his wide hips.

    I was about to go off on him, but he gave me a friendly smile and for some reason my frustration dissipated. “Sorry, sitting in the aisle is no fun. You can’t see out the plane,” he pointed to the window we would be sharing. “Yeah, I understand could you scoot over a little though?” I didn’t expect him to scoot in closer to me squishing me against the interior wall. I wanted to say something, but the flight attendants walked by telling him to buckle up as we were backing out. I sighed in defeat as he eagerly watched the plane backing out. “Take offs are my favorite part,” he said quietly watching as we taxied to the runway. “Yeah me too,” I replied. “They make me feel like I’m leaving my stress behind.” His eyes lit up, “really? Me too.” I realized then that he was going to be a chatty kind of guy as we started down the runway and into the air for three and a half hours.

    “By the way, may name is Mark,” he offered me his hand to shake. “Bryan,” I said shaking his hand. He gave me a big smile and I watched the shirt he was wearing strain against his chest. I quickly put my tray down as I felt a stirring in my pants. “So, what are you going to Vegas for?” He smiled, “to model and then have some fun. What about you?” I shrugged, “just to get away. I take random trips here and there to different places.” He grinned and then noticed something out the window, he leaned across me to get a better look his hand resting on the wall while his armpit was dangerously close to my nose. I tried to not breath, but he stayed that way for a while forcing me to finally inhale. His cologne and deodorant were an amazing combination that suddenly relaxed me. I had to refrain myself from leaning forward to burry my nose into it. He was all grins as he stared out the window before sitting back in his seat. I noticed his knees were pushed up into the seat. “Do you uh, wanna share my footwell?” He was all thanks as he spread out his legs pressing his thighs up against mine. “Thanks man,” he rested his hand on my thigh and I began to plead with myself to not get hard.

    Halfway in and Mark was making himself at home. He still had his hand on my thigh but had gone from just placing it there to rubbing the inside of it. I was fighting it afraid I would make a mess in my jeans. I was already hard, and I knew leaking precum all over the inside of my underwear. The flight attendant stopped by, “drinks?” I was going to reach for my wallet to buy one, but Mark stopped me. “I got this,” he smiled and ordered us a few shooters, a coke each, and some whiskey to finish it off. “You didn’t have to do that,” I blushed. He leaned in closer letting me smell him again, “least I could do.” When the drinks came, he all but forced me into doing shots with him. “Come on, it’ll be good. You need to loosen up.” I nervously chuckled and took a shot with him. He took the lapse in judgement and had me do another. By the time our flight was landing I was pretty loose lipped and willing to do whatever was suggested. His hand never left the inner part of my thigh as he touched down and taxied to the runway.

    “So, where you staying?” He asked getting up. “Mandalay Bay,” I hiccupped. “Great! I am too, we can just ride in a taxi together.” I hiccupped again swaying a little as I tried to get to the aisle. “Which bag is yours?” I pointed and he grabbed it. “Checked bags?” I shook my head. “Smart man,” he then grabbed my hand and pulled me down the aisle to the exit. I must not have been in a state to walk because I felt his arm wrap around me and pull me in close to him as he walked with me out to the airport. “Thanks, you smell nice,” I blurt out from all the alcohol. “Thanks man,” he said in the kindest voice I’d ever heard.

    The walk through the airport was interesting as people quickly moved out of our way as he walked. I don’t think my feet ever touched the ground as he carried me. He carefully pushed me into the taxi and on the drive, I began to sober up a little bit. He put his arm around my shoulder. As we got to the hotel, he offered to help me, but I figured I should try to do things on my own. He smiled and walked away, and I thought that was it. The ringing of slot machines and people placing bets filled my ears as I strolled inside pulling my carryon. I was tired and was still trying to sober up as I joined the line. I spotted his strapping body off to the right in VIP check out. It took around thirty minutes to check in and I’d all but forgotten about Mark. As I walked toward the elevator a strong hand slapped something against my chest. I looked up to see Mark standing over me as I peeled the key card off my chest. “Suite, 2209,” he whispered walking off leaving me standing there shocked.

    Once I’d made it to my room, I stared at the key card wondering if I should. Over those three and a half hours I’d grown a crush on the guy, and he seemed enamored by me too. I decided to take the chance and do it. I headed over to the high roller area and took the elevator up to the 22nd floor. I strolled down the hall to room 2209 and waited outside working up the nerve. Anxious thoughts flowed through my mind like him laughing at me for showing up, or him pretending not to know me. I was about to turn around when I heard his voice. “I know you’re out there! Come inside already.” I pressed the key card getting a ding and a green light as the electronic lock whirred to let me in. I opened the door and walked inside to a sight. Mark was sitting on the end of his bed naked; his hand was wrapped around his rod stroking it when he looked over at me. I dropped the key card on the floor out of shock and he got up walking toward me.

    I instantly knew I was out of my league staring at his thick chest and bulging arms. I felt puny compared to him and was about to back out the door when he grabbed my shirt and pulled me through the door. “Not getting away that easily,” he cooed pulling me towards him and the bed. His cock was bouncing pressing up against my own groin as I fought my urges. I was nothing more than a rag doll to him as he tossed me up on his bed and jumped on top of me pinning my arms. “I uh,” I stammered before he leaned in kissing me. Our tongues met and I stopped fighting him, I think his gum fell into my mouth and I accidentally swallowed it in the moment. He pulled back from me, “sorry. I think I ate your gum,” I muttered blushing. The grin on his face got bigger, “that wasn’t gum.” My eyes got big, “what was it?” He was starting to undress me as I felt suddenly warmer. “Mark, what did I swallow?” I tried to pull away from him, but his strong arm pushed my chest back down. “You swallowed a pill, now relax.” I felt like I’d just fucked up. He probably just roofied me and I was an idiot. “Please,” I whimpered, and he smiled stroking my cheek. “Don’t worry,” he said before pulling my pants and underwear off me in one quick pull.

    My cock was really hard, straining as if it was trying to grow longer. Mark grinned running is finger along my shaft as he jumped on top of me his thick cock clapping against my stomach. “What you’re about to experience is going to be shocking. Just listen to me and it will be the best moment you’d ever had,” his eyes were fierce as he commanded me. His hands started to rub up along my chest, the motion was relaxing as his fingers squeezed what little muscle I had. My chest was getting warm from where he was rubbing. I leaned back hoping I’d remember this as I felt my heart start to race. I groaned and looked down to see my chest expanding. My barely defined pecs were growing like someone was blowing air into a balloon. Each breath I took they would expand more. “See, I knew you would like it,” he said. He was right, I loved it and I wanted more.

    “Do it,” I grunted. That was all he needed as he started to massage all over my body. He focused on each different muscle to help it expand and grow. He worked on my upper half making my delts and triceps bigger. It felt great as my body expanded across the sheets. My forearms looked massive before he asked me to flip over. It wasn’t even a thought as I did as I was told flipping onto my stomach. My hard cock strained as it was pressed into the sheets. He rubbed up and down my back, I felt it grow underneath his hands. I thought I was going to cum multiple times but each time I was nearly there he told me to hold it in. Somehow, I obeyed and held back. His hands reshaped my ass into a sculpted round perky rump. He was going to toy with my hole but stopped just before he pressed his finger against it. “I think I want this fresh,” he chuckled and worked his way down the back of my legs.

    A strong musk began to surround me as he worked on my legs. Instinctively I tucked my nose into my armpit to confirm the smell was coming from me. It smelled manly and potent. I gasped when he touched my feet. Admittedly I’d always had a thing for guys feet and having him grow mine was more than I could handle. “You’re ticklish down, here aren’t you?” I nodded in response before I could smell the sweat rolling off them. It was strong and I wasn’t ready for it. “Don’t you dare cum,” he said rolling me back onto my back. I looked down and confirmed my body was nearly as big as his now. He wrapped his hand around my shaft and cupped my balls. I started thrusting as I felt it. My cock was growing, my testicles expanding. I blacked out for a minute because when I came to his hands were running over my face. I felt my stubble scratching against his soft hands. He pulled back and got off me. “Wanna see how you look?”

    I slowly sat up and followed him clumsily to the mirror. This body felt difficult to control and I figured it would take some getting used to. “That’s me?” I said in a deeper voice. I was happily stunned by the man staring at me. I was easily twice my size and at least 6 inches taller. Every muscle on my body was as big as his. “The pill did this?” He nodded, “my Uncle works for a company that produces these pills for the military along with other kinds,” he reached around me grabbing the pill packet. “The red one you took is called Formula 360. It’s used to grow muscle in soldiers and make them more compliant to directions. “What do the others do?” I asked and he grinned spelling them out for me. Green was the opposite of red making guys into puny versions of themselves, blue turned guys into objects, and yellow changed their gender. I noticed a few blues were missing and two reds. “You’re the second one I’ve used the red on one.” I looked at him, “and the first?” He grinned and motioned to his body.

    Some heightened sexual desire inside me snapped as I pushed him back to the bed. A few hours later and both of us were sweaty and covered with each other’s fluids. I looked over at my clothes on the floor. “Those won’t fit me,” I said matter of factly. “I got some clothes you can borrow,” he said getting up. “Come on let’s get you into the shower. You stink,” he chuckled pulling me off the bed toward the bathroom with him. “You’re one to talk,” I said following him. “So, why were there so many blue missing?” I asked as we let the warm water flow down our skin. “Usually the guys that come up to my room end up going home with me in my suitcase,” he said. “Is that what you had planned for me?” He smiled and gave me a kiss, “when I first got on the plane that was the plan, but my plan changed when you got drunk. Do you remember what you did?” I shook my head and he smiled, “you told me how much you enjoyed having me press you against the planes walls and how my scent drove you wild. Then you did something I didn’t expect, you kissed me and grabbed my crotch. It was hot and wild. I then realized that inside that meek man was a real man begging to be let out.” I was a little stunned, “I really did that?” He nodded, “and now that you are like this, you’ll probably do it a lot more.”

    I did have the strange desire to dominate someone. Not him though, I still felt like I had to obey his every order. He tossed me a pair of bright green silky underwear. “Keep Erik, he’s a good pair.” He then tossed me some other former men. “They’ll fit your new body a lot better.” I spent the rest of my stay with him, and over the course of the three days I’d been with him I’d found out a lot of things about myself. I still loved feet, I enjoyed being worshipped by smaller guys, and watching men become your objects was the hottest thing I’d ever seen.

    My favorite to watch was this cute guy named Bryce. We were at a nightclub one of the nights and Bryce instantly was infatuated with my newly grown muscles. It didn’t take long for me to know that he was someone I wanted myself. I took him to the bathroom and used my influence to convince him to take one of the blue pills. He did and the effects were nearly instantaneous. His skin turned a bright blue and he practically wrapped himself around me. A few more minutes later and I walked out holding a pair of swim trunks.

    As we walked through the airport together, he gave me a hug goodbye and shoved a small box in my hand. Inside were a bunch of the pills he’d had. “Use them wisely and call me up if you ever need any more blue ones,” he pulled me into a kiss and then boarded his plane as I stood there shocked. As I boarded my plane later that afternoon, I saw a young guy much like myself sitting in a window seat all by his own. “Is this seat taken?” I asked patting the pill in my pocket.


    This is so fucking hot

    “Watch where you’re going!” snapped the businessman, Sam Milton, the newly made CEO of his father’s business. Hot coffee spilled over his suit as he quickly wiped away, glaring at the speedo wearing shirtless and skimpy man in front of him that had bumped into him. They held a rainbow flag in hand as Sam instantly knew he was from the pride parade that was nearby.

    “Sorry mate,” came the relaxed and British sounding voice of the shirtless man, Sam felt he saw him somewhere as a model, but he wasn’t sure why he would ever remember that as he glared at him, as a barista came rushing over.

    “I am so sorry, Mr. Milton, sir, could I get you a new order?” questioned the barista quickly, Sam shrugged.

    “It’s fine, not like he put anything in the coffee,” Sam joked as he took a sip, not ever noticing the slightly tangy taste that came from the hot substance inside as he finished wiping himself off before leaving.

    On the way to work, he found himself finishing the coffee before finally entering his office, sitting down with the skyline behind him, his assistant had already left a stack of files and things to do. Sam started to get to work, reviewing reports, as he started to find himself sweat. It was small at first, droplets on the back of his hand before beads started to run down his forehead. “Why isn’t the AC on?” Sam muttered, coughing as he noticed the odd gruffness off his voice, he started to unbutton himself, taking off his tie.

    And then his dick started to become erect. Sam shuffled and stifled in his seat as thoughts of the parade came across his mind, not realising that he had been straight before, he just had a date yesterday! His hand slowly started to find itself on his thigh, wanting to inch closer and closer to his needy cock, he shouldn’t be doing this at work of all places, but his mind could barely respond, and his fingers grew closer and closer, coiled towards the very edge of his length and then-

    “Sir,” A knock came at the open door, as his assistant stood firm in the doorway, giving them a warm smile. Sam instantly picked his hand away, focusing on them as best he could, only thinking about his body, those fuckable lips…Why was he thinking about that? Damn it, he needed to focus!

    “Yes?” Sam’s voice sounded odd and distorted, he coughed to try and cover it up, wondering what was happening as sweat continued to sheen off skin.

    “The investor, Mr. Clarke is on the line, the one to call about our next quarter,” informed the assistant, Sam nodded as they gave him one last smile before walking away back to their desk and closing the door behind them. Sam instantly picked up the phone.

    “Hello, this is Mr. Milton,” Sam’s voice only grew rougher and rougher, as he felt his hand clutched around his cock through his suit pants, unable to stop himself as he started to see his hand, slowly growing paler and paler, the fingers felt longer as they started to grow and expertly maneuvered around his head.

    “Mr. Milton, is it? I’m Julius Clarke of Clarke Foundations, I just wanted to speak to you briefly…” The voice paused as Milton couldn’t help but emit a low groan as he could feel his other hand starting to grow larger, wrapping around the phone in his hand as his other teased the head of his lengthening cock, starting to slither down towards his thighs as the first tears at the seams of his pants could be heard. “Mr. Milton, is everything alright?”

    “Yeah, I’m just getting a-head-” Sam yelped as his fingers stroked over the tip of his cock, the more they played with him, the more he felt himself growing as more rips were spreading in his pants, revealing more of the muscular mass of his legs underneath that started to grow, “of myself. Carry on.” Sam quickly stuffed a fist into his mouth as he started to see his cock poke through the top of his boxers and pants, throbbing as the suit pants were shedding away.

    “As some of you know, some of our recent investors have been a pain in the ass-” Sam almost fell from his chair, now his knuckle stone white as it grabbed at the edge of his desk, feeling his chair pushed away slightly from under him as Sam felt his cheeks spread apart, hairs growing on the back as they began to grow and tear away the Calvin Klein boxers and seat of his pants. “And not to mention the fact that they’ve been clearly ripping us off.” The rest of the pants ripped away as Sam felt his thighs thickening, growing in muscularity as they became lean and long, stretching out beyond the desk and causing Sam to fall on his knees, only his office shirt on as he resisted the urge to moan at the feeling of his calves growing.

    “Yeah, we- we should come-” Sam felt his cock twitch, still growing in girth and elongating as it flopped down between his legs, looking paler and larger as pre-cum dripped. “I mean, get over there and sort…sort it out.” Sam couldn’t breathe if he kept talking, trying to stop himself from panting and groaning as he felt his feet start to crawl forward, looking over his shoulder as his dress shoes began to split, the black shiny soles as his large pale feet started to poke through.

    “Exactly, now I think you could be a strong competitor,” started the investor, the moment he said strong, Sam felt his arms flex themselves, needlessly watching the rest of the buttons from his tight shirt spray into the air as they were flexed off. Sam had always been fit, but this was something else as he started to cup his new pecs that became extremely large, swelling to the point where he could barely believe they were real. The muscular power flowed through his stomach, his once lean abs now became stronger and sturdier, growing and thickening as they were now deep crevices in his stomach. “I’m hosting a gala soon, where we could discuss this with some other members who are interested in a coalition of sorts, would you be interested?”

    “Sorry,” Sam couldn’t tell if he was apologising to the investor for the noises or the meeting as he felt himself near writhing on the ground, the phone still barely in hand as he continued sweating, his cock throbbing.

    “Ah, that’s a shame, I was having some people coming all the way from Britain,” It was then Sam started to find his mind rearranging, new accents and words fading in and out as he couldn’t even remember what it was like to start speaking with an American accent, his own groans and muffled moans started to sound different in his deep voice that lingered on with a new London accent. “Well, I will speak to you soon then, here’s hoping you can still come.” With that, everything went blank, business, statistics, stock prices, and so much more as Sam saw nothing but white as his dick throbbed and delivered the best orgasm of his life, spraying and coating his entire body and desk with his own cum, every single orgasm erasing Sam Milton as the American businessman, now replaced with the London model as he began to moan out loud, writhing in his own pleasure as he came again…and again…and again.

    “Oh fucking hell mate, where the fuck am I?” Sam muttered to himself as he started to look around, standing up behind his desk now as a naked muscular hunk dripping with cum and sweat.

    Some time had passed after the incident, Sam couldn’t remember what he was doing that day but now found himself too busy to care. The business was taken over by his father until his son was “feeling better”. His dad now started going to the same coffee shop as he did with the same guys who came from the same parade every year. It was only a matter of time before he followed his son’s footsteps.

    As for Sam Milton, well he now found himself posing on the billboard across from his old office, modelling for the makeup company; Clarke Foundations.