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    also did you know that medical professionals who are not formally licensed or are even barred from working in hospitals and private facilities for disciplinary reasons are allowed to work in prisons? including doctors/nurses who have been suspended for sexual misconduct. death to the prison system and all those that have allowed it to function <3

    Breaking News: In a world where little behavior you can’t help are picked apart and counted against you for being different from the mythical norm, you also can’t explain your behavior as an inextricable part of your personhood bc now people think that’s tacky.

    Essentially you need a license to be unrelatable. But watch out bc for some reason this license needs to be incredibly exclusive.


    it's amazing how ordinary objects can become so significant to only the owner


    when my aunt's best friend passed away, my younger brother was four years old. at his funeral, my brother went up to her and gave her a nickel. he told her very solemnly that it would make her feel better. she smiled for the first time in days, and tucked it in her wallet.

    when my brother was 22, his best friend passed away unexpectedly. my aunt drove three hours to be there for him at the funeral. she went up to my brother, gave him a big hug, and then gave him a nickel. it was the same nickel; she had kept it in her wallet for 18 years, and now it's on a necklace that he never takes off.

    what i'm trying to say is that the love you put into the world will always find its way back to you.