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At 73 yrs old, I have lived through many fandoms. Currently into the BBC Sherlock fandom. Started with Man from UNCLE (1964), the TV show, not the movie.

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2022-01-24 00:49:26

    this shot of the joker pulling up his pants leg seems to imply that the white part of his feet is actually just bare skin, not fabric spats over a pair of dress shoes, as i had always assumed?? which means that the animated series joker has actually been wearing, like, kitten heeled pumps this entire time


    Just wanted to let you know I thought about this post so hard I ended up cosplaying it 😌


    I love cosplay

    Sherlock finds out that being John's lover is a masterclass in sex. Mrs. Hudson makes an appearance and baked goods disappear. The Watson embrace is an enigma, until it isn't.


    BBC Sherlock Holmes Daemon AU mood board

  • Sherlock Holmes
  • Silver fox
  • John Watson
  • Field mouse
  • Mycroft Holmes
  • Long billed corella
  • Gregory lestrade
  • Anteater
  • James Moriarty
  • Black Colombian spider monkey
  • Miss Hudson
  • Main coon cat
  • Molly Hooper
  • Sugar glider
  • I was bored last night and made these


    Oldness  [trumps (isn’t there another word for that)]  throws shade on everything.


    Pattern Release 1.22.22

    Good evening everyone! We've got another pattern release. This one has some minor and major updates to the post releases earlier. There is a reason we let them marinate before we release them, and this would be it.

    Patterns are still pay what you want/can. This weeks offerings are--


    Which you can get here. We've made the little shruggy guy slightly different and more appealing to us just in his spacing.



    Which you can get here.
    We want to give a shout out to several anons, @saltqueer, @cacklebarnacle, and @sketch-wolf for pointing out that we absolnfely misspelled the mispelled word on the jacket. It's fixed now!


    What me FERFECT???   I beg to derffur