A black girl will be spending years in jail because she had a mental health crisis. PLEASE READ


    Meet Saraya: she was experiencing a mental health crisis. Police came and tackled her. She is 15.

    Saraya Rees is a 15 year old biracial girl from Coos County, Oregon. After being abruptly instructed to stop taking her antidepressants by a local pediatrician, Saraya went into psychosis. In her manic state, Saraya poured a small amount of gasoline on the floor. Her parents called Coos Health & Wellness in hope that that would send mental health advisors, Coos Health & Wellness sent the police. While still in psychosis, the officers arrested her, questioned her without her family or lawyers present, charged with attempted murder and assault, and sent her to juvenile prison for 11 years.


    This is not justice.

    This is inhumane.


    1. Call these people and demand that she be let go to the custody in her parents.

    Please call Governor Kate Brown and Senator Jeff Merkely.⁠

    📞Governor Kate Brown: (503) 378-4582⁠

    📞Senator Jeff Merkley: (503) 326-3386⁠

    2. Sign the petition! 


    Please DO NOT donate to CHANGE.ORG, instead donate to Saraya’s gofundme

    3. Follow @justice4saraya on instagram. You can find info on where to send her encouragement cards and get updated on progress.

    4. SEND CARDS TO THE FOLLOWING (please also note card sending rules)




    ALBANY, OR 97332

    EDIT: PLEASE CONSIDER THESE RULES WHEN SENDING HER CARDS! The family has asked for the following when sending cards:

    -No vulgar language or cursing (she’s a child, afterall) 

    -No stickers

    -No metal 

    - Do not use return address stickers

    -No Cash

    Using these things could mean Saraya doesn’t get your card. If you want to donate to the family during this very hard time, please use the GOFUND ME.


    You can also send her gifts for when she gets out to a PO BOX: 


    PO BOX 211

    MYRTLE POINT, OR 97458


    Saraya’s website: https://www.justice4saraya.com/

    y’all saying BLM for one situation just don’t sit right with me, it goes beyond police brutality!!! it’s Black women dying at a higher rate during childbirth. it’s Black people being exposed to COVID-19 at a higher rate. it’s Black people being forced into low income communities. it's Black people being denied job opportunities due to the name on their applications. it's Black people being denied into higher institutions despite having the same qualifications as their non-Black counterparts. it's Black people having their creations and ideas stolen without being given credit simply because a good percentage of society still believes in 2020 that Black people are not creative enough or smart enough or skilled enough. this isn't just about police brutality. this is deeper than that.


    stray kids are getting a lot of hate now so i decided to make this little thread to show you guys that they're literal angels and don't deserve to be treated like that

    #1 they always produce and writes music to help others to go through hard times

    they're aware of mental issues and other global issues for example they wrote songs about insomnia, depression and anxiety. there's too many songs that bring up these kind of topics but i will give you a few examples:

    #2 chan goes live once a week so we don’t feel alone and so that we have someone to talk to & just relate to

    channie's room became a safe space for a lot of fans

    #3 not only chan goes live to help stays but the others do too

    - hyunjin once asked for stays problems to see if he could give us advice and help us. he even read out a stays concern in english and tried his best to reply in english

    - jisung went live to help stays fall asleep by reading a story

    - changbin and jisung taught stays how to rap during one of their vlives

    - minho goes live to teach fans their choreographies

    #4 they support lgbt

    - they attended new york pride in 2018 after kcon and met some fans there

    - felix and changbin wore nike shoes that were designed to celebrate pride month

    - felix talked about his ideal type and included a girl and boy type

    *cough* someone's whipped for changbin *cough*

    - hyunjin talked about the song "1-800-273-8255" and said that he cried while watching the mv (the mv is about about lgbt and suicide)

    #5 they respect everyone no matter what race or skin color

    - chan showed us that he's educated on the n word (3racha - p.a.c.e)

    - he even said on his recent vlive that no matter your age, race or skin color stray kids concert is a safe place for everyone

    #6 they open their hearts to us and show us that they're humans too and even kpop idols sometimes feel lonely just like everyone else

    changbin in his solo track "streelight" talked about going through problems without being able to tell someone and encouraged people to trust others and open up. he used the streetlight as a metaphor for how someone may look bright in the darkness but are actually sad and alone.

    he even included 'the blue project' in his mv. the blue project is to help raise awareness on mental health, helping to encourage people to open up. the blue plaint was inspired by jayden whyte who painted a tree blue on his parents' farm as a joke. he took his life in november 2018. after his death the blue tree took on a new purpose: “spread the paint and spread the message that it’s OK to not be OK.”

    #7 they donate to charities regularly

    minho buys his jewelry from korean brand wing bling. the percentage of every purchase is donated to wwf. he helped polar bears and supported snow leopard conservation through that small gesture

    he also supports a child living in africa through unicef but the child doesn’t know that he’s an idol. but he said that if the opportunity comes one day he would like to invite that child to watch him perform (arena homme interview with minho&hyunjin - april 2020)

    #8 chan once said that he wants to get tattoos but he isn’t because he won’t be able to donate blood regularly

    okay but imagine chan in tattoos. we wouldn't survive that 😳

    #9 they ended gender stereotypes by wearing unique outfits

    they wore crop tops many times and jeongin once said that pink is for boys

    #10 they made a series where they give advices to viewers on various topics (honey-tips)

    jisung talked about depression (ep.4)

    “You don't know what happiness is if there's only light so depression needs at least once in order to know how to recover. The deeper the depression is, the stronger the light will be. The light is definitely there."


    the list is already so long so i will finish it here. i hope this little thread will help you realize that all those hate comments aren't true. they're literal angels and no one deserve hate.

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    [update] just to make it clear. by haters i did not mean black stays. i meant all those people who used that situation to spread hate on the boys and send them death threats. i believe that educating them is the right solution, not spreading hate :cc

    i even saw people bringing back that 'daddy thing' and getting mad at chan, thinking that he's telling underage fans to call him that when first of all he didn't mean to turn it into sexual matter and secondly underage stays shouldn't even know that's a sexual thing 🤡

    they really don't deserve that


    pls don’t hate the boys

    they don’t need more worries or hardships

    I was talking with @chanonymous about this yesterday and,,,

    she opened my eyes to how not only stray kids, but every idol, have to deal with this fame and attention for the rest of their lives

    and they aren’t bullet proof

    Jisung has social anxiety—so bad that he had to miss a fan meet and greet

    Changbin wrote and produced Streetlight—a song about severe stress and not wanting to share his feelings with even those he’s closest to

    Hyunjin actively doesn’t believe that he’s good enough and he has an extreme insecurity about his fans leaving him—he broke down during one of their concerts, crouching down, barely able to get his pleads out without sobbing

    Felix just recently was a part of a very serious issue with online comments—I won’t get into detail since we haven’t heard anything from him about it, but people blew it out of proportion so terribly that there is no way that he hasn’t seen it

    Jeongin makes comments about not being as useful as the others and is afraid to show his emotions to the people around him—he had admitted to keeping all his sorrows locked up to the point that he had just burst out crying because he was so tired

    Seungmin admitted to being unsure his new position as the main vocal—not only is he very awkward when talking about his solo covers, but he also doesn’t know if he’s ready to be the new main vocal (perhaps he doesn’t think he can compare to Woojin? who knows)

    I don’t even know how to start with Chan—he’s the leader, he’s under a pile of stress all the time, he has sleeping issues, he feels pressure to work out and stay fit, he commonly makes self-depreciating jokes about the little things he doesn’t like about himself, he thinks that he has to help every member if they are struggling, he literally does everything; back-up vocal for Streetlight, compose and sang back-up for Seungmin’s cover, produces and writes the majority of Stray Kids’ music, takes all blame for mistakes made by Stray Kids...

    yes, please be mad at them for messing up

    be angry, you deserve to be able to express your sorrows and hardships, and tell them what they did wrong

    don’t worry, they won’t hate you, and Stays certainly shouldn’t hate you for feeling the way you do

    Stray Kids always apologize, and continuously admit to their mistakes, they respect your feelings

    you have made mistakes, I have made mistakes

    humans make mistakes

    these boys are all human

    and we have no idea what is going on inside of their heads

    we all have our problems and stressors, none of us are made of steel, and all of us can break with enough force


    for people who are unaware of why the riots in minneapolis started happening, here’s the facts:

  • it wasn’t george floyd’s protesters who started reacting violently; it was the cops.
  • the protest was peaceful until the cops showed up in riot gear, and started using water cannons, followed up by tear gas and rubber bullets. i got videos from friends who were there, of people screaming and running away from the cops shooting the water cannons, rubber bullets and throwing tear gas at them. they were even shooting at the protesters dragging people away to get medical attention.
  • speaking of medical attention, dispatch refused to provide any medical attention to the protesters. people literally had to drive their bleeding friends to the hospital because they refused to send ambulances.
  • cops are using non-lethal weapons in a lethal way. they shot rubber bullets into people’s heads and injured them. there’s dozens of photos of protesters with bleeding head wounds from the rubber bullets.
  • multiple people used police scanners and heard that there were undercover cops pretending to be violent protesters who were throwing rocks and whatnot at the police, with dozens of eyewitness accounts confirming that information.
  • the person who instigated all the chaos last night (it was a fire at an autozone) with the looting and burning buildings is highly suspected to be an undercover cop pretending to be a protester, because the video of him keeps getting taken down. protesters tried to stop him but couldn’t because he had a hammer and they were scared for their safety.
  • the cops jammed cell phone towers and cut live streams to interrupt broadcasts and to prevent people from seeing what was really going on and who actually started the violence.
  • the cops lied about protesters being armed and about throwing rocks and are literally trying to continue the violence happening and yet no one is holding them accountable for that.
  • and during all this, the cop that murdered george floyd still hasn’t been arrested. he has had more than ten complaints filed against him and was involved in three other civilian shootings in the past. and yet he’s still out free along with his three other buddies involved, probably sitting on his couch while all this chaos is happening.
  • so don’t get it twisted. the cops just want to change the narrative to make it look like they’re the wounded and righteous party, when they’re the ones who started reacting violently in the first place and are still acting violently. so dont you ever forget who started this tragedy and murdered someone, and who are continuing to react to the situation with violence. 


    quick update

  • news outlets have mainly been reporting on the burning buildings and looting instead of the people still peacefully protesting. mainly showing black people looting, and not the dozens of white people and others who looted places either. they also aren’t really showing everyone who’s cleaning up (especially all the black people cleaning up) or the protesters who have tried to stop the looting (especially the black people who’ve tried to prevent the looting). they’re painting a nasty narrative. so here’s a gofundme page for a black man who’s been trying to clean up with some helpers and give people water, food, etc during their cleanup.
  • cops are still using tear gas, rubber bullets, pepper balls, etc against peaceful protesters. i watched a facebook friend go live last night and they were peacefully protesting and still got hit with tear gas. so don’t let the media and cops fool you into thinking that they’re only using those means with the looters or people acting violently. if you’re a protester, you’re a target. so to anyone out there protesting, please be careful.
  • the governor called in and got the national guard involved with all the rioting and protests, which are starting to move away from minneapolis into the surrounding cities. he also held a press conference this morning, saying that he recognizes our generations of pain and anguish, but order must be restored. here’s an article about it.
  • cops arrested a reporter and his crew live on cnn. they ended up releasing them. but the fact that they’re arresting reporters for doing their jobs and who are really trying to show what’s going on, should concern you. the fact they were arrested before the man who murdered george floyd is disturbing. here’s an article about it.
  • if you don’t think the federal government or cops just want to resort to violence against the protesters, well, think again! last night, trump and the white house made this tweet (click view to see it once you get to the page) about the situation saying that military is on the governor’s side and they’ll resort to killing protesters for looting. here’s an article about it.
  • and again, while all this is going on, the cops involved still haven’t been arrested for murdering george floyd, despite some of them having a prior history of doing not so stellar things during their careers as cops. in fact, the man that killed him (derek chauvin) has cops protecting him at his house. they’re protecting a murderer to protect their own, and have made their stances clear on the matter.
  • justice will not be served until all four cops are put away behind bars. they murdered an innocent black man senselessly, and deserve to rot in jail. don’t stop fighting until they’re locked away where they belong.