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    acceptable reasons to exclude someone from the queer community:

  • they, as an individual or movement, have a known pattern of being dangerous/hostile to other queer people (whether that be bigotry, being a predator, threats and/or violence, etc.)
  • they, as an individual, just don’t want to be included personally
  • unacceptable reasons to exclude someone from the queer community:

  • fitting a stereotype
  • not fitting a stereotype
  • “weird” labels
  • multiple labels
  • combined labels
  • hyper-specific labels
  • vague labels
  • “conflicting” labels
  • new labels
  • old labels
  • labels you personally don’t understand
  • labels you personally don’t think are “allowed” to be queer
  • labels that are exclusive to queer people from marginalized groups you’re not a part of (racial, cultural, disability, neurotype…)
  • broad labels like two-spirit and intersex where some-but-not-all of the people included in the label identify with the queer community
  • anything to do with their pronouns
  • anything to do with their presentation
  • (do not tag as slur; you will be blocked)

    Edward Teach | ENFP

    Myers-Briggs - The Campaigner

    When something sparks their imagination, Campaigners can show an enthusiasm that is nothing short of infectious. These personalities radiate a positive energy that draws in other people, and Campaigners may find themselves being held up by their peers as a leader or guru. But once the initial bloom of inspiration wears off, Campaigners can struggle with self-discipline and consistency, losing steam on projects that once meant so much to them.

    When Campaigners are interested in someone, they rarely hold back. People with this personality type tend to fall in love easily – and they fall hard. Campaigners shower their new flame with affection, trusting that the devotion and passion that they feel are real.

    For better or for worse, not everyone can match this personality type’s ardor and intensity. Some people just need more space – whether physical, emotional, or both. If their partner’s enthusiasm doesn’t seem to match their own, Campaigners may find themselves feeling insecure or needy.

    (Here's Stede's)

    not to add to the doom posting, but:

    the Supreme Court will soon review the constitutionality of the Indian Child Welfare Act.

    the ICWA protects Native children from being adopted out of their communities, and it’s under fire bc a white couple is suing on the basis that it’s “racial discrimination” that they can’t adopt a child away from her family, (Brackeen v. Haaland). it’s probably not going to end well.

    I encourage you to do your own research, but the point of this post: the Lakota People’s Law Project is assembling a brief, and coordinating with other legal teams on this, including working with the original author of the ICWA.

    the Lakota People’s Law Project have a petition you can sign here, and let’s be real, what they really need is donations, (especially since they’re going up against a campaign funded by oil conglomerates).

    i’ll put source links in the replies so i can keep them up-to-date.

    somehow i have not written about lucius and pete at all, which is DOWNRIGHT UNCOOL of me and as such: let’s do this.

    it’s easy to let these two fade into the background when it comes to couple content; both our other main ships have conflict seeded somehow into things, either personal conflict or jim’s revengequest 17k17 meaning they have to go exist in a plotline that isn’t a kissing book for a while.

    lucius and pete? lucius and pete meet, they don’t seem all that interested in each other. they don’t hate each other, they just seem more or less indifferent.  

    then they get to know each other: and then they fall in love, and they stay that way. 

    like: holy fuck, YES? more of that, please.

    to be clear, i’m anything but arguing against the existence of high drama and passion and tragedy, because fiction is the absolute best place to explore dynamics that would not be super fun or healthy in real life. fiction allows a level of thoughtful remove which allows us to explore things we find frightening or exciting or shameful etc into forever without leaving the comforts of home! of course i love that shit.

    but what we see so much less of— and what is often devalued or derided as boring and not worth watching or writing about— is what pete and lucius give us.

    they’re the opposite of dramatic. because when we talk about love as art or love as in passion, we end up slipping a lot into the language of danger and destruction; fires and hurricanes and drowning and wasting diseases. we so often think of passion in apocalyptic terms.

    which is why i think it’s interesting that the show makes sure we know: lucius and pete fuck. they caps-f Fuuuuuuck. 

    and they love an audience! these two have passion for each other, colloquially and otherwise. their captain filled the ship with chintz; to keep it real, they literally fuck on the floor.

    and they are still so, so sweet. (have we considered: the swede didn’t have scurvy, but rather was struck by the levels of sucrose emanating off lucius and pete???? who could say.)

    jokes aside these two are about both/and, not either/or.

    i wrote more about this elsewhere, but i also love that we don’t know how they fucked: we can draw assumptions based on the coding and what we expect from that coding, but we don’t actually know. only lucius and pete get to know exactly what they did: we only get to know that it happened, and lucius was on top. 

    there’s a lot happening there, you know? like. a LOT, a lot.

    so anyway: pete and lucius love an audience, but they also reach for each other in their sleep and ask solicitous questions and whittle fingers and just generally improve each other’s lives. and since obviously lucius is not dead, not even a little (never, disaster, & etc), now i’m on a countdown to them holding each other again and potentially even pete ignoring the chance to chase ed with a sword to focus on showing open, public affection to the man he loves.

    because i do think pete very well could/might/will harbor elaborate (and probably hilarious) fantasies of vengeance, especially if and when he finds out about The Shove, but being with lucius was what allowed him to let go of the idea that hurting somebody is how you prove your manhood.

    so here’s my s2 wish for them on that angle: pete dropping his hero worship of ed and some more of his baggage about How To Man Good in one fell swoop as he kisses lucius’ fucking face off and ignores a chance to leave lucius standing there alone, criminally NOT having his face sucked off, in order to fall back into old patterns.

    Guys… guys.

    As hilarious as all the “how oblivious ARE you?” jokes about Stede are, I think we’re missing the big picture. This isn’t about obliviousness, it’s about trauma.

    Stede isn’t ignorant of the fact he’s in love with Ed. he’s been abused his whole life for his queerness and is having trouble conceptualizing that he’s allowed to be.

    Notice how Stede immediately has the instinct to walk back his comment of Ed being “lovely”? This is the same man who didn’t even pick up that his very obviously mutinous crew was planning a mutiny, that shit was learned behavior. He’s speaking as a little boy who was tied to a boat and stoned for picking flowers, and as someone who was told mere days ago a man falling in love with him was “defiling a beautiful thing.”

    Homophobia/ heteronormativity is alive and well in this world and Stede, being forced to live in the conservative circles he does, would’ve absolutely been painfully aware of it. The fact that he feels the need to ask a woman what it’s like to be in love with a man speaks volumes after he’s already been happily kissed by one and has roleplayed being married to him when lonely. He’s not just casually making conversation then has a eureka moment when he happens to notice the description applies to him and Ed too, he asked specifically to compare them.

    It’s him testing the waters and thinking that maybe “they” were wrong. Maybe he’s not broken or pathetic, maybe he never deserved to be treated as such. Maybe he didn’t “seduce” Edward, or “ruin” him, or “defile” him. And maybe his feelings for Ed are just as loving and romantic as Marys feelings are for her boyfriend.

    It’s such a beautiful moment when he slowly smiles, let’s out that little breath like a sigh of relief, and tells his wife of an arranged marriage with nothing less than wonder in his voice that what he’s found at sea is in fact love. Fuck, it gets me every time.

    There’s an absolutely gorgeous through line of queer liberation in Stede’s half of episode 10 after this scene. How he refers to Ed as his “newfound love”, confidently says they’ll “all be great”. He smears the blood on his face himself, breaks his own flowers, all to reach someone who sees him as perfect and beloved exactly as he is. What a fitting ending to his days of crying himself to sleep because he cannot be what everyone’s failed to beat him into.



    CW Gun violence, death/

    text message: My friend just got shot in front of me. [A screenshot of a news headline that reads: Man shot, killed at encampmentin Seattle's Chinatown-international District. Seattle police are investigating after a 31 year old man was shot and killed at an encampment in the Chinatown-International]

    My friend is a trans woman who is currently homeless. Last night she witnessed her friend being shot and killed at a homeless encampment. She had to run away to avoid being shot herself. She is completely broke, out of gas, sick and traumatized, and still homeless. She just arrived in the city, but she needs to leave again after this terrifying night. Please please help. It's pride month, and I'm tired of begging every day for a trans woman to have what little she needs to survive.

    Venm0 @ ruby_arnone - $charlotterose86



    Thank you for the notes- no donations yet. please continue to share and please donate if you have the means.


    Hello NativeNews! You guys have helped me so much and I wanted to submit this for a friend of mine. He's an Afro-Puerto Rican who made a gofund to help a Black trans woman friend of his. She's incredibly sweet and hardworking, and really needs our help. If you can, please boost this for pride month to help her out! Thank you for all that you do, niá:wen!


    Update: She is needing to move earlier for safety and needs $3,000 to accomplish this. She is at $620. Boost and donate on every platform!