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    Pride & Prejudice (2005), dir. Joe Wright


    We don’t talk enough about how part of Jane falling for Bingley is that he thinks Elizabeth is DOPE AS SHIT and openly loves hanging out with her. Cute nice boy has taken Netherfield at last? Great! Cute nice boy who would legitimately be super stoked if Elizabeth ended up being a spinster aunt who lived with them and taught their children to embroider their cushions very ill indeed as long as she kept laying down sick burns? MARRIAGE MATERIAL.

    Post-book Mr. Bingley is ALWAYS excited before parties where Elizabeth will be in attendance, because he knows she is going to make some very unexpected jokes and he will be in STITCHES and also in AWE and yay for loving and supporting at least one of your in-laws.

    Me *about to click on a BvS review*: This person is most likely Ma*vel-biased. They’ll interpret everything Znyder did as dark and dramatic and not give a thought to the beautiful cinematography and direction the movie went in. They’ll take the “Martha” scene at its most shallow and not as a representation of Bruce’s past trauma.

    Person: interprets everything Znyder did as dark and dramatic, doesn’t give a thought to the beautiful cinematography and direction, takes “Martha” scene at its most shallow, has review of a Ma*vel movie and calls it “fun” and “colorful”


    yoongi quotes

    MC: Please introduce yourself
    Yoongi: -throws glitter from pocket-
    Yoongi: I
    ’m Suga. 

    Interviewer: What will you be in 10 years?
    Yoongi: 33 years old. 

    Namjoon: -does aegyo for more meat-
    Yoongi: A downside of capitalism.

    Interviewer: Please reveal a secret about yourselves.
    Yoongi: When we take a bath we take off all our clothes.

    Yoongi: -chooses himself as victim for mafia to kill-
    BTS: lmao why would you do that
    Yoongi: I have no reason to live on

    “We actually all had abs at one point, but since its summer, the chocolate has melted.”

    [Namjoon doesn’t dry his back after showering]
    i: he says “it will dry off anyway,” then why live if you die anyway?

    “In my next life, I want to be reborn as a rock. 

    Any specialties?
    gi: breathing for 25 years straight. 

    -gives Jin a $15 Min Yoongi acrylic stand for Christmas-

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    “Tell me your favorite weird fact.”

    The Earth is covered in corpses. We breathe the air the dead exude, eat the food they nourished with their decay, pour their remains into our cars, wear them and sleep on them. And then we call them scary without even noticing that they are present in every single thing of our lives. We live because of the dead.