Wish i was a Bondage Hobblemaid
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2021-01-21 21:39:30

    This is an older picture that always captures my imagination.  One could write a whole book about what might be going on within the mind of the enclosed girl.  I would dearly love to try to write my own book about what had been going on in my own mind if I was ever so completely and totally enclosed by stiff leather.  Assuming, of course, that I was released sometime…………..


    That is Simone Devon hidden inside all that lovely leather. She did write about this experience in her blog. It seems that early on Thanksgiving Day, Bryan immobilized and isolated her like this and bound her to a post in the living room. She remained out like this for most of the day as guests came and they watch the football games and chatted and munched. Of course they all talked about her and in general it was a very frustrating and gently humiliating experience for her, one that she enjoyed thoroughly. She was eventually released in time to visit with the guests.


    Is that true?? I would love for that to happen to me this Thanksgiving! 

    Or any other day of the year now that I think about it….