Okay but get this… Imagine an AU of Twilight where Edward is a young millionaire and Bella is a new college graduate. Imagine if someone published that and it got, like, extremely popular. And then flash forward a few years later hundreds of copies of it are rotting in every used bookstore and Goodwill in America indefinitely


    Sounds like a crappy fanfic tbh. Sounds familiar though? Did someone write this?


    Don’t worry, this never happened. Nobody would ever write a CEO!Edward Cullen sex fanfic and publish it. If you thought that happened then it was just a bad dream don’t worry


    For non gamers

    War Thunder is a game where you buy tanks, planes, warships and other military vehicles and have battles. By all accounts if you like those types of games, it's one of the best ones around

    But what the game is famous for is that all the tanks in game are real military vehicles. And whether their stats in game are accurate to the real world is a hotly debated topic among players

    Which had lead to multiple instances of players leaking classified military documents on the War Thunder forums to win arguments over whether their preferred in-game tank is or is not accurate

    Of the top of my head, this had happened 6 times now, the most recent instance being within the last week, but I don't play it so there may be more I'm forgetting

    The game Devs have had to repeatedly ask their players not to commit treason over the game, and to date, they are not being listened to

    Which leads up to the post above, with 'playing war thunder' being considered a credible reason not to employ someone in the military


    Maybe that's the point?

    It's funny how Gamers always complain about women not being drafted, and yet, they do things like this to get out of it.

    How curious.


    I hate to ask, but have you ever met a military hardware nerd?

    They're not doing this as some kind of evil scheme. They're like Stamp Guys but about large masses of very lethal metal.


    it's autism winning

    as someone with a bachelor’s degree in english, i am inexpressibly tired of people telling me to get highly specific jobs that often require highly specific degrees. “just go write for a magazine!” you need a journalism degree for that. “just teach!” you need a teaching certificate, and also fuck you. “just go work at a tutoring place!” tutoring children with learning disabilities, which make up the majority of the clientele at those places, requires not only a teaching certificate but a specialized master’s degree. “just go work at a library!” you need a master’s degree in library science to be a librarian. it is actually a highly skilled and extremely competitive field. you don’t just “go work at a library,” you train for years in the vain hope that you will get one of handful of available jobs. “just go work at a library.” the nerve. the unmitigated gall. “just go work at a library.” ugh.


    Cruel choices #137: you must consume one - and only one - of the following pieces of media.

    1. Sailor Moon retold in the style of a 19th Century Russian philosophical novel.

    2. The Brothers Karamazov retold in the style of a magical girl anime.


    “Our very existence proves there is a peak,” Mars spat, the wind-swept snow no deterrent to her clad in naught but the Sailor uniform as she was. “Man need not concern itself with matters of godhood. We are gods given flesh.”

    “It is precisely because of what we are that they cannot rest.” Mercury replied. “One cannot and must not embrace egoism. If we fall, who then will they turn to? Who then will care for what mankind has wrought? Only mankind itself.”

    Then from two alleys over there came not so much a cry but a sound, a resolute plea to the skies above not for help, but for guarantee of vengeance. The earnest note struck chords within Mars and Mercury, as if it had been an answer to both of their sides; and yet, it was distinctly not.

    “Corrupting the minds of the people with false nationalism where there should be nothing but love of all man, exemplifying godhood as nothing more than superiority to others instead of preaching it as empathy and spilling my borscht… For that, I cannot forgive you! In the name of the moon, I will punish you!”


    “Scandal in Staraya: Dmitri’s Secret Plan! Grushenka is an Evil Temptress!?“ Next week: Karamazov no Kyodai: Demons, Season 1 Episode 6! Otanoshimini!


    someday, in the distant future, humans will once again be capable of hearing the phrase “what is love” without also feeling the primal urge to  respond with “baby don’t hurt me”


    So at that point, people will say “baby don’t hurt me”…no more?


    I tried to scroll past I really did


    beautiful set up, perfect follow-through. great teamwork everyone

    lawful good: I will help you, to the extent that the law permits it.
    neutral good: I will help you if I can.
    chaotic good: If the law prohibits me from helping you, I'll break it out of spite.
    lawful neutral: I will do as I please, to the extent that the law permits it.
    true neutral: I will do whatever I want, if I can.
    chaotic neutral: I will do whatever the fuck I want, and if the law prohibits it, I will break it out of spite.
    lawful evil: I will fuck you over, if the law permits it.
    neutral evil: I will fuck you over if I can.
    chaotic evil: If the law prohibits me from fucking you over, fuck the law too.


    how do you just get up and deal with the fact that there’s a last time for everything. there was a last time you sat on your dads shoulders and there was a last time your mom tucked you into bed. there’s going to be a last time you kiss your sister on the head and there’s going to be a last time you hug your best friend. there’s going to be a last time you feel exactly as you feel right now and there’s going to be a last time that person says i love you. i need to lay down


    Iain Thomas, The Light That Shines When Things End