K so I know Tumblr did away with this stuff but it's where I have the biggest following soo

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    not to sound like a boomer but I miss when teen fashion trends where uglier. Seeing 15 yr olds w “instagram face” is just too much for me. lets all just put on too much eyeliner and wear poorly matching layers again.

    Vsco girls wearing crocs and scrunchies have it right. Power to them and their overpriced water bottles. I wish them all the sksksksks

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    Update on therapy btw lol

    Therapist I got thought I was a cis man until medications got brought up and I said I was only on testosterone, then she was confused as to why I would need to take testosterone, then she didn't seem to have ever encountered a trans person before me....then in like our second session she told me I was gonna have to eventually choose only one of my romantic partners bc that's how life works so

    I guess even tho I don't need gender therapy I literally have to make sure future therapists are ok with me living my fucking life lol like I don't need advice on how to stop being polyamorous or to be called a Female like I literally just need advice on how to stop having my severe anxiety and volatile emotions run my life THANKS