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    You're not quite sure how long you've been like this. Since he tied you down, you've heard nothing, except the creaking of the bed as you've tugged on the ropes, and the sounds of your own gagged exclamations, smothered behind the tape. You don't know where he is, what his intentions are... And you jump as a hand slowly brushes the hose along your inner thigh...

    You hear the bells, the fireworks. Midnight. New Year's Eve. You've been like this a while, waiting, hoping. Your gagged murmurs are all that fill the room. Then you catch his scent, His breath in your hear. Hands slip behind your neck and unbuckle the gag, which falls away from your lips. You draw in the air and suddenly his lips are pressed furiously against yours, his tongue probing your mouth. You barely have time to drink in the kiss when your lips and his part, and he whispers "Happy New Year's" softly into your ear as the ball is shoved back into your mouth and locked back in place. His hands slide away, and then you feel the ropes at your wrists being untied from the bed posts. He pulls your arms before you, and guides you around to the side of the bed, pushing you onto it...

    Happy New Year.