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2021-05-21 17:22:51

    When life gives you lemon, look back and remember the games you once played and let them give you nostalgia. =7=)

    These are quite refreshing but my drawing skill went from ok to lazy and messy aaa-

    SEGA Sonic ▪︎ Milanor - Yggdra Union ▪︎ Lyle in Cube Sector ▪︎ Queen Mary’s Script

    There are other games I want to doodle but I’ll just leave these for now. Go check them out guys. I personally recommended LiCS because the musics are jam. =7=)b


    Your games had had such a big influence on me and my art too. I first played them all the way back in 2015, and I'm still just as excited for a new game as I was back then 🥰

    You're one of my favourite artists ever 🥰❤️❤️And I love your characters so much ❤️

    That means so much to me;;;;;;; Thank you!!!!!!!!!


    I played QMS way back when and the sequel as well . Today I was showing it to a friend whos trying to do an rpg maker game and I found you've still been working on retold and there's a demo...I'm actually tearing up in joy right now cuz I missed it so much it's really special to me still;; keep at it Maimie!

    Thank you so much;;;;;;;;;; I’m so happy!!!!!!!


    I played rmc back in middle school and sbsolutely loved it! I'm about to graduate high school now and seeing you post about the game lately really gives me strength to face the college entrance exams! Your games have been an incredibly big influence in my art and tastes, I'm very thankful to you! I wish you good luck on your future projects

    Aaaaaaaaaaaah this makes me so happy ;;; I’m so happy!! Thank you so much!!!

    And good luck with your college entrance exams!! You can do it!!

    Just wanted to say

    I'm so happy when you guys tell me you've played my games in high school and still remember them (;_;)

    The reason I’ve been able to come back and actually work to finish my game is because of messages and tweets and posts from you guys. Saying you’re waiting or you remember my game and then just..

    I don’t think you understand how much that means to me. You guys are the greatest. Both for sticking with me, remembering my games and then just taking the time to tell me. It’s the ultimate motivation.

    I’m working really hard to get QMSR released this year.

    i dont want to make money but i just want to make goods for myself lol so i designed a qmsr acrylic stand!!! 

    What do you think??

    I’d love to make all of Mary’s outfits and then the rest of the main cast.

    But also, I want to make towels, badges, stickers... All for me to just have (´;ω;`)ウゥゥ do you understand this struggle!?


    Hi, I just wanted to say that I love your games, I played Ringmaster Clause and QMS years ago and I love them, one of the phrases said on them really touch me in those times. I loved Monster love party too, all of the stories you created are amazing and full of feelings. I'm very happy to know you're still working on it. If sometimes you feel you need help with something, I'll be happy to be able to help you. And for the last, do you plan to have voice acting in this remake? If yes, I'll love to audition for someone ❤Thank you and have a nice day.

    Thank you so much!!!!!

    That makes me so happy;;;

    I’m still working out voice acting but I most likely will have something small in the games! 


    just wanted to send you some words of encouragement and support! please do not beat yourself up over a lack of productivity during a truly awful and trying year! i can’t wait for qmsr, i’m just as excited for it now as i was when you first announced it 💛🧡

    Thank you so much ;;;;;;;;;;; I promise I will release it this year!


    Hi!! I just wanted to tell you that I had discovered QMS when I was in high school and absolutely fell in LOVE with it!! Although as time passed, I think I had lost track of the creator (you!) but was very pleased to see your current work on QMSR!! Your art style has improved so much. My interest in your game has been rekindled and am so happy to remember it, so I just wanted to let you know that I'm proud of you!! Hope you're having a great day c:

    This makes me so happy ;;; 

    Knowing people played my games in different parts of their lives and are finding them again makes me glad I made them in the first place. Thank you so much!! 


    Game dev stream 『April 24th at 2pm JST!』 Come and watch!

    I’ll be working on QMSR assets and just talking about game dev things! 

    『4月24日 ・ 14時』 


     フリーゲーム『メリー女王様の脚本』を作りながらゆっくりまったり配信! よかったらみにきてください! 



    Starting in 30 minutes!!!


    Are you still working on qms retold?

    of course!

    my process is just really slow. i’m still trying to get it done by this year [hopefully within the next few months]. i’ve actually been working on trying to finish up the maps this week. playtesters have already gotten through half of the game so it’s just putting everything together now. 

    i’m more active on my twitter, so please follow me there if you want updates for qmsr! i still update tumblr from time to time but not as much as twitter.