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    hold the fuck up I just noticed there’s an apple juice emoji







    OH SHIT.


    God I wish I could have some apple juice :(


    what the shit is this????? boiled egg????? boiled egg juice???


    its orange juice clearly


    J Ü C E


    Juicebox tower of Babel


    Some people have sunny juice even


    Can we talk about how OpenMoji has people straight up drinking lemon juice from a juice box?


    Lemonade ..... youre talking about lemonade


    Everyone in this post has brain damage

    RIP Kentaro Miura

    I can’t believe it was kept in the wraps for 2 weeks… but I’m a bit flabbergasted and still processing that Kentaro Miura has passed away.

    It’s pretty easy to understate how big his influence is in art. Without him, we wouldn’t get Dark Souls and Bloodborne, and the animators and artists of Castlevania explicitly said he was in an influence in their work.

    Miura, in my opinion, had one of the greatest eyes for detail and some STRONG, STRONG, STRONGvisual imagery almost untouched by… well a lot of people really.

    He pushed the visual imagery of fantasy and horror in new and exciting ways, and it’s a test to his timeless writing that we’re still invested in Berserk for decades.

    RIP Mr. Miura.

    OK continuing this post on today’s events (1/6)

    Twitter gave Trump a fun new banner

    but then deleted 3 of his tweets and gave him a 12 hour ban. They said if he does it again he’s suspended.

    Facebook deleted Trump’s video. An internal memo was sent to employees regarding the situation.

    Rudy Giuliani, Trump’s lawyer, called for a “trial by combat” this morning.

    Trump did not call in the National Guard, Pence had to do it with Congress. Trump resisted calling them in.

    The woman shot in the Capitol has died.

    DC police chief says rioters deployed ‘chemical irritants on police’ to gain access to US Capitol.

    Pipe bombs were found at the headquarters for the DNC, RNC and grounds of the United States Capitol. They were detonated by bomb squads.

    Rioters were stealing items from the Capitol building.

    A rioter was seen with zip ties, potentially signaling he wanted to take hostages.

    Rioters seized and destroyed equipment belonging to the Associated Press. They also turned a cable into a noose.

    Police gingerly helped a member of the rioters out of the Capitol building and down its steps while holding her hand. Several videos have been posted showing police collaborating with rioters.

    A Pro-Trump march took place in Tokyo.

    Senator Tom Carper (D - DE) doesn’t believe any action should be taken against insurrectionists within the government.

    Senator Michael Burgess (R - TX) has sponsored Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ bill to crack down on protests.

    Virginia has issued a State of Emergency, along with a curfew.

    First lady’s chief of staff, former WH press secretary, and one of the longest serving Trump staffers Stephanie Grisham resigned over the protest.

    WH Deputy Press Secretary Sarah Matthews resigned.

    WH social secretary Rickie Niceta resigned.

    National security adviser Robert O'Brien, deputy national security adviser Matt Pottinger and deputy chief of staff Chris Liddell are all considering resigning.

    Trump banned Pence chief of staff Marc Short from the WH.

    Former WH Director of Communications urges Trump supporters to admit they lost.

    Newly sworn in Rep Derrick Evans (R - VW) was among those who broke into the Capitol and posted video of himself doing so.

    Former PA. state lawmaker Rick Saccone was among those who stormed the Capitol.

    Rep Mary Miller (R - IL) posted a video of herself at a rally on the Capitol where a speaker brought up a way in which “Hitler was right”.

    Only 15 or so people were arrested in DC so far. In comparison, 14,000+ arrests were made during the George Floyd protests.

    Incomplete lists of:

  • People condemning the rioters: GOP Communication Director Michael Ahrens, Acting Attorney General Jeffrey A. Rosen, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson lol, Rep Elise Stefanik (R - NY), Former WH Chief of Staff Reince Priebus
  • People who have issued statements against Trump’s behavior: Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven, Trump’s former Sec of Defense Jim Mattis, former president Barack Obama, Rep Liz Cheney (R - WY), Senator Richard Burr (R - NC), Former homeland security adviser Thomas Bossert, Sen Ben Sasse (R - NE), former President George HW Bush, Sen Ed Markey (D - MA)
  • People calling for Trump to be impeached again: Rep Carolyn Bourdeaux (D - GA), Rep David Cicilline (D - RI), Rep Ilhan Omar (D - MI), supposedly 7 reps total but I can’t find everyone
  • People calling for use of the 25th amendment: Lucy McBath (D - GA), the National Association of Manufacturers
  • Congress floor staff rescued the electoral ballots before the rioters broke into the building. Congress reconvened to finish counting the electoral votes. DC metro police are patrolling the halls. Photo.Pence spoke out against the rioters. McConnell called them an“insurrection” while condemning their behavior.

    Twitch removed the PogChamp emote after the real PogChamp guy was saying dumb shit on Twitter in support of the rioters.

    And probably more but this is so long.