Why don’t you stop pretending that you aren’t tempted to come and take what you want from me. It’s so sweet that you try to be faithful to your loving wife but she isn’t here right now, and I certainly won’t tell her about any of the nasty things you want to do with me. I know you fantasize about cheating with some dirty girl like me. We can pretend it’s all my fault as I seduced you into my panties, and that you tried so very hard to be a good faithful husband, but I turned you into a bad cheating husband who couldn’t resist the tight piece of ass that threw herself at you. The dirty little slut who prefers not to use condoms as she wants to feel your cock against her bare pussy, and needs you to fill her with your seed. So why don’t you come and show this dirty girl just how much of a bad cheating husband you really are 💋


    My girlfriend's sister sleeps over my house all the time. She is 19 and had a great body. The one day my girlfriend ran to the store leaving her sister and I alone. I had been cutting the grass when she left and soon after finished. Walking into my bedroom to change I found her sister on all fours at the edge of my bed. Her bald pussy and ass were sticking straight into the air and a stream of her wetness was dripping down. When I saw that string of wetness I coudln't resist and ate her pussy.

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  • anonymous

    Hey love your blog! I've been cheating on my girlfriend for 1 year now and I absolutely love the home wrecking cuck aspect of it and of her not knowing anything. Recently my favourite thing to do is while with another women, text my girlfriend that I love and miss her the moment im cumming into a far superior woman's pussy. I hope to one day film it and send her video because I know she won't leave and will gladly become my cuckquean. Any tips on taking things further? Should I keep cheating?

    Thanks! Well if you know that she will gladly become your cuckquean and will actually enjoy it then why not ;) Besides, judging by your post anon, it’s not like you could actually start being faithful again ;)