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2020-08-09 03:21:57

    Hi everyone!  So, you may know that I record and release about 8-12 Taboo XXX Audio Stories every month on my Patreon page.  But you might not be aware that I started recording some Short Story Erotica Audiobooks on Audible.com over the past few months. Most of them are rather explicit - I didn’t know you could say things like on an Audible audiobook! I’ve had a lot of fun with these, they are pretty much like the XXX recordings I release on my Patreon page, though definitely not as taboo.

    So I thought it would be fun to promote my Audible exploits (as well as my Patreon XXX recordings) by having a BIG GIVEAWAY!  If you’d like to receive one of my Audible recordings for free, simply reblog this post.  Everyone who reblogs on their page will be entered into the draw, and I’m going to give away 25 FREE AUDIBLE promo codes, that will allow you to download any one of my audiobooks for free from their marketplace. 

    Check out the listing of Short Story Erotica Audiobooks I’ve narrated that you’ll be able to choose from.  You’ll find D/s, BDSM, Futanari, MMF, Incest/Family Fun…. and I’m just getting started!  If you’re looking for even more extreme stories and variety, then my Patreon may be the place for you, I’ve released over 100 recordings there and counting :)

    Codes will be given out on October 15th, randomly drawn from everyone who REBLOGS this post.  So please share the love!  (And if not already implied, you should be 18+ to enter, or be on my page for that matter.)




    Just posting again in case anyone missed it the first time around… 25 FREE Audible promo codes will be given away at random to those who reblog this (“likes” don’t count). So please reblog! xo Candy


    Just one week left!! If you’d like a chance to win a FREE Audible download of any of the Audiobooks I have narrated, all you have to do is REBLOG this post :)  I’ll be giving away 25 free promo codes to random rebloggers, but the deadline is October 15th!  So please, reblog (Likes don’t count).


    Everything babygirl does is amazing. Check her stuff out folks. She will rock your world.