So This Is What They Call Love

    (Chubby!Thor x Male! Reader)


    It was over. War was over. Thanos was over. But the pain wasn’t going to end anytime soon.

    As everyone stood there and watched the arc reactor glide across the lake amongst a plethora of delicate flowers, you tried your hardest not to attract too much attention as you held Thor’s large hand in yours. The air was dense with silence and grief, and the only way you found comfort was to lean in closer to the tall god - who carefully wrapped his arm around your waist. Small tears flowed down your face before you could swipe them off with the sleeve of your jacket, Thor seemed to notice this, and planted a kiss on your (h/c) hair.

    It was like this until the reactor flowed out of sight, a few walking in different directions, a few stayed put staring at the lake as tears threatened to slip off their eyes. Thor and you stayed put for a few moments, just holding onto each other in a moment of loss and pain, the steady rise and fall of his chest helped maintain composure between the both of you.

    “I lost too much…” He said in a deep yet gentle tone. “I lost everything.” His voice hitched a bit as he continued to look out on the lake, tears were welling at the edge of his lower eyelids. You saw this, and took the opportunity to weld your body into his thick frame, feeling the weight of his stomach pushing up against your own. Thor then wrapped his large arms around you when a small sob came out, burying his face in your hair.

    “You didn’t lose me,” You said carefully, afraid to further trigger the man into doing something he’ll later regret. “You’ve taken great care of me throughout all that we’ve been through, and here we are, still alive to remember all the times we had with him… and with Natasha.” You glanced up at his red watery eyes, a warm smile donned your face as a means of comfort.

    Thor smiled weakly. “At least it was not in vain.” He said, wiping a stray tear with the back of his hand.

    “We all are hurt, but at least now we have time to fix things like they were before,” You said, rubbing small circles on his lower back. “We can learn to move on, together.” You rested your head against his broad shoulder, taking in the scent of his bourbon and oak beard shampoo.

    You two mainly stayed near the food, since Thor was still in his stress-eating phase, and you didn’t have a problem with it at all, you allowed him to eat the three servings of May Parker’s funeral macaroni and cheese, those ten cheeseburgers, those two handfuls of cookies, and downed it all with punch or beer. You, on the other hand, just stayed there close to him leaning your head against his shoulder. Apart from allowing him to mourn through eating, you’ve grown accustomed to his soft stature; using his belly as a pillow late at night, his hips growing a bit wider, as well as his ass giving a bit of a jiggle with every step he took. These were the only things that made you happy lately, and Thor didn’t seem to care too much at all.

    By the time the sun came down, a few were beginning to leave, solemnly saying their goodbyes, others just giving long hugs in silence. After you said your goodbyes, you noticed Thor, as well as the rest of the Guardians talking, but after walking over to them they all made their way back to the Milano parked just a few feet on the side of the lake. Thor turned around and smirked. “I just had a word with the StarLord, I asked if we may join him and his crew.”

    Your chest ached at the news. “Woah… okay,” You said, rocking on your heels, trying to grasp on what’s happening. Thor seemed to sense your discomfort, and pulled you in close, encasing you in him to bring yourself back.

    “I know it seems too soon, that you just got back to your home planet, but I know that I belong somewhere in the galaxy, not here where I get noticed every time I’m out.” Thor said, struggling on trying to form the correct sentence.

    You only nodded. “You’re right. But I’m still going with you, and don’t you dare think that after what happened: my parents dying, you taking me to Asgärd and nearly escaping death so many times that I would want to leave you… you’re practically all that I have left, Thor.” Tears were now falling down your face as you looked him in the eyes.

    Thor simply nodded and kissed your forehead. “I wouldn’t dream of it, you belong to me now,” He said, wrapping a thick arm around your waist before guiding you to where the rest of the Guardians were walking. “And I do have a confession to make… I love you.”

    Those three words were something you never thought you’d hear from him, the man who still had his heart set on a woman he met years ago and never saw again, the man who wanted to spare himself for her until they meet again, it almost made you feel like you were in a dream. “I love you too.” You said, wrapping your arm around his soft waist, your hand gently rubbing the lower part of his distended belly.

    • • •

    Hours had passed, but being in space never helped in telling time. You and Thor got well adjusted in your small cabin, a twin bed you both lay on, Thor had you pressed up against his bare body, your hand rubbing circles on the tanned tight belly. He had just finished eating some sandwiches he snuck from the funeral, as well as some Asgärdian ale, a thunderous burp escaped his mouth after you pressed down a little harder on the dome of his belly. “Thank you, I had trouble getting that out.” He said shortly before yawing.

    It had been a long day, and the two of you were exhausted ever since you left earth, but after getting some used to being on the Milano, and dealing with Thor and Peter’s childish bantering, you were beyond the point of exhaustion. You gave Thor a kiss, his hand on the back of your head. “So this is what they call love?.” The god asked, his eyebrow raised in curiosity.

    You let out a short chuckle before nodding. Thor smiled, relaxing back into the one pillow that was there while his hand gently guided your head down to his warm belly. You snuggled up to him as he drew the blanket over you both, the faint rise and fall of his belly as he breathed was soothing, and soon enough you both were asleep in each other’s embrace as you flew amongst the stars.

    Gainer art?

    the doxxing and harassment in this community as of late is concerning.  this is just a reminder to let yourself take a step back or take a break if you need to.  

    you don’t owe anyone content 

    you don’t owe anyone interaction with you. 

    you don’t owe strangers on the internet ANYTHING.  

    this is not meant to seem like an echo of “well if you don’t like it, leave.”  rather, I am encouraging people to take care of their mental and emotional health.  

    so, take a break if you need to.  it’s okay.  stay safe out there.  


    I’ve seen the last photo around recently, but I did some quick digging and found some good comparison pics.

    This guy looks like he’s a-donut-a-day away from truly blossoming into an overfed, plump version of himself.


    Ah yes, “bulking”


    I’m hoping that quarantine helps him get over the hill from just bulking to getting downright chunky. What a sexy beast.


    Can this man get any hotter?


    Ryan’s in a new video where he shows off his 216 lb physique. At the beginning he’s sucking in his gut trying to show off his buried abs but he quickly gives up and relaxes letting his belly hang out. All I wanna do is workout with this man, feed him and then fuck him. Is that too much to ask for?😂



    Safe and Ethical Feedism Masterpost

    Recent events in the feedism community have made me recognise the need for a database compiling all useful resources on practicing this feedism ethically and safely. So I’m making one.

    If you are new to feedism or been in the community for a long time, I demand you read this.

    Concerning Safety:

    - The wonderful @feederwithbighands has some words for you about cybersecurity

    - This guy’s fairly new, but we now have our own superhero! @feedismbatman will help you call out toxic individuals whilst remaining anonymous:

    - @feedeetips primarily offers advice about gaining weight, but they also have some great posts about staying safe in the feedist community. The two I’ve listed below are little Americacentric, and I’ll confess I find their language a little too blunt, but these are very informative and clear nonetheless, particularly if you are a female feedee model:

    - This could fall under either category, but here’s very brief and informative overview of why consent is important in ALL sexual encounters. That includes interacting with feedists online in any capacity:

    - Do you think consent makes getting sexual gratification, be it virtual or IRL, harder? Well, to be frank, you’re wrong, and Ahra Mahdawi of is here to explain why:

    Concerning morality:

    - As a website, has a lot of problems, and, as probably the first dedicated online feedist community out there, are probably in some small part for fostering the community’s toxic culture. However, their YouTube channel has this really great video on how to be an ethical feedist and not ruin people’s lives. Please watch this, especially if you’re new to feedism:

    - Is it egotistical of me to cite myself? Probably, but over 200 reblogs can’t be wrong. This post of mine absolutely blew up back in November and is still doing the rounds, and as my most popular post i guess it’s inadvertedly made me kind of an authority on ethical feedism, so check it out:

    - There are a lot of misconceptions about feedism, even within the community itself. This article by Marie Southard Ospina on helps clarify some of those misconceptions, and shows how you can be a kinder and more ethical feedist. Particularly recommend this one to feeders.

    - On similar lines, here’s Ospina again, discussing the relationship of feedism to the fat acceptance movement. A lot of fat activists hate us, in part due to some of the misconceptions Ospina listed above and in part because our community is so full of incels, but if you’re a feedist, you should be for fat acceptance.

    - If you’re into podcasts, Wood’s Weird Wellness is one I highly recommend, featuring engaging discussion of the ethics and politics of feedism with some of the kink’s most well-known creators. Really great stuff.

    - A generalised discussion on how NOT to be a feedist.

    Final Thoughts (please read)

    Please, please, please, SUGGEST RESOURCES I MAY HAVE MISSED. I’ll keep updating this post with them. In particular, it would be nice to have some useful introduction to fat politics, preferably an article: I remember m-ary had some good links for that but of course those links aren’t still active, which is partly why a post like this needs to exist. More resources on safety in feedism would also be useful, though I’d assume there aren’t too many. Finally, not to beg for likes like some dumb influencer, but for god’s sake if you’re in this community,


    The more people who read these resources the better.


    UPDATE 2/2/21: Added more resources. Thank you to @ihateschoolbutiloveglueand @feedeefans for their suggestions. Keep those suggestions coming!


    UPDATE 7/4/21: Thank you to @thaenad, @woodsgotweird and, um, my therapist, for the added resources.


    What a transformation! Found this guy on Instagram @brick_hithouse beautiful man! Let me know if he’s on tumblr and if he’s already posted these I’ll happily remove and reblog his pics 😍


    He really blew up his belly.


    THIS. This is exactly the shit that made me turn against Grommr. Say good the fuck bye to my instagram now - and thank this dickhead for it.


    This may not be seen by everyone, but I have to share my opinion on this.

    As much as these pictures are rather VERY pleasing to the eye, it sucks to see @thornypencils go after everything that happened to him - granted I don’t know the full story - after reading one of the comments he responded to, it now goes to show that having a private life is no longer private on the internet, and that should be a warning sign that not everything you post is safe. I truly hope for the best for him now and in the future and for anyone else who has been betrayed by a community you once trusted.