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    Being at his close friends house quite a bit, Lucas became a little fascinated with his friend’s, distant cousin’s huge feet. He was just 20 and visiting for awhile but Lucas could defiantly pick up on some slight dominance about him, even in a teasing way. Lucas and his friends cousin Jayden got along ok and the college sophomore would tease both of them from time to time. Lucas, trying to be as casual as he could, sat on the floor next to the ottoman and Jayden took the couch behind him. From his peripheral, Lucas saw the two, size 13’s stretch out on the ottoman, next to him. He could literally smell the jock’s giant feet from here which had a dry, medium odor to them. He guess it didn’t bother his friend but the smell of the bare feet was giving him a hardon. As Lucas gamed, he’d keep getting distracted by the shear size of the feet, and eventually made a slip up, and died. He apologized to his friend and continued watching him game until he could come back in on the next level. Without warning, he saw from the corner of his eye, Jayden lift one foot up, and rest it on his shoulder. Lucas sat there a moment then turned his face toward the foot, grabbed it by the ankle, and put it back on the ottoman. Not a minute went by that Jayden brought his foot back over to his shoulder. Lucas tilted his face away and breathed out, trying to act like he hated the smell, and pushed the foot away. Again Jayden started to bring it back and Lucas tried to dodge but ended up going backwards. He landed on his back and to his surprise, the size 13  draped over the side of the ottoman, resting on his lower chest and stomach. Lucas attempted to sit up but Jayden firmly kept him down, playfully shaking his stomach some under foot. Lucas was now semi hard and didn’t want him finding out so he adjusted himself and kept up the brief resistance of trying to raise himself up. After a few minutes, he gave in, and heard Jayden say, “Good footrest.” About 10 minutes went by when Jayden got up, asking if anyone wanted a Coke. His cousin said no and as he got up, now standing right behind Lucas’s head, he peered down at him. Lucas looked up at him, a slight grin on his lips, and saw one bare foot lift up. He watched the large foot slowly lower onto his face, its meaty skin sinking into his complexion. Lucas obscurely moved his face against the bottom, inhaling deeply, as he felt the foot lightly nudge his face.  “You wanna a Coke?,” Jayden asked.  “No,” Lucas muffled into the large foot. He brought his hand over and weakly tried to push the foot off but Jayden applied more pressure before smearing it back, resting his toes over his nostrils. Lucas’ lips pushed into the ball of his foot as he felt the toes scrunch up and down on his nose as well as slightly rub the odor in. Lucas grunted some as he took in a whiff of the dry odor, the feel and scent of this huge foot dominating his face completely blowing away his senses. After a moment, he heard Jayden tease from above,”Like the foot?” He rubbed his foot over the high schooler’s face once more before going to get his Coke. Lucas just lay there, adrenaline racing through his body, the foot odor thick in his nose.  After a minute he heard Jayden coming back and attempted to save face by resting on his elbows. 

    Again he looked up at the college jock looming over him like a giant. Before he could say anything, the giant lifted his other monster foot up, and without a word, planted it onto Lucas’ face, pushing him  down to the floor. Lucas laid there, a fresh wave of foot odor filling his nose, looking into the soft, peach colored foot cushioned onto him. He knew he should fight back, but had an overwhelming urge to lay there and let this college jock conquer him victoriously under his foot. Lucas had to play it off a little though as he grunted and moved his face to the side.  Jayden shifted his foot to the side and guided Lucas’ face back up, repositioning the center of his sole onto his nose. “Smell my foot,” he teased from above. Lucas felt his face smear against the bottom, before feeling the toes lightly press against his nose. They began doing a jerking motion, Lucas’ nose getting the brunt of the odor before Jayden started rubbing them back and forth over his nose. Lucas sniffed in, muffled an inaudlbe sound, as he heard the giant continue to tease. “Yah, get a good sniff under those toes. Sniff ‘em.” Jayden played with his face for a few more moments before sitting back down on the couch and cracking open his Coke. Lucas heard his friend say,”Hey Luke, you ready?”  Lucas, still laying on the floor, answered,”You go ahead and start it. I’ll join in a while, just feeling a little tired here.”  He heard the game start up and a little snicker escape Jayden’s mouth. He was rock hard below and shaking. He was still looking up at the ceiling when one foot dropped from the side, sliding onto his shoulder. It nudged the side of his cheek before blindly climbing up his face, and residing on top of his face. The bottom tapped his nose some before settling down. Lucas lay there, breathing the scent in, looking into the bottom of this enormous foot casually resting there like it was nothing. He'd only know Jayden a couple days but could tell his friend's cousin was totally comfortable letting this happen. Lucas just let it play out, letting the cousin’s size 13 bare foot use his face as a foot wipe/rest while he lay there being smothered by it.