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    Malcolm was an average boy on his way from school. At 15, he was 5’8” tall, pale, skinny, with messy brown hair, and weighing about 130 pounds. He was wearing a baggy black shirt and khaki shorts, and he was tired from a long day of school. As he passed the museum, he saw a commotion on the front steps. It looked like two men were struggling. Something dropped to the ground and emitted a purple ray of light, which flashed all the way across the street, hitting Malcolm. He suddenly fell to the ground, groaning as his whole body cramped. He writhed on the ground while people around him started to stare at his changes. The officer, having finished apprehending the thief, saw the kid on the ground and rushed over, cursing under his breath that someone had been caught in the crossfire. He reached Malcolm and yelled, “Kid, do you need help?” “No! Please help!” Malcolm yelled in pain as he kept writhing in the ground. “Someone call an ambulance!” The officer shouted to the crowd around him and Malcolm. A woman who wasn’t recording with her phone called an ambulance while another one who was a nurse tried to calm Malcolm down. “It hurts!” Malcolm yelled as he felt light headed. The nurse noticed that Malcolm’s body began to vibrate all over. “Uh? What’s happening?” The officer asked confused as he kneeled in front of Malcolm. “What was on that thing? His reaction doesn’t look normal.” He looked at the device that the thief tried to steal. Then he looked back at Malcolm who was tightly holding his hands. The officer noticed that Malcolm’s hands were expanding larger. His fingers were stretching out and his palms became very wide and masculine looking. “What the fu-UUH!!” The officer shouted but he suddenly stopped when he noticed that Malcolm began to grow in height. He was startled watching the boy’s body lengthening and becoming taller. Malcolm grew from 5’8” to 5’11” instantly. “Oh my god!!” The nurse shouted as she looked at Malcolm’s body. His clothes started to get very tight and she can feel he was getting extremely hot all over. “He has fever!! Hurry! I need a fold compress!!” Malcolm can’t stop groaning and writhing but he can feel his scrawny figure starting to develop rapidly. He felt his muscles expanding within his stretching clothes. His arms were growing larger. His sleeves popped open revealing nice biceps. Then, his shoes felt tighter. “Is he growing?!” The officer shouted as he looked down at Malcolm’s shoes and noticed them beginning to stretch rapidly. Suddenly Malcolm’s toes began to burst out one by one leaving half of his feet completely exposed. The people were agape watching as Malcolm wiggled his now thick toes freely from his now undersized shoes. Just then his foot expanded rapidly, ripping through what was left of his shoes. He was now standing barefoot and still growing. Malcolm rapidly stretched from 5’11” to 6’2” now. His pants were starting to barely cover the top of his ankles now. Despite the nurse had managed to put a cold compress on his forehead, Malcolm was feeling even more hot now. He felt a weird sensation happening inside his shirt. “Uuuugh!! Oooouch! I’m burning!!” Malcolm yelled as his torso suddenly exploded out of his tightening shirt revealing thick pecs, and muscular stomach to match his bulging biceps. The people were in shock as they watched little curly hairs quickly sprouting in Malcolm’s chest. Then, there was a loud rip from behind and everybody noticed that Malcolm’s butt had burst from the back of his pants as well. “The paramedics!” The nurse shouted as she watched two men coming out from an ambulance. “Move!! Give them some space to work!” The officer said while Malcolm’s thighs were bursting out of his pants because of his newly grown muscular legs. The paramedics tried to move Malcolm inside the ambulance but he was getting so big that they needed the officer’s help to do it. “What happened to him?” The paramedics asked but the officer didn’t know how to explain what he saw. Meanwhile, Malcolm’s face was already changing. “AaAAhHhh!” It was a painful sensation as Malcolm’s face matured through 20 years in less than 10 seconds. His face started to feel extremely itchy from all of the facial hair that was sprouting across his face. Then, the officer suddenly blushed ashamed when he noticed that Malcolm was clenching his underwear with his now large hands. “Um… Kid, don’t do that in public!” The officer told Malcolm who was practically moaning as his boyhood matured into a fully grown manhood. “He can’t hear you.” The nurse replied. “Quick! Close the ambulance. We need to give him some privacy!” The officer came in next to Malcolm while the paramedics closed the ambulance doors. However, some curious people were still trying to look through the small ambulance windows. Despite of the audience, Malcolm couldn’t help but rub his thickening balls and lengthening cock inside of his shrinking underwear. “Ooooooo” He moaned. 20 years of sexual build up starting to catch up to him now. His face was so red now. “Uuuugh!! It feels sooo~ UGH!” Malcolm moaned in a now very deep voice. The officer realized that he needed to help the boy’s sexual frustration somehow. So, he ripped off what was left of Malcolm’s underwear and when his huge dick was totally free Malcolm started to stroke it faster and faster. The officer just stepped back as he watched the disgusting and fascinating scene in front of him. “oh…OOOooO…UUUH!!!” Malcolm wasn’t prepared with how intense this was going to become. He stroked faster and faster until he finally came all over his huge new self. Just then, He passed out. Now, a 35 year old muscular hairy hunk laid where a scrawny 15 year old boy once stood just 5 minutes ago. “Oh, shit. Poor kid.” The officer said as he watched the cum covered man in front of him. “This is going to break the news…”

    From the Dark

    This story feels weirdly familiar, so I decided to do some changes in the wording but again, not originally from me

    I’d been standing at the sliding glass door that opened up to my sprawling backyard, that stretched down to the borderline fence that separated it from the wild, expansive pine barrens beyond.

    The night is eerily dark, it’s like as if the moon light blocked by the cloud or something. It feels very quiet too, still and sultry, though there was a pleasant breeze that took the discomfort off. It’s not that it’s totally windy or anything, heck, but it’s cold, like almost the start of the spring cold or autumnal cold, despite this already summer. But I just hate the vibe with all the doors closed so I let some of the night’s coldness into the house, to cool it down and ease me off. 

    Alex, my ex-wife’s little brother, had been out drinking with some of his buddies. The bar is rather close to my spot and tomorrow is still weekend anyway, so, despite not drinking that much, I let the kid crash into my home rather than risking it with the drive all the way back to the college vicinity where he stayed during his time helping the wrestling team . 

    Oh, by the way, when I said little….that is NOT to describe Alex’s physically. He’s barely 23, but he was built like a brick. Kid’s athletic and got the body for that, did some sports in high school and then decided to focus on wrestling in university when he went on to almost win the Nationals in his weight group. Pretty sure he was an Olympic hopeful, maybe he is still, Paris 2024? Well, I believe that he got what it takes, but probably in different weight class by that time because this boy keep on packing muscle and seems to keep growing. Anyway, despite all that, Alex was never the type to boast and show off his muscles, or strut about using that physique to own the place. Just a big softie frat jock at heart, real nice kid, very respectful too


    I stand by the door, beer in my hand, when I heard a whisper coming in with the sudden presence of breeze

    “Hey faggot.”

    I turn to look outside, but I cannot see anyone there, in the pitch black of the backyard. I shrugged it off.

    “Faaaaaaaaaaaaggggggggggooooot,”  the voice said again, slightly lower and almost whisper-like

    I can feel the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end. This is spooky

    ‘Who’s there..?’ I said, feeling my nerves rattled.

    No one there. But the dark outlines of the scrub down at the bottom of the yard, barely perceptible in the night, played tricks on my mind, as if they are shapes of people skulking about.

    “Hey hey faaaagggot. Muscle….Muscle..Muscle, makes a fuckin’ Alpha..” said the whisper again

    Shit……someone is legitimately there in my backyard. It’s the only explanation. My heart pounded with fear because I’ve never prepared for things like this

    “Who’s fuckin’ there. I…I’ll call the cops..?’ I said nervously as I tried to close all the glass doors and window connected to the backyard

    Due to the rush of trying to secure myself, I didn’t hear Alex come up behind me, and look out to the backyard over my shoulder..

    "What’s up Ozzie?”

    I shit myself, jumping up in alarm, dropping the beer bottle, that thankfully do not smash, but it literally rolls out onto the patio.

    “Woah dude, didn’t mean to scare ya.. What’s up..?”

    He stand by the open doors, his big pecs involuntarily flexing under the tight tee shirt he wears, which looked like it’s struggling for dear life not to burst open under the strain of his thick, heavy muscles.

    I composed myself.

    'Um, I think there’s someone in the backyard..?’

    Alex steps out, crane his ear to listen out, and scan the dark yard.

    “Yo dude, anyone out there..?” He called out.

    Nothing after a few minutes.

    He then turn to clap a hand on my shoulder.

    “Ozzie, take it easy, there’s no one there.”

    As he turned his back to the yard, I heard the whisper again

    “Wow,, what a fuckin’ Alpha. So hot. Gonna make real nasty thug..”

    'Who the fuck is it? This ain’t funny?’ I called out, finding some shreds of bravery in me as I know Alex is with me in this. 

    But Alex, right next to me, just looked curiously at me. He should have heard that, that’s even louder than before! He then glanced out at the yard again.

    “Ozzie, dude, chill. I hear nothing.”

    That instantly sinks me. Now I’m hella terrified, what the fuck is that? He looked at me, probably realized my fear and then sighed, which make his pecs bounce. Once again, he steps out into the yard.

    “If it makes you feel at ease, I’ll go check and kick anyone’s ass if I see them, ok?”

    With that, Alex walked out down to the gloom of the far backyard. I watched his large frame swallowed up by the darkness. But…..what if…..the person attacks him? Or what if whoever or whatever is that coming in instead as it sees me all alone and vulnerable now?

    'No….Alex….pl…..please, it’s ok. Maybe I’m just hearing things, maybe it’s all because of the booze?’ I called out feebly

    For a few minutes, nothing comes out. How far Alex go? What’s happening? Does he find something out there? I’m quite anxious looking at the pitch black darkness of my backyard so I stand up and went to pull out a flashlight from the drawer across the living room.

    When I’m about to get back to the sliding porch doors, Alex steps in with an intense breeze following his entrance and making my knees weak and my whole body shivered

    === REALITY GLITCH ===

    He’d stripped off his shirt already, and stood there in the doorway, with his huge hulking muscles tensing and flexing. There’s a different look in his eyes, it’s like…..he’s Alex but more……devious.

    I tried not to stare at the young hunks massive frame but I just can’t resist it and somehow, I feel slightly aroused seeing this jock of a man standing right in front of me posing like that

    “Oh, A…Alex, good….you—you’re back, Mas— I mean, umh….did you see anyone?” Shit, I’m hella nervous……this is so not like me, calm down will ya Oz? This is just your Master ex little brother, you’ve seen and served his body so many times, you’ve used to have your little dicklet sprung up the moment you saw him coming this

    “All I see is a fuckin’ faggot,” he sneered before throwing himself into a front abs bodybuilder pose. 

    Every muscle in his huge torso rippled and bulged. His pecs heaved, his lats bloated fiercely, his obliques and abs rippled and grinded like cobblestone bricks.

    “A dirty little faggot who better get on its knees and worship its fuckin’ God before it finds itself broken and beaten.” Alex sneered and grunted as He continued flexing and posing

    I felt a shiver of weakness, of submissiveness, but overall, fear.

    “Come on CUNT. Master Alex needs fuckin’ worshipping.”

    I feel my knees go weak, and found myself crawling over to my Master.

    Whatever that was that I heard, like a demonic or supernatural entity, it seemed to have drawn out Alex so it could change him. Corrupted Him. Corrupted me even…..


    #muscle #monstermen #bodybuilder #male #alpha


    My name is Rod. I'm twenty eight. I didn't always look like this. This is the story of how I joined The Pack.

    I moved into a small town in the middle of nowhere. It's surrounded on all sides by old growth forests. The trees are huge and tall and there's walking trails people hike along. Or at least they used to hike along them. When I arrived, I was stepping off the Greyhound bus, arriving at the bus terminal, I saw a newspaper. Third hiker goes missing in forest. Search underway.

    The forest is huge. It made sense if people got lost in it. I grabbed my two suitcases and went into town. I had already rented an apartment in town and all my things had been sent ahead so I just walked up, got my key, and went to my new home. A one bedroom loft apartment in an old firehouse.

    By the way, this is what I used to look like...

    Yeah. The person who took the photo wasn't particularly good with a camera... But that's me. Skinny as a rail.

    My first day in my apartment, I spent it looking through my boxes until I found my watch... It had been a gift from my dad before he passed away and I hadn't worn it until then. Kept it in its package. I put it on and was surprised the batteries were still good.

    Let's skip the boring parts and get to where I change. So. I had been living in town for a week and I decided to go on a hike; I kept hearing about a beautiful lake with a waterfall and wanted to see it. I heard that the light hits the waterfall spray in a way that it creates rainbows that arch over the lake.

    So grabbing some hiking gear, I set off.

    It was by no means a surprise to me when I got turned around and lost. What was a surprise was spotting the wolf. It was huge. I knew wolves were big. They weren't the size of dogs. But this wolf was massive. It was moving through the forest swiftly and gracefully and I felt compelled to follow it... And over fallen trees and around large boulders, I followed. Then it stopped. It turned to look in my direction... No not at me.

    I turn and there was a guy. He was holding a rifle. He saw the wolf. Didn't notice me.

    He was aiming at the wolf.

    I don't know what compelled me to move. Perhaps it was the wolf's eyes. They looked... Confused. Yet they looked as if they understood what was happening. It was going to die.

    He steeled the gun to his shoulder and placed his finger on the trigger.

    A shot rang out. But the bullet didn't hit the wolf.

    It hit me.

    There was silence for a moment. The wolf stood there. As if in the same amount of shock we all felt, me and the hunter. The hunter was shocked by me being there. I was shocked by the bullet wound on my side.

    My body hit the ground and the hunter raised his rifle again... But a second shot was not fired. Hell, the rifle hit the floor. The hunter? Gone. He had been hit with something. Tackled so hard and so fast that he didn't have a chance to scream.

    Gunshots should hurt. I assume. But all I felt was numbness and cold. It was washing over me. I was laying on the grass looking up at the sunlight filter through the forest canopy. And the large wolf appeared. It sat down beside me and nuzzled my face. Sniffed at me. It's sloppy wet tongue licked across my cheek.

    The wolf then took a step back. Head bowed down in deference. Something large was walking up. Something I only caught glimpses of. Tall. Broad shoulders. Covered in fur... Or was very hairy... Bright eyes... That is the thing that stuck out to me. Bright kind eyes.

    Then I felt something. It cut through the numbness. Teeth. They sank into my shoulder. Warmth. Blood. Saliva? There was a growl in my ear. And a voice in my head.

    Don't die.

    I woke up hours later... In the forest. I was lying on the grass. The wolf was gone. And when I sat up I saw the blood. The blood that stained my clothes. But no wound. No gunshot wound. No bite mark. In fact, I felt better than I did before. I felt more energetic. I pulled myself up to my feet and looked around. I could hear sounds, distant ones. I could smell things, water? There was a storm coming. Distant rumbling. I could hear the ants marching across a log fifty feet away like drumming.

    "You're alive. That's good." The voice caught me off guard. It sounded so loud in my ears. I almost jumped. I turned and there he stood.

    A tall thickly built bear of a man. Bearded and dressed like a lumberjack.


    "Oh. Yeah. I never introduced myself... The name is Cain. And I just saved your life. Sort of."

    "What? What do you mean?"

    "You'll find out in a few minutes. The change takes time to happen. It took a bit longer with you because you were practically dead. Had to fix the damage first..."

    The first wave of sensation hit me hard. It was agonizing. I wanted to scream but my voice choked in my throat. I fell to my knees then the second wave of pain. I fell onto the ground , writhing on my back.

    "Shhh shhh its fine. The pain will stop." Cain knelt down beside me. "The pain will stop... Just tough it out. It's just your body changing. Look at your hand."

    I peered over at my hand. My vision was blurring but... My fingers were stretching, elongation, my hand growing bigger.

    "W-wha-whats happening? What's happening to m- Oh God!" My eyes rolled back as agony ripped through me. My spine emitted a loud series of cracks and pops as I stretched, grew taller. My arms stretching. My shoulders widening. My legs growing. "Ohh my God!"

    My shoes were getting tighter. And tighter then they tore. My size 12 shoes tore open as my feet outgrew them.

    "Fuuuuck!" My pants had grown tight. The seam tore. My pants shredding to pieces as my body began to swell. I had been growing taller, longer. Now my body was thickening.

    "Here, kid." Cain grabbed my shirt and with no effort tore it open shredding it open down the front. As soon as he did this, I felt a wave hit me. My muscles were ballooning. My chest swelled. Pecs growing thick wide round full. Abs popping into existence.

    My biceps were growing. Swelling. Thick veins emerging, pressing against the skin.

    "What's... Happening... To me...?!" I gasped as I heard my voice drop. Halfway through the sentence my voice changed several octaves, growing deeper and deeper. "What the hell... Is that my voice?"

    "Now comes the fun part, Little Pup," Cain grabs what remains of my pants and tears them away. He exposes my thickened tree trunk thighs bulging and straining the material of my boxers.

    I felt something. Waves of... Pleasure. Not pain. It started in my extremities and spread. I cried out, a startled shout as I felt... Myself.. I was rising off the floor. No. My ass. My ass was growing. Ballooning out. Thickening. Growing larger and rounder. It caused my lower half to raise up and I saw something else growing... A massive tube stuffed in my boxers. My cock. It felt as if was flexing throbbing hardening yet it was only growing. Larger. My average four inch flaccid cock elongated and thickened as if to match my new larger body.

    Cain tore my boxers open. My cock flopped out. A massive dormant but heavy uncut beast. Eight solid inches and thick as my wrist used to be.

    "Here, kid." He moved closer. He ripped his shirt open. He grabbed my head and with ease he pulled my face into his underarm. "Sniff. Sniff, boy!"

    I took a deep whiff. His thick heavy heady musky scent invading my lungs. My body shuddered, warmth spreading through me. I moaned. I couldn't help it. He smelled so good.

    "There you go... You love that scent, don't you? The scent of an alpha... An alpha that chose you... Your body yearns for my scent... For me... To claim you... To keep you... Sniff deep."

    "Oh Oh God!" I groaned. My balls were growing. Larger. Heavier. And I felt explosions of pleasure coursing through me, from my ass, and spreading through my cock.

    "There you go. Feels good, doesn't it? Getting big? Getting strong?" He purred into my ear. "But wait... It gets better..." He grinned and sat back as the waves of pleasure slammed into me. Hard. My eyes fluttered. I saw stars. My back curved and my toes curled as my newly enlarged cock began to thicken and harden and raise itself to full massive erection. A throbbing ten inch veiny cock. Radiating testosterone and leaking so much precum it looked as if I was taking a weak dribbling piss. With each throb, my cock gushed a slick messy rope of precum across the grass. "Oh Oh Oh! Oh God. oh Fuck. Oh FUCK!" The pleasure hit a crescendo. My cock pulsed hard and the pressure building in my balls was released. The flood gates opened. One two three four thick generous (read: excessive) shots of rich spunk fired from my cock. Each eruption sent mind numbing pleasure through me. I gripped the grass, fingers digging into the dirt, gripping rocks that cracked and shattered in my palm. The messy loads splattered audibly across the ground, the grass, my stomach, my heaving chest.

    "Ooh good one!" Cain clapped. Im awe as my cock fired off another volley. Even more. Five six seven shots across my chest. The ninth managed to streak across my face and I felt the heavy splat but also felt a tingling. I felt itchy and ticklish and thick hair sprouted... A beard. It just sprouted along my newly reshaped and strong jaw and around my full lips. Another messy splatter of cum streaked across my face and I was panting and moaning. Some smeared across my tongue and into my lips.

    The flavor... It was so.. Good. I moaned. Basking in the flavor of my own thick creamy jizz but also the sensation of orgasm. The earth shattering orgasm that subsided after two more final weak shots dribbled out of the tip of my pulsing cock.

    "Felt good, huh, puppy? Take a few minutes to catch your breath... Then look at your reflection in the lake. See the new you."

    I pulled myself up to my feet. I staggered as vertigo hit me. I was taller now. So much taller... Six foot tall now... Maybe six foot nine, maybe ten. My body felt heavier or at least looked it. Broad chest, thick pecs. My heavy cock hanging low between my thighs. I stumbled over to the water.

    The first thing I noticed was my eyes.

    He stepped up beside me. Cain looked at my reflection.

    "You saved my wolf. You risked your life for it. Almost gave your life for it. I felt I had to save you in return... You're one of my kind now. You're part of my pack. You're a werewolf... And you're mine." He purred that out. "I chose you. As my mate."

    Freak For All: Barrett

    Barrett walked around the circus trying to find someone to ask for help but he was shocked at how vacant the place was. Every tent and stall he passed was ready for service. But there was no one there. He heard the sound of buzzing and he rounded a corner and saw a signed that said “Big Top Barbers” in colourful lettering. He could see the shadow of someone inside of the shop. A breeze swept through the carnival, chilling Barrett to the bone. Even thought had his letterman jacket on it was as if he was wearing nothing. The barren carnival was starting to concern Barrett and wanting to get out of the chilly night he stepped inside the shop.

    Once inside, he saw a line of three chairs along side the left hand side of the room where they faced mirrors. In the back he could see a man with a meticulously shaped moustache sharpening a razor on a leather strap. Barrett walked towards the man, letting the door shut behind him, dinging a bell for the mans attention. He wore white clothes but a red stripped apron. “Come take a seat boy. I can trim you in no time at all!”

    Barrett wasn’t interested. “I don’t need a trim. Or a shave. I just need help with a bus”. The man looked at him and frowned. He went back to sharpening the Razor. “My dear boy, everyone could use a touch up. I’m actually offended as I’m a world class barber!” He motioned towards a wall that was lined with trophies and awards. He looked back at Barrett and turned a chair to him. “Tell you what, sit down for a trim and I’ll make sure you get help for that...” The man trailed off and Barrett finished the sentence by saying, “Bus?” He walked toward the man, weary of what was going on. He didn’t have a good feeling about this. His ankles started itching as if being bitten by something in the shop. He itched his ankle with his other foot and decided to take a seat.

    As Barrett sat down in the chair he felt like a little kid again. “Everybody can use a trim,” the man said as he chuckled, flashing his yellow teeth at Barrett. The man started to work, trimming his hair. Really making him look sharp and well groomed. Barrett was mesmerized as he saw the man go to work. When he was done he looked fantastic! “Wow this is great man!” Barrett said smiling. “Why thank you I told you I’m a world class star.... now if only would let me get those pesky hairs there!“ The man said pointing to the nape of Barrett’s collar where the shirt was covering his back.

    “What are you talking about? There is shouldn’t be anything there!” The man just chucked and said, “well if that’s the case you won’t mind of I...” before finishing his sentence, he reached forward and snatched the hair that was showing. Barrett yelped with pain and immediately turned around, looking at the man who was holding three long black hairs in his hand. “You’re quite furry aren’t you?”

    Barrett was embarrassed. He thought he’d shaved those? Barrett was quite a hairy man but you couldn’t tell he made sure to shave every day. He didn’t want to be what his genetics were determine to make him. He even had an appointment the following week to get laser treatment. The man just laughed at him, “You’ve even got some there...” He said pointing to the small tuft of exposed chest hair at his collar. Barrett jumped up and looked in the mirror. “No no no! I need a razor!” To which the man happily provided to him.

    Barrett took the razor and the man took a few steps back and sat in the neighbouring chair. Barrett took his jacket and shirt off. There wasn’t much there. But you could see the small tuft of hairs on his otherwise clean shaven chest. If he didn’t shave every day, this man would have a bit of hair on him. Barrett used some of the shaving cream on the counter and with a brush, began to brush it across his tight muscular torso. When he was done he began to shave. It wasn’t long before Barrett was done and looking to the man and asking for help. “I need help with my back.” The man laughed at him and Barrett begged, “Please don’t! It’s bad enough I’m doing this in front of you but I need help! Please!”

    Before the man put the cream onto his hands to rub on Barrett’s back, he put on black latex gloves. “Come on man, whyre you putting in gloves?” Barrett asked growing impatient. “Oh I don’t want it on my skin my dear boy. It can make you a bit... itchy!” He said as he started lathering the shaving cream on Barrett’s back. As the man started shaving off the few small bristly hairs, Barrett felt and itching starts to creep up his back. Oh god it felt so bad. He went to scratch and had his hand swatted away. The man was taking his time, shaving very slowly making the itching worse for Barrett, it got to the point his eyes started watering. Then his chest started itching again. He looked down and where it was only just clean shaven, small bits of stubble were growing out. It looked like he’d left it for a day. The itch got to the point where it was unbearable and he broke away from the man. He scratched and scratched but he couldn’t reach no matter what position he tried. That’s when he saw that where the man had just shaven, hair was starting to grow again, just like it had on his chest.

    “Give me that razor, there’s something not right! It has to be dull!” Barrett swiped the razor form the mans hands and placed it to his finer. It was very sharp. It drew blood. He didn’t have long to register this when the itching got the best of him. He was scratching the best he could. His legs were itching like crazy now and he was soon taking off his pants. “I need more cream! That dull razor is making me itch!”

    He looked down and his legs were looking slightly hairier than usual. He normally didn’t bother shaving them but the hair was definitely looking denser. Barrett started lathering himself in the shaving cream and every surface it touched made the itching increase. As soon as he shaved an area he was horrified to see the hair starting to grow back almost instantly. He was so horrified at the hair on his body that he didn’t even notice the hair growing on the backs of his hands! When there was no more cream, Barrett thought he had defeated the hair. He couldn’t see any across his tanned skin but he was covered in razor bumps now. In the mirror he looked on in shock as hair started to cover his whole body. He now sported a thick beard which connected with the now shaggier hair on his head. His beard crept up close to his eyes and his brow looked overgrown and started meeting in the middle. Then he looked down at his feet, there was hair. He didn’t even think to shave there!! He had never had hair there before!! That’s when he saw a black dot jumping. And it was more than just one. And then he saw right before his eyes, hair growing across his legs. Across his torso. Across everything! It mangled in the rest of the growing hair that was covered in the black jumping dots. They were fleas!

    The man stood up and walked towards Barrett. Barrett was dumb struck. What was going on? As the man came to his side all Barrett could hear was, “Well my little fluff ball. You really are quite fuzzy aren’t you!” As he felt a hand petting his back like he was an animal. Barrett turned to the man only to see a spiral and he was consumed instantly in the circular pattern. His mouth fell open and all thought was lost as drool started to fall onto his hairy chest. The only thing that entered his mind was the voice of the man who was telling him. “Now Barrett my boy, we both know a man has hair on his chest but this is another lever! Can you even see your nipples under that fur?” Barrett’s hair continued to grow, getting thicker by the second as it covered his nipples. His nipples were now covered completely. “Speaking of fur, can you even see any skin under that rug of hair on your body? Have you ever been able to catch a tan?” Hair began to grow so thick. Covering every inch of skin as Barrett seemed to be devolving right before his eyes. Covering him in a black pelt of hair. “No matter how much you shave it’ll always grow back. You got fed up of breaking and buying new razors. So you haven’t shaved in years have you?” The memory of learning to shave in the mirror with his dad was quickly erased from Barrett’s memory. As well as shaving every day before he left the house. He didn’t even know how to hold a razor, never mind use one! “And those fleas, you know what carries fleas my boy? Animals!” As that mention of animal Barrett lower jaw shifted forward. His brow bone thickened and Lowerrd and some fangs formed on his lower lip. His feet grew in size until they were size 13s and covered in hair as his hands got longer. His spine curved slightly so he could always be hunched. Hair was always going to be the first thing you saw on Barrett. And now with his further adjustments he would be seen as an animal. Barrett went to speak but all that came out was an ook! Ook! He tried to speak but his vocal cords seemed to be stuck in a primitive state. He was so angry! “Now an animal doesn’t have a name like Barrett. That would be silly. You look more like a monkey than a man. No, your name will be Beans! Perfect for a dumb hairy monkey like you!” Barrett, no, Beans could no longer remember his name. He tried to think hard crunching up his face into a dumb look. But no matter how hard he tried, Beans was the only name he recognised.

    “Here catch this banana, if you look like a monkey you might as well eat like one, that hair above your ass is so thick it might as well be a tail! Ahahah...” Instantly the hair grew long and thick at the bar of his spine forming a hair tail. Hair behind his ears grew out further and pressed them forward, making them stick out. The bannana that was thrown at him he caught with his foot that had morphed even further in monkey paws. “Now then Beans, we have to get ready for your show. Poor dumb monkey, do you even understand what I’m saying?” Beans just looked at him like the dumb animal he now was. He squatted and clinched onto the leg of the man, not wanting to let go of the one familiar face he now knew.

    The man slowed his speech and said loudly and slowly, “OKAY BEANS, LET THE NICE MEN HELP YOU PUT ON YOUR NEW OUTFIT, AND LETS TAKE AWAY THAT SILLY JACKET. ANIMALS DON’T PLAY SPORTS DUMB DUMB!” The man motions for the carnies to come in and take Beans away as he’s nothing but a helpless hairy animal now. Ooking the whole time. Beans was presented with a fez hat that was place onto his head. Beans began to play with the golden tassel mindlessly. The man gave Beans one last look as the carnies striped the remaining clothes off Beans. He smiled as his yellow teeth grinned under his moustache, watching Beans scratching his armpits like a dumb monkey, picking out fleas and putting them in his mouth. The carnies took his hairy hand and started leading him out the back of the shop, Beans started dancing to the carnival music like a dumb animal. After all, every carnival needs a dancing monkey.

    This series is a collaboration with the incredibly talented @jock-man-spence-redux


    I held the body swap spell in my hands, just deciding whether or not to recite it. I knew I wanted Matt’s stud body and the popularity it came with. Girls were always ‘oogling over him at football games so I couldn’t imagine how much action he gets on a regular basis.

    Now, Matt wouldn’t be caught dead talking to a science major like me. Actually, he made it a point to push me around whenever he could. My revenge would be had… I read the spell.

    ⚡ ⚡ ⚡ ⚡

    Woah, shit! I just remember reading that spell and now I’m sitting on a floor… is this Matt’s floor? Fuck! It worked! Was he just in the middle of flexing when I read the thing? Haha!!

    Let’s checkout this room! My room! Fuck, it does kinda smell like, me? Shit, ugh I’m not cleaning this shit up. Let’s see, what else is mine now… Washington Capitals, nice. I should put it on. 

    Ahh, let’s see how comfy the bed is… fuck it’s messy though. Ugh, I don’t care, I guess it’s fine… …Wtf is that a cumstain? Holy shit there’s dry cum spots all over these sheets. It’s like a hormone-crazed animal who’s always thinking about sexy titties and tight pussies on some hot babes, mmm…

    …Wait, No! I don’t do this. I’m not gunna be like this. Think man, think. Keep it together bro. I got this! 

    Dude this room is kinda sick tho, really. This swap is the best thing, foreal. I can use this body for good.

    Fuckin’ itch… gotta scratch it… shit this dick, how big is it? 

    Holy fuck I’m hung! Dude, and I’m hard… Fuck. What do I do? It’s so comfy in this bed… wish I had a pair of tits to facefuck. Some big ones, mmm. So… sensitive… fuck… I need to stop.  It’s just tits… fuck… oh god… no… what’s happening…

    Fuck not yet! They’re so bouncy… soft… no! no!! Stop! 

    I just busted all over myself what the fuck I didn’t even look at any porn, wtf just happened. Ugh, no way. I can’t cum that fast again, what the fuck. It’s all over my sheets, idiot! Tomorrow I’m cleaning this up.

    * * *

    New day new babes! Let’s score some action. Fuckin right, iPhone X! I knew this would be awesome! Let’s see… Here’s some hot pussy, easy score! 

    …Messaged me back in seconds haha!

    …WTF… Who does this bitch think she is? 

    >> “Haha Minute Matt are you ready to try again? You didn’t last before and you won’t last this time either. Get a life loser!” <<

    That’s it… I’m finding my old body and shoving it into a locker until I get this shit undone. Fuck dude I’m horny again. Shit shit shit…

    Are You Sure?

    The best part about my boy is the part of him that peeks out, whatever I change him into. He’s always just so eager to play, to learn the rules of whatever role I’ve just shifted him into.

    It’s almost a challenge for me at this point, to see if there’s some kind of guy that I can turn him into, where I would actually have a hard time finding him within.

    I was astonished how much he just went with it when I first changed him.

    “How would you describe yourself, Matt?” I asked him, lying in bed as he poked through out closet, picking out a shirt.

    “Um…” he said, not really turning. “To who?”

    “What kind of vibe do you give off, if someone were to see you on the street,” I said, staring at his back.

    He gave a light laugh and slight shrug.

    “I dunno, probably your average Brooklyn hipster, early 30’s, tall, skinny, boy next door in flannel,” he said.

    “Are you sure?” I said, and he stopped. “Are you sure they wouldn’t see you as some scruffy jock on his way to the gym?”

    And suddenly, he stood all the way up, his arms swelling, his floofy hair shrinking down into a buzzcut. A short beard crept along his face as his chest broadened, stretching out a Nike tee across his meaty pecs. He shrank down a few inches, his loss of height offset by his sudden broadness.

    He turned to me. I froze, waiting to see his reaction.

    And then, without missing a beat, he popped his arms behind his head and flashed me a grin.

    “I can’t help it if people stare at my guns,” he said in his now lower voice, flexing his biceps, and taking a step toward me. He looked down at himself, and then back at me.

    “Like what you see, babe?” he said.

    I did.

    He took a step closer.

    “Want a whiff of these pits before I hit the gym then?”

    I did.

    I kept him as a jockboy for a week. And then, one morning, as he was pulling out a pair of gym shorts, I asked him, “How would you describe yourself?”

    He gave a low, gruff chuckle.

    “Probably some dumb, scruffy jock,” he said.

    “Are you sure?” I asked, and he froze. “Are you sure people wouldn’t see you as some just turned 19, smooth faced skater boy?”

    He looked at me the whole time he shrank, as his frame got leaner and leaner. Years melted off him as his beard and body hair disappeared, and a golden glow ran over his face and skinnier body. His lips got puffier, his eyes softer. I caught a glimpse of his slightly longer, spiky hair as a blue skater cap appeared on his head. The former gym rat, now 5'7’’, maybe 130 pound skater seemed less cocky, more boyish.

    “I mean, the skateboard kinda gives it away,” he laughed, light and bubbly, still not breaking eye contact.

    I stood up. He came up to my chest now. I wrapped my arms around his now lithe frame and kissed him. He melted into my embrace, leaning into my grip.

    Our kiss finally broke and I looked down at him. And there he was, eyes alight. My same boy.

    And so it went, for weeks. We would never talk about the change. I never asked him if he liked being one man over another. He had the same eager grin, no matter the man, no matter the role. An older dom daddy: my boy. A twinky porn star go-go dancer: my boy. A chubby chain smoking bear: my boy. A clean cut sailor on leave: my boy.

    It’s Friday night. He’s about to cook us dinner when I call out,

    “How do you think people see you?”

    “I’m sure the glasses and patched elbows on my blazer give away that I’m some kind of academic,” he says, gently.

    “Are you sure?” I grin. “Are you sure you’re not a kinky, gear addict slut?”

    He adjusts the harness as it wraps around his chest and stares at me, on the bed.

    “Dinner can wait, boy,” he growls.

    And as he steps toward me, massive dildo in hand, I see it flash in his face.

    My boy. I’m sure of it.


    At first you just go into tractor supply because you hear they have a discount on something you need. Being around all the farm supplies and rednecks makes you uncomfortable. But soon after you are back again. And again. Until you are going for fun. To hang out. Buying clothes there. Finding friends there. Until you look like this and work on a farm lifting hay and feeding cows. It’s a great life


    Connor wanted to get a tan during his fall vacation. However, he was surprised when he found himself standing on a rooftop in Pakistan. This was a big change from his former life as a blonde college twink from the northeast. He was now twenty years older and in the body of a brown otter named Abdul. As he felt up his new muscles, inhaled his thick musk, and stroked his new hairy chest, the new Abdul felt his shorts get tight. Just then he heard a shrill voice from downstairs shout at him, “عبدل ، کام پر واپس آجاؤ!” The old woman was calling him to get back to work at the market downstairs. “میں آ رہا ہوں!”, he shouted back, surprised at his new deep voice. Abdul would have to his explore his new body later. His fall vacation was over, but he definitely loved his new tan!

    Family Man

    Scott sat sprawled out in the recliner he kept in his office while he and his coworker Bill had lunch together. A friendly conversation occurs between the two when Scott’s cell phone starts going off. After several rings the call is left unanswered, going directly to voicemail as a pop up message displaying “Missed Call from Stacey” appeared on the screen.

    You’re not going to get that?” Bill asked.

    Nah. I just know she’s gonna start bitching at me again.” Scott replied. “We got into it again last night.”

    She’ll still going on about that?”

    The woman won’t drop it!” Scott said exacerbated. “Every time I come home she brings it up. She makes it seem like I purposely try to avoid them. That I don’t want to spend time with my own wife and kids.”

    That’s harsh.” Bill said, taking a bite out of his sandwich afterwards.

    Yeah. I now do my workout before work instead of after. I wake up a whole 90 minutes earlier than I used to just to be home by 6 and I think she still doesn’t appreciate it.”

    Well to be honest, you don’t have to take on all those extra projects. Do you really need all that extra overtime?” Bill attempts to play devil’s advocate. “Your project pile is starting to look a bit excessive.”

    Bill turns over to look at Scott’s desk which is overflowing with folders upon folders of work projects.

    Dude, what the fuck. You’re supposed to be on my side.”

    Sorry, man. Just trying to give you some perspective. Maybe try to lighten your load.” Bill advices. “Then maybe you wouldn’t have to jump through all these hoops just to keep Stacey happy.”

    The thing you don’t get is that all that-” Scott points towards his desk. “That’s our only source of income. Stacey doesn’t work, so the mortgage, our credit card bills, insurance, all that needs to be paid somehow.”

    Both Scott and Bill turn silent for a moment as they begin packing up the lunch they had been eating.

    Trust me, if I could find a way to become “Mr. Stay-at-home Dad”, I would.”

    I feel ya.” Bill tries to reassure him. “Well, I gotta get going. Thanks again for lunch.”

    Don’t mention it.” Scott waves as Bill steps out, leaving him alone in his spacious office.

    As soon as the door completely shuts, a queasy feeling starts to manifest itself within Scott. Thinking it’s just a bad reaction to the food, Scott attempts to walk it off. The feeling subdues for a moment, before eventually coming back more intense than before. Scott immediately doubles over, clutching his sides as he lays on the floor. Suddenly, the dress shirt and pants he had been wearing suddenly disappear, fading out of existence and leaving Scott only in his underwear as he continues to writhe on the floor.

    While in this state, Scott’s body begins to undergo a series of changes. The bones in his limbs become more compact, resulting in him losing several inches in height, going from a desirable 6’3 to a rather average 5’9. He also begins losing definition from his well-toned body as years of work and dedication are undone in just a matter of seconds. It’s not too long though until layers of fat begin to build on top of parts of his body, giving Scott a more burly appearance.

    The more notable changes occur to his torso. His toned pectorals begin to sag somewhat as a light layer of fat accumulates on top. His gut extends forward as well, giving Scott a bit of a belly and covering up his rippled abs and obliques. To further complete his dad bod transformation, a mixture of brown and grey hairs begin to grow all over his mid-section and along his chest. The dense hair growth ends up almost covering his chest and stomach.

    Scott’s face finally begins to change as well to better complement his new body. It becomes fuller as his narrow face broadens. His neck thickens while his jawline becomes obscured by a little extra mass, his cleft chin disappearing in the process. The short hair he sported lengthens, becoming wavy as it flows backwards while also turning a little darker in coloration with a few white hairs scattered here and there. And lastly, his short stubble recedes back into his skin, except for the hair lining his upper lip. Instead, the hairs become thicker as they form a nice mustache.

    Now in a completely new body, Scott reorients himself as he gets off the floor. Unbeknownst to him, his surroundings had changed during his transformation as he now found himself inside his own home. It was a familiar sight but something felt off. It was then when Scott finally realized what had happened. Catching his reflection in one of the mirrors, he sees a hefty middle=aged man staring back at him. He observes himself, rubbing his hands along his extended gut, running his fingers through his wavy hair, and touching his mustache. Scott was seconds away from a full meltdown before he hears someone call out to him.

    Daddy!” A small boy runs towards him. “You were supposed to hide!”

    Does that mean I win?” Another small boy emerges from behind the curtains.

    The sound of the two children suddenly triggers something within Scott. His past memories of his professional life, including the long shifts at work, coming home late, and constant bickering with his wife are replaced with fonder ones. Scott now only remembers the days spent at home with his children. Since the day they were born he’s always been by their side.

    Yes it does.” Scott says. “Looks like we have our hide and seek champion!” Scott runs to his children, picking them both up as they giggle joyously. Life for Scott has definitely gotten better since he quit his job to become a stay at home dad all those years ago.

    Ultimate Goodboy

    I thought I’d get a week to myself with my parent’s on vacation, but my mom put the kibosh on that pretty quickly as I took my time getting dressed. “Look at you Hunter, it’s eleven in the morning and you’re still not dressed,” she chatized me as I mulled around my room in my underwear. Hearing her tell me, “this is why we have to get you a sitter,” stopped me dead in my tracks.

    “You’re kidding me right? I’m twenty! I don’t need a babysitter,” I rebutted still in shock that they would even have the gall to call a sitter for me. I surely didn’t need one anymore.

    “The party you threw last time made me think differently,” she replied tossing a shirt at me. “Plus, he’s not a babysitter. Now get dressed.”

    A he? I was confused, they got me a male sitter, wait did she say it wasn’t a babysitter? “What kind of sitter is he then?” Before she could explain the doorbell rang.

    “Oh good, he’s here. Now get dressed!” She grabbed her bag in the hall and went downstairs. I decided to teach her, sure I’d get dressed. I’d wear hardly anything to greet this guy. Make him as uncomfortable as possible. I opted to come down in just my briefs making sure to wear the tightest pair I possibly could. My mom’s shock was beautiful as the guy turned to look at me.

    “I’m so sorry,” she started off, but he put his finger up.

    “Don’t worry, I can handle this.” The way he said that shocked me. Handle it? Dude I’m standing in front of you in my underwear how are you going to handle this?

    “Are you sure?” She asked and he nodded.

    “Hunter,” he said in a stern voice. “Get upstairs and change now.” I felt a chill run down my spine.

    “What if I don’t want to?” My inner five year old was coming out as I stuck my tongue out at him.

    “I can make you change,” he said in a commanding tone. The chill turned into a shiver. My legs were starting to shake. “Now go Hunter! Get to your room and change!” The way his voice sounded, I couldn’t help it. I immediately turn and ran back up the stairs to my room and shut the door. I could hear them talking downstairs as I felt warm from embarrassment.

    In my room I kept circling around walking back and forth. My body felt hot and was getting itchy. “Why did I listen to him? Why can’t I just go back downstairs?” I mulled walking back and forth, a strange whimpering coming from my mouth. After a few minutes of back and forth my legs were getting tired. They felt tender and sore. Instead of sitting on my bed, I paused and dropped to my hands and knees finding relief to the aching I’d started feeling.

    “Hunter?” the man knocked slowly opening my door. He stopped and smiled. Why was he smiling at me like that? “How are you feeling buddy?” Why is he talking to me like that? “Notice any differences?” He asked pointing toward the wall length mirror in my room. It felt weird what he was saying, but I looked into the mirror. My heart immediately sunk, my hair standing on end as I stared at myself in the mirror. My body still looked human, albeit for the pelt of brown fur covering my arms, chest and back. Both my toes and fingers were stubby, the nails black. My nose was pushing out and my ears were long and floppy. Worse yet, my cock was missing, covered by a furry sheath.

    Immediately, I turned and growled at the man as he approached. “Now Hunter, you don’t want to be labeled aggressive do you?” He stuck out his hand to greet me. Strangely there was no fighting the instinct that took hold making me sniff it. His fingers rubbed under my chin coaxing my face to grow longer as a long pink tongue rolled out of my mouth. It was both heaven on earth and the most terrifying thing ever. “Now Hunter, your mom and dad are paying me to watch you for the week, but the thing is. I only watch good boys.” His hand reach under and grabbed hold of my furry balls and squeezed, with a pop they came off, he held them in his hand. “Don’t want you to accidentally mate,” he explained as he placed them on my desk out of reach.

    Watching him detach part of my manhood had me whimpering. “You’ll get them back boy, but all the pups I watch are spayed or neutered. Reduces the risk, plus you’re far more trainable without them.” He chuckled pulling my underwear off and slipping out a bandana and collar. “Time to put these on.” Even though I fought him on it, he somehow slipped both on me. When I looked in the mirror again there was no denying the fact that my twenty-year-old self was now a young pup.

    “Everything okay up there?” I heard my mom call. My tail started to wag, mom could fix this. She’d tell this psycho to undo it. Thinking quickly I bolted between his legs and rushed to her. She was surprised to see me as I jumped up on her barking hysterically.

    My sitter came and pulled on my collar. “Don’t worry, when you return he’ll be well behaved and much easier to handle.” Mom looked uncertain, but nodded grabbing her purse.

    She kept looking at me as she walked to the door. “Mom! Don’t leave me like this?” I barked. My barks turned to howls when she opened the door and walked through it shutting it. The sitter holding me back by my collar. “Where is she going? I can’t smell her anymore! MOM!”

    The sitter started to pet and brush my fur, rubbing around my head to relax me. The thought of being stuck with this man terrified me. Even if I did escape him, where was I going to go? I didn’t look human anymore. “Hey there buddy! I’m going to be pet sitting you while your folks are gone for a while. Don’t worry, you’ll have lots of fun. I brought balls to chase, and we’ll go on lots of walkies. Wait did he say walkies? I love walkies! Oh god I’m starting to think like a mutt. Need to focus can’t just let this guy, oh that feels good. He was stroking my fur again.

    “Come on Hunter, lets feed you. Changing always makes people hungry.” On cue my stomach rumbled making me whimper. Keeping a little bit of distance I reluctantly followed him into the kitchen. I went for the table, but he stopped me. “Nope, Hunter good boys eat from their bowls.” He then placed a bowl in front of me with kibble. I’m not sure which disgusted me more. The fact that he expected me to eat dog food or the fact that it smelled so good. He sat at the table watching me just stare at the food. “Go on, eat it.” There was nothing that was going to make me eat that. He picked up a few bites from the bowl. “Hey Hunter.” My attention went to him. “Catch!” The instincts took back over as I watch him toss the food up in the air. Unable to stop myself, my mouth immediately opened and the savory piece of kibble landed on my tongue. The sweet, salty taste of beef hit my taste buds. It was a beautiful tasting paradise as he tossed me more. Each time it tasted better and better. He then dropped the last piece in the bowl. There was no denying, I had to have it. I dove and started to eat. The meaty bites had become my favorite. The sweet taste of beef and lamb and rice made my mouth water as I ate. It wasn’t until I was licking the bowl clean did I suddenly realize how easily he’d tricked me.

    I had to get the taste out of my mouth immediately. I searched for water but couldn’t see any readily available. It became my focus, I had to get the taste out. Searching the house, I found a water source. A big bowl held it. I wasn’t a fan of walking on the tile to get it, my nails clicked as I approached the big bowl. The water was refreshing though, except my sitter scolded me for drinking from the toilet. I was disgusted with myself but couldn’t help shake the feeling that it was okay with what I’d just done. He let me mope around the house for most of the morning and early afternoon. I laid upstairs in the hall in front of my room, now unable to get in because he’d shut my door.

    I was still laying in front of it pouting when something rolling by caught my attention. A green blur zipped down the hall, hit the wall and rolled back. My sniffer could distinctly smell the new rubber as I got up to check it out. A strange excitement was building up in me as another ball zoomed by, this time I tried to paw at it to get it to stop. Then another rolled at me, thinking fast I scooped it up with my mouth. Feeling proud, I wagged my tail in happiness as how cunning I’d been. The sitter whistled, making me look up at him as he snapped a picture. “Your folks are going to love that one.” His smile was infectious as a deep desire to make him happy leaked into my mind.

    A week later Hunter’s parents arrived home to be greeted at the door. “Hunter sit.” They were genuinely impressed as his behind immediately went to the floor as he panted happily. Deeply impressed they asked if he knew any other commands. Hunter performed each command perfectly displaying his new training very well. “Now the ultimate decision,” Hunter heard the sitter say. “I can change him back with this training or if you’d like you can be his fur parents. It’s your decision either way.” Hunter waited eagerly to return to being human, it’d been the only reason he’d obeyed his sitter so much because he thought in the end he’d get to go back being a twenty year old. He was surprised that his parents opted to become fur parents instead. He would’ve barked out in protest, but the sitter reached down and pressed a button on the clasp of his collar. The memories of being human vanished from his mind, making him the ultimate good boy. As the babysitter left he checked his pocket feeling the stones he’d recently taken from the boy. “Guess he won’t be needing these now.”

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    I may have the smarts, but I certainly lack the brawn. Everyone chose me to be their class partner, but no one wanted me when it came time to dating. It was lonely, and I couldn’t endure it anymore. I didn’t have time to bulk up with this being my senior year of college, but I could use my smarts to find a solution to my problem. In the comfort of my apartment, I put on my favorite show and sat at my computer scouring the dark web for a real solution.

    Each webpage seemed fake or was too costly. My hope was dwindling; I was ready to shut down my computer for the night. Just as my finger was sliding across the board to turn it off, an ad popped up for beta testing for an app called chronovac. Inside the link were instructions on downloading. I had no intentions of downloading it, but as I sat reading the details I heard my phone ding. The screen on my phone lit up showing a new app sitting in the lower right corner, a big C that seemed to be changing fonts every three seconds was sitting there begging me to open it. “That’s not possible.” I hadn’t even thought to download it and here it was sitting waiting for me to try it.

    Curiosity kills the cat they say, I thought as I debated opening it. “What if it’s a virus?” I asked myself. The C was changing colors now, I had to see what was inside this thing. A quick tap and my screen got bright. 1’s and 0’s started cycling across the screen filling it up. “Dammit it’s a virus,” I cursed out loud feeling stupid for being so naïve. My phone wouldn’t turn off, it was stuck cycling the 1’s and 0’s. When I was about to just chuck it across the room it stopped. The screen brightened up, my camera took a picture and then it uploaded a naked photo of me.

    “Oh no.” I was fully clothed, so I had no idea how it took that photo, but this thing was starting to show my stats. Penis size, waist, chest, species, I.Q. “What the hell is this?” My finger slipped over species and it brought up a long click wheel of options. I selected the back button and clicked on penis size. It showed my average 5 inches with it showing what my cock looked erect. There was a drag line and I clicked on it pulling it to the right watching as the size increased from 5 to 6, I pushed it all the way to end and it said infinite. That didn’t sound good so I scaled it back to a fair 10 inches. “Double the length,” I chuckled. A button popped up offering me duration and if I wanted to execute. With a press it started counting down from 10. I expected it to just do an animation of my cock growing, however, the head on my cock started tingling. The tingling spreading down the shaft as I felt my appendage pushing against the fabric of my khakis.

    As I pushed them down I was greeted with an amazing sight, my enlarged and growing penis was reaching the dimensions specified in this app. The feeling of wrapping my hand around my newly enlarged cock left me moaning in pleasure. A few gentle tugs and I was already wanting to burst. It was the answer to my problem, now to figure out the best design for me. For the next hour I toyed with different ways to make myself look, but could never find a good enough looking combination. The phone intervened after I scrapped another design, offering me the option of stereotypes.

    The options were exhausting as I scrolled through. The more notable ones were surfer, himbo, movie star, but then I saw the words I wanted, jock. The picture of me morphed into a tremendous looking stud with an increased sex drive. It was the ideal me. I didn’t need to look at anything else, it was perfect. “Execute,” I said pushing hard on the button. The timer display popped up again counting down from 2 minutes.

    With my shirt off I took a moment to stare at my undefined stomach, flat chest and little arms. “This is going to be good,” I reassured myself as the first sign began to show. It started with my stomach grumbling, and then the skin began to bubble and bulge. It was like something inside me was trying to get out. Little pockets of muscle began to show, giving me the opportunity to run my hand over these little loafs that had appeared. The ability to feel my real abs was unimaginable. The pulsating and bulging of my skin worked its way up to my chest. My flat chest was blowing up, taking a hand full I felt them expand in my small hands. I’d never felt better was I got turned on my touching my body. “Yes!” It was glorious as it reached my shoulders, the muscle pumping up underneath. A soreness was setting in from having my muscles worked, but I didn’t care. It only made me happier as the veins in my arm became more prominent, muscle filling in around them as the girth of my forearms exploded.

    The change wasn’t only defined to my body, my khaki pants were involved too, the fabric changing to soft cotton while the color turned an olive green. My clothes were adapting to my new bigger body as the waist size expanded along too. The pain my in legs were a bitch as the muscle expanded, the pulsating of my skin as the muscle took over underneath. The power and strength were growing inside me, each time something grew I knew it was only enhancing my abilities. As it reached my neck, I purposefully flexed to watch it grow.

    The little bit of baby fat I’d carried after puberty was erased as my jaw tightened up, my thing lips filling in becoming fuller, my cheek bokes getting a little higher. The unruly mop of hair restyled itself. Small bits of my hair fell out, as the hair on the side of my head was given a razor cut. Blonde highlights and streaked through the top of my hair as the smell of product filled hit my nose. The screen showed 98% done, but I knew it was over. Nothing else was changing.

    “I can’t believe it worked. I’m a nerd with the body of a jock,” I said to myself in my deep rich voice. In the corner of my eye, I could see other changes happening about the room. That didn’t concern me. “What should I do?” Was the first thing I asked myself. Immediately ideas popped into my head and I couldn’t resist saying them out loud. “Should I go pick up chicks or shoot some hoops? Wait, that’s weird I never liked shooting hoops before.” The later idea shocked me; I may have the body but what about my mind? “Uh oh, I think I’m altering reality.” Scanning the room confirmed it, my textbooks were gone,  the subjects were dumbed down. No more advanced calculus or microbiology, I had Algebra and business classes. One of them was still open on the desk and as I peered down my worst suspicions were coming true. Instead of reading the words, I stared at the pictures I’d doodled in them. Basketballs, footballs, baseballs. Dirty magazines replaced the others with women barely clothed beckoning to me as I felt a squirming in my pants.

    “Please don’t make me a stereotypical dumb jock,” I pleaded as I glanced over the stats on my phone. 99%, fuck no it can’t be it’s almost done. I need to undo this. In the background I could hear Aang talking with Momo on Avatar before the TV clicked and the sound of cheering filled the room. Slowly turning around a game was on, my eyes stared at the screen for a moment before I slumped into the chair. “It can wait, I’m going to catch this game.” My hand slid into my sweats as I teased my python. “Don’t worry bud, we’ll find some action for you soon.”


    I wish I could become a young dumb chavy worikie who has a far more stress free life

    WISH #1


    You want that? Damn most lads that get this is a revenge or a punishment, stress free? Ok then. done deal, I know just what you need mate for that stress free” life you always wanted init.

    You woke up after making your wish, instantly you felt different. Sitting up slowly you looked around only to see you’d fallen asleep in your clothes…or…. someone’s clothes anyway. Grey joggers and white designer shirt, as you rubbed your eyes and came to looking around more and seeing it wasn’t even your room. It had a hole in the wall that meant he could see into the bathroom, which too, had holes a cracks in the tiles. Not to mention the general mess of fag ends, beer cans and dirty clothes. For some reason there was even an engine from something in hundreds of oily pieces, nuts and bolts and bits of metal scattered across the torn stained carpet. Finally you staggered to your feet only to stumble clumsily forwards, tripping over a wrench and orange and black boots to smash into the floor next to a phone. Your phone!

    You scrambled to grab it, it now had a huge crack and looked as if it had been thrown around a bit, but otherwise it was the same. You slowly stood, much larger feet slapping into the floor, before you lined it up for selfie in a small mirror.

    Staring back was a scally lad, with huge ears that stuck out comically, lanky body and even as your fumbled for the buttons on the phone you knew you were always going to be clumsy as fuck. This was you now. But we aren’t done, not by a long shot. You tried to speak but your phone rang in your hand.


    You didn’t even have time to think about who this was, your right hand smashed answer and your body took over. “Alright fam, whats up?” you shout. Internally shocked at your own voice, you sounded like a wannabe gangsta.

    “---Alright mate, got some work for ya today down the site. Get ya ass down here. Need my Crane Guy”

    “No problEMS BoSS. I GOT ya *cough cough* I’LL BE THERE” Mid sentence your voice snaps and drops an octave. Boss hangs up, instantly you feel weird, like your thoughts are slowing down. Hard to think when all you do is drink, eat, sleep and drive a crane. You push your phone into one pocket, pull a cigarette from your other one and go to find those boots and get your work gear on. It didn’t take long, and soon you’d pulled a high vis vest over a grey jumper, thrown on some jeans and yanked on the size 15 orange boots. They smelt bad, it all did. Even the jumper had thick sweat stains and mud that matched the boots and jeans giving the impression you’d never washed them. Which you never had, probably never will do either.

    Without being able to see yourself, you couldn’t have known, but under the jumper your old six pack was starting to fade, along with your hairline and smooth skin. But don’t you worry, we’ll get you that true stress free life you asked for.

    You walked on auto pilot, unable to look around and only catching the odd sight of yourself in shop windows. It only confirmed your fears, you looked how you felt, a good 5 years older. By the time you got to work, you were starting to notice the new weight of your body. Walking wider and heavier, your arms rubbed your sides so you ended up putting them into your pockets, held firmly as you filled out the baggy clothes. Not all muscle or fat, but a thuggish dad bod from years of bad food and hard labor. Just as you felt like it was too much to take in, your boss grabbed you. He’d come met you at the site entrance, how you knew where it was you had no idea, but here you were.

    You worked hard all day, still unable to reply or control your own body, you’d smoked, joked and pissed about with the lads on the site like you’d know them for years. It was only hours later, when you saw a group photo from lunch, that you realized the extent of the changes. You looked like you were 30, with thick arms and wide stomach. All those clothes that seemed too big that morning were snug and starting to ride up uncomfortably around new muscles. Worse, your hairline was now halfway back, your goofy ears had been forced forwards from years of wearing a hard hat and even your nose looked like it had been broken a few times.

    But let’s be honest, this isn’t good enough, your still working like this, and you said “stress free” so lets make this a part time job.

    It was about 5 when you finished, throwing the crane keys back to your mate you worked for when he needed you. Making your way out from the work site your phone buzzes several times. You look to see texts come in from people who want some smoke “Hey you got 50? Im after if your out of work”, “Yo dude, still after that oz fam” You crack your neck and rub your shaved head, “Naw fuck that” you say to yourself as your make a bulk reply.

    DEALER: Na lads, been at work all day init. Fuckin shattered.

    Your main job may be dealing drugs now but it pays damn well, plus no one messes with you, so you can just head home and do whatever you want. Wank, smoke, whatever it is I know it wont be stressing out.

    You walk home again and strip off your wet with sweat clothes. Throwing them down where you found them. Your musk now unleashed it was almost visible as you kicked off your boots. But newly huge feet and massive body aren’t easy to handle, you stumble over and slam into a wall. “FUCKS SAKE!” Your anger boils from nowhere and you slam your fist into it, denting the plaster as pieces crumble to the floor as your remove your cut knuckles. “Fuckin matches the other walls now” you jeer. Who gives a fuck. You pull out your phone and ignore the new messages. Snapping a picture, you watch horrified, trapped in your own body as you flex thick beefy arms and hairy chest and gut. “God man, I stink so god” you take a long sniff as you lift an arm behind your head for a pic. Your shoulders pinch up, you make a thug face, and admire the tattoos that start to appear on your skin as you snap the photo.

    Stress free scally life check.

    Enjoy it because your a drug dealing thug now.

    Glad to be back writing so hit me up with more asks and cant wait to hear what ya all think of the recent content lads!

    "Like what you read here mate?"


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    Being Grant Turner

    “Man, I’m gonna score so many pussies with this body tonight,” said the stranger, as he was posing with my muscles in front of my mirror.


    Hey guys, I don’t know who is reading my mind right now, but here I am, Grant Turner. I used to be an average guy until I wished to a djinn to have a body that any men would dream to have. In a month, I became jacked as hell. I was overjoyed. Still, little did I know that my wish also made me the victim of any man wishing for a better body. At random times, I get possessed by any guy in the world, with different consequences on my life. As you can see right now, their common point is that they all enjoy my body.

    “Ooh yes! I’m sending this to Quinn!”

    Luckily, I was currently the vessel of a straight man, so at least I will make love to a woman.

    “I’m gonna fuck the shit out of his twink ass with my beefy frame!”

    Oh shit. 


    This leather daddy possessed me only for one day, but it felt like a century. I was screaming inside the whole time and the bastard was getting off hearing me struggling for control. I woke up with my junk inside another man and covered in sperm. You might have guessed, but my love life is zero, while my sex life has reached new heights. 

    I could barely outside without having a man looking at me with desire, and ending up in my body. My thoughts got interrupted when my phone rang, it was my grandpa.

    “Hey, gramps, how are you?” I asked him.

    “Oh you know, life could be better. Sometimes, I wish that I was still as young as you are,” he said.

    “Oh trust me, you don-AAAARGHHHH! NO! NOT AGAIN!”

    I fell on the ground, knowing exactly what had just happened.

    “Oh, Grant, what jus- my voice, it’s my grandson’s!”

    Hey gramps, welcome inside.

    “Grant, I am inside your body,” he started touching my muscles, “holy cow, you have the chest of a bull! And those arms, like trees!”

    Thanks, gramps, now, could you please do nothing too crazy with my body?

    “Hm, I’m sorry kiddo, but you know… I cannot waste a body like this,” he said as he removed my shirt flexed at his new reflection.


    Alright… What is it gonna be? Flirting with the sexy nurse at your retirement home?

    “Not really…”

    Don’t tell me you’re gonna have sex with a man too?!

    “Please, Grant! There are things I would like to do before death. If it makes you feel better, I can help you hook with one or two girls. If I have the time of course, I’m gonna be busy with this sexy body of yours”


    My grandpa certainly had the time to do everything he wanted to do, he stayed in my body for two months! I am not sure, but I think that the stronger the desire is to stay in my body, the longer the man possesses me. So I guess that’s why the leather bear only stayed for one day, he was probably missing his hairy fat body. 

    Anyway, I am glad that at least my grandpa got to relive his youth. Too bad it was through me. It was weird seeing all the dirty things he did with other guys in bed, and with my body to beat it! He made me wear old clothes and changed my hairstyle, making my partners call me “Old man”. 

    My grandpa was not disappointed to return to his normal life but did not regret living mine. I decided to go to the gym to relax. The men’s locker room was mostly empty, except for a teen, observing a blue tank, too much bigger for him to wear.

    “Hey buddy, might wanna buy a smaller size,” I said to him.

    “No way! I plan on becoming buff enough to be able to wear this Captain America tank!”

    “Well, you’re at the right place.”

    “Yeah… I bet that you can wear this tank just fine, I wish I had a body like yours soon.”


    Instantly, the teen was catapulted inside me.

    “My head, I don’t feel so- wow. I am the stud?”

    Yep man, enjoy it, I guess.

    “I have to try it on,” the teen shouted before putting his tank on.


    “Yeah! I look straight up out of a comic book! I never had muscles like these.”

    So, what are you going to do with my body?

    “Becoming a superhero, of course!

    Oh God.


    Needles to say, the superhero idea failed miserably, and the teen ended up using my body, in a tight latex suit, to have fun as a go-go dancer at a club. At least he never had sex with my body, but did he love jerking off! And he loved talking to me while stroking my dick with my hands. He ended up staying inside me for one week and three days. Could have been worse I guess.

    I expected to spend the weekend relaxing at my flat, but instead I woke up in the forest, in front of a shack made of branches.

    “Thanks God, they finally sent help for me!” a bearded man rushed out of the shack, “I wished for anything, rescue, food-

    “Sex?” I asked, knowing the answer.

    “Yes this too, how did you know?”

    “Just wait.”

    There was an awkward silence, before a strong gust of wind pushed the man inside me. I groaned, always trying to push them out of me. As usual, I got possessed again.


    “Hey, hello hot stuff. Waiting for rescue will be less long with you.”

    Happy to help. So let me guess, you got stranded on an island?

    “Indeed mate. It quickly got lonely, until you came in and gave me this hunky body! Well, you don’t have to watch, but I’m going to jack off, I need it!”

    Go ahead, I cannot stop you anyway.

    He grabbed my package with his left hand while the other was fondling my chest.

    “Jesus, your pecs are so strong, and this chest hair, so soft and virile.”

    While we are at it, try my armpit.

    “You’re right! They’re so fuzzy and-hmm smell so good.”

    My grandpa said the same.

    “Wait, what?”


    “Oooh, oooooohhh. OOoooohhh! Here I come! AAAAAHHHHH!”

    Man, you must be on this island for a long time, I never saw anyone shoot that much jizz with my body.

    “You bet, this body makes me almost wanna stay here forever.”


    It has been one month and nothing had happened apart from a lot of masturbation. Thankfully, when a boat finally arrived, I returned to my body, back to my flat. I hate when this possession thing makes me teleport…


    Today was a rather important day for me, I had a job interview and had to go to the building office of the company. As I was early, I decided to check my appearance in the male’s restroom. However, as I soon as I stepped inside, I saw a familiar voice.

    “Grant Fucking Turner,” the janitor said.

    “Mitch, happy to see you again,” I said to my high school nemesis.

    “Look at you now, you became one piece of hot work. Must be nice to be you.”

    I gulped, “Hm, I have to go.”

    I turned around and stormed to the door, but as I was about to grab the knob, I felt a giant force pushing in my back. I held the sink next to me, while my other fist was shaking against the wall.

    “Gaaaah! NOT NOW! NGGG!”

    Soon the process repeated again and I was pulled at the back of my mind, as a witness for the tenant of my body. At first, Mitch was just recovering for the headache, but then he caught his, or, mine reflection and a wide smirk appeared on his face.

    “Damn Mitch, you’re Grant Turner. Life’s gonna be good,” he said as he felt my muscular arms.

    Please Mitch, I have a job interview

    “Grant? You’re still here? Don’t worry, I will great care of your body,” he smirked while unbuttoning my shirt.


    Much to my surprise, I got the job, but not in the way that I wanted. You see, during high school, Mitch’s girlfriend left him for me, so he wanted revenge. Next thing I knew, he used my body to suck the interviewer’s cock.

    “Well, well Grant old boy, you one got deepthroat,” Mitch snarked to a mirror in my room.

    Mitch, as soon as you leave my body, I-

    “I will never leave your body, it’s mine now. Let’s test it.”

    In a haste, Mitch jumped to the floor and did a handstand.

    “Wow! This shit is so easy with those muscles!”


    “… 69, 70, 71…” Mitch counted, savoring the control he had over my body. 


    It had been six months and Mitch had settled perfectly with my life, I was now engaged to the boss of the firm I was working for, so I could be his fuckboy at work and at home. The only thing he respected was my body, he never ceased to boast and flaunt it, particularly to mirrors, just to taunt what had stolen from me. One day, he was digging through my childhood pictures, just to corrupt my past after taking over my future.

    “Damn Grant, you were so skinny as a kid. Luckily, you grew meat on it,” he flexed his left bicep. 

    I used to reply to his provocations, but now I had honestly given up. 

    “Oh, isn’t that your little daddy? Kinda cute. Too bad he passed away, I wish he could see how hot his son had become.”

    All of a sudden, the glass of the photograph cracked, making Mitch let go of it. As he looked at the picture of my father, he winked. Soon, we both felt a shudder penetrating us, ground our teeth and, progressively, everything got black.


    One year later.

    “Honey, are you coming?” a voice echoed from the living room.

    “Yeah, soon!” Grant said, while holding his phone, “Damn son, I still don’t know how it happened, but I love your body. So young, so manly and strong, and you’re so hairy, it’s insane!”

    I tried to shout at him, but he could not hear me.

    “I don’t know what happened to you, but trust me, I won’t waste that sexiness of yours. Let’s take a pic for our fans. Fuck oil looks so good on yo- I mean, on my muscular chest!”

    April Showers

    It was the day before your birthday and you were feeling excited. You’d already received several cards and presents through the post and you felt this was going to be a good one. You could hear the rain beating down outside your house. It was heavy and hadn’t been letting up all day. You were hoping it would stop before tomorrow. But before you could get comfortable in your chair, you heard a knock at the door.

    When you opened the door there was no one there. All you could see was the rain pouring down and an empty street. But when you looked down you noticed it. A box. It looked like an ordinary cardboard box with a small red bow on top. It was a few meters from your front door and was getting soaked in the rain. Quickly you rushed out to get it, rain soaking your clothes in the process. When you picked it up you could feel something bumping around inside. You opened it to see a small wooden brush. It looked like some old beard brush. This was weird, you didn’t have much facial hair so this seemed odd to you. Before you could think about who might have sent it, you decided to get inside before you got anymore wet.

    You were soaked by the time you were back in your house. Drenched from head to toe. But something seemed a bit off. It didn’t feel like normal rain, you felt clammy. And the water was slick. Then you sniffed the air. God you stunk! It was like you’d been working out all day. The rain smelt of sweat and BO. You started stripping off the dripping clothing until you stood in just your underwear. But looking down everything seemed a bit different. Your stomach looked smaller and your arms looked more defined. Your stomach sucked in until it was nearly flat, abs and pecs covered under a small layer of fat which was quickly shedding. But one thing that was even weirder to you was the body hair. You’d never had much before but now it looked thicker. You had a pelt of hair across your chest and instead of just a snail train, it continued up your stomach.

    You couldn’t help but flex and admire your changing body as it got beefier and hairier. You noticed your armpits were feeling itchier as your raised your arms. You were hit with a hot and pungent smell of unwashed body hair. Your once manageable armpit hair was now growing out. It was becoming long and unkept. It was soaked with sweat and the smell only got worse and worse. Droplets of BO were clinging to the hairs and dropping onto the floor and down your rib cage. They were like a leaky faucet. Hair was also creeping out of your armpits and joining the pelt on your chest as well as creeping up your shoulders. And it showed no sign of stopping.

    The hair continued to grow up over your shoulders and started travelling down your back. It felt corse and itchy as it descended down your spine. It felt thick and you could tell it would make shirts uncomfortable. It’s grew thicker and thicker, especially under your shoulder blades where it looked like a tangled mass. Then you felt it slip under the back of your underwear. You quickly peeled them down to see your once smooth ass becoming swamped in the sweaty, thick hair. It was dark and hid your pale cheeks. It grew especially thick down the crack and showed no sign of stopping. You went to get a better view in the mirror and that’s when you realised your once relatively smooth face now sported a beard.

    Your beard was dark and well kept. You’d never been able to grow this much facial hair before and you had no idea how you were going to maintain this. You ran your fingers through it and felt how warm and soft it was. It felt right. You looked down to the rest of your body and realised just how much hairier you’d gotten without realising. Your muscles body was now covered in a dense layer of fuzz. Your entire torso was covered in the stuff. Your legs also seemed thick as the hair made the already trunk like limbs look even bigger. Your forearms were also thick with it as they covered your skin almost completely. Your tattoos were still on your body, only now they were obscured by the dense forest you had growing off of you. Then you remembered the brush. Brushing it through your beard felt so comforting. You could do it for hours. You stood in the mirror admiring your new reflection. It was certainly different but felt so right. Sure, covering the smell of heavy body odour would be tough but you had the looks to balance it out. You looked like a bear, a hot and perfect muscle bear.

    On the morning of your birthday, your friends and family saw a strange photo uploaded from your phone. It looked like a man they’d never seen before but he felt so familiar. No wait, he wasn’t familiar. Of course they knew him! That was Spence. He’d always been a muscle bear so this was a great photo of him. It showed him lifting up his shirt and showing off his abs. Below the photo was a caption. “Need a second to get my bearings 🐻! #birthdaybear.” This was a typical Spence caption. And it seemed he was ready for a great birthday.

    (This is the first birthday story for @jock-man-spence-redux I hope you enjoy it and have a great birthday tomorrow, I’ll post your second story on the big day ☺️)


    A request from @Chubbyboy199

    “Will you write a story about a stepdad making his stepson fat as a punishment for being a skinny and cocky brat”

    Bit different for me but I’ll give it a go! Sorry about the wait I’ve had some homelife issues that have now sorted. Back to writing more frequently so everyone can expect more from me next few weeks. I know right? Fucking exciting times 😊


    Mark had always been spoilt. It had been years since he’d left college and now he was little more than skinny teen in a 25 year olds body. His new step dad, Tony, had been looking after him for a for a while his Marks mother was away for work for the new 6 months. It had been sudden, office work for large companies often was, but Mark had never really met Tony, when they had, it didn’t go well.

    Tony had filled the house with sports memorabilia, baseball gloves and even the odd brass statue of a famous player, he was large hairy guy, with a gut and almost bald. Mark hated him, it was everything he hate and they had rowed almost from the word go. Tonight however, was different. “Fuck off ya lil’runt I’m watching the game!” “But I have my show! I never miss it?!” Mark gasped back meekly, but Tony just ignored him, leaning around to see past him from the sofa. Tony’s phone buzzed, he reached down and grabbed it, it was lit up with a red screen. “But please!” Mark continued to whine in the background as Tony began to smash the red screen in frustration. “Just piss off I’m getting’ a call or summit’ and im busy kid!” Mark finally gave up, stomping to his room while his new step dad saw a strange app with a single wish he could fill in. As mark slammed his door closed, Tony smiled and hit enter on his wish.

    “Make my runt of a run a decent fat slob for being such a cock brat”

    Mark sat on his bed, his yellow walls covered in pop posters and bands he’d liked when he was younger, a games console under the TV to his left. “God I HATE him! It’s not fair-OUCH!” Mark yelped as he felt something sharp prodding from under his ass. Reaching around he discovered a solid mass he yanked free from between his ass and the bed. “What the-?” Mark held out the object, he almost didn’t recognize it, then suddenly it clicked. “Oh it’s a jock cup ew!” it fell to the floor but as it did, the room around him seemed to respond. The walls warped and melted away to change the posted of bands to sports heroes, who, for some reason he knew the names of. The bed widened and the room began to smell musky and used. “-no! M-my room, what’s BRUUUUUUAPPP!” His belly ached as he belched without control “BuRAAAAuUUUUUUUAAAaaAAAAAAHHHP” It wallowed and echoed long, it felt natural to make them last longer on purpose. “FucK MAtE” Mark gasped, lifting his hands to his mouth. “M-Y VoICE?! Wot IZ GoiN’ On BRO?!” His voice boomed out and deepened, now a low grunting as he fell forwards from the bed, grabbing his stomach again. It was inflating fast, pushing against the tight clothes. He reached to pull his shirt down but quickly his gut gathered pace and tightly packed it out. “NAW MAN PLEASE NOT MY ABS!” But they were long gone. Replaced by a gut that popped over his belt and with an audio able slosh as it kept expanding. Mark made to stand but old rolled onto his side, his arms now thick and holding him down, making it hard to control himself.

    Kicking his legs Mark righted again and pushed forwards with now huge arms to lift himself to sit. Gut now making it harder than ever to balance and not fall forwards again.


    “Fuck! Ma shirt bruv!” Mark grabbed at the tatters as they ripped open, splitting to show hairy moobs and the roid gut that sat like a solid concrete blob on his lap. His arms were thickening by the second, now not just with fat but some muscle too which gave his whole body a solid, non flabby look that only made him look bigger. Like any clothes would split over his bearish frame no matter what he did. Now struggling to his feet, Mark was pushing to walk to the door for help, but was distracted by the mirror.

    What he was, was a beast, a slob of a man. Huge and hairy, except for his head, he was bald, the same age but clearly he’d lost his hair at college. His beard has filled out, now full and black, the neck thick and hairy too so it all joined together into one carpet. Gasping for air, his head fillied with memories of sports, boxing when he was younger, then body building but losing the fight against the fat and giving it up. Now he hung out with his step dad and lazed about the house “This ain’t me tho!? I need to-“ His eyes flickered, glazed for a second. “To-go-get help-na mate, I gottta get dressed and get goin’ or I’ll miss the fuckin’ game cuz” Was the new voice talking to him?! Mark had lost control! A puppet in his own body!

    He watched as he walked past awards and trophy’s he himself had won in college for bodybuilding and rugby, and grabbed some huge shorts and tatty BO stained shirt from the floor. “This isn’t mine?1 Iv’e never owned these?!” Mark begged in his head as he felt the almost wet fabric against his skin. “Heh, that ain’t the clothes bro” His sports slob body replied, looking in the mirror and listing an arm. He rubbed his hands into the thick pit and the other rammed into his crotch. Hadn wrapping around huge balls and a thick shaft, it must have been 10 inches of snake rolled up soft under that guy. More important right now,it was damp,  really damo…no it wet, dripping from the hairs and giving his hands a BO sheen. It was like he had just had a bath. “Dat feeling is just you naw, get used to it cuz we ain’t showin’. You sweat like’ta pig and always ave’ noffin’ you can do. Now shut da Fuck up, I’m gonna mis the game”

    Mark shouted out but it was like he’d been put on mute. Marks body walked in, Tony looked up, his face lit up with  a grin and he threw a beer towards him. “Cheers Tony” “Good man” Tony replied as Mark took his place next to his stepdads side. He was a real man slob now, he’d always be a fat slob.

    Request: Im always wanted became to big hairy muscle bear, with bald head and thick beard. So from last year im start my transformation and have not bad progress, roids make his work. But i don't want waiting progress i want it now, can you help me ?

    So you want to be a big hairy muscle bear? I’m sure that I can work something out for you. Here why don’t you try these on? They’re a pair of posers. You want to be a muscle bear you need to start dressing like one! Looking at yourself in the mirror they don’t quite fit your frame. Sure you have a decent amount of muscle behind you but not enough to keep them up. You feel disheartened until you feel a hot flush run through your dick and into your body. You grow your head back as the feeling is overwhelming. You feel each of your muscles start to ache and swell, stretching your skin to its capacity. Thick veins bulge up all over your skin, especially down your arms. Your thighs start expanding and starts rubbing against each other. It’s definitely going to be difficult to find any pants or underwear to fit you now! Your pecs start to blow up with muscle as they look like thick steaks of meat. Even your stomach blows out with muscle, giving you that bloated bodybuilder physique. Although this is all technically natural, no one will believe you, you look like you’ve been juicing for years! Plus that poser isn’t exactly filling out in the front big man. You run your large meaty hand up to your head as the pleasure makes your head start to rush and you’re shocked to find smooth skin where hair should be. Your rough calloused hands from years of deadlifting scratch against your exposed scalp. You do however find a thick bushy beard on your face. A brief stinging pain scratched and swirls across your right pec and upper arm but quickly subsides. You take out your phone to capture the new you on camera, you now have an unmistakeable tribal tattoo plastered on your thick muscles body.

    You pinch at your skin and find little to no fat on you now, this is pure muscle. But you wanted to be a muscle bear, and what’s a bear without hair? As your looking down at your larger hands built for lifting weight, you notice thick hair start to cover the back of your hands stopping at your knuckle. You follow the hair up your arm and see that your whole body is becoming enveloped in the wiry thick hair. You said bear and you’ve got it, by the time the hair growth settles you’re left with a thick pelt of hair covering most of your body. This will definitely be difficult to shave if you ever want to compete in a body building competition. And that little dicklet between your thick meaty thighs is pretty much useless, the only way you can get pleasure now will be from your backdoor, between those huge glutes! And if you don’t want that muscle turning into blubber, you’re going to have to be in the gym working out most of the day. If you want a body that muscular you need to make sure to maintain it.

    Ignorance Is Bliss

    “Hello ladies and gentleman and welcome to the special edition of Ignorance is Bliss, the critically acclaimed gameshow where reality is not always as it seems!”

    I nervously tap on my contestant podium. The host stands metres away from me, reciting his perfectly practiced speech into the intimidatingly large camera. The studio lights reflect off his teeth and blind me. Behind the camera stands three bleachers, seating large crowds of giddy gawking audiences. Most of them are men. Just a bit older than me, I say. But what really caught my attention was the cube on the other side of the stage. A big one too. It’s like a glass room. A room without a door. What the hell could that be?

    The host smiles and waves his hands openly. He’s charismatic, I’ll give him that. I can see why people like his show. Though me personally, I’ve never seen it. I’ve heard about it though. Specifically through people on Reddit. Apparently, it’s a generic trivia show. Aired after midnight too, so the audience for the show can’t be too big. So, even if I embarrass myself on here, my dignity won’t be completely destroyed. I just have to answer a few pointless questions and then I’ll be rich. Shouldn’t be too hard. At this point, I’m broke, so I’ll take any cash prize I can get. Whether it’s $100 or the full $1,000,000, I’m not leaving here empty handed.

    “I am your host, Jimmy Clark. Let’s get right into it!” The crowd lets out a large cheer.

    “Our first contestant of the day is Atlas Green, an economics student at MIT. He’s a self-proclaimed maths genius, his favourite TV show is Survivor and he has never travelled outside of America!” The crowd lets out a light chuckle.

    I didn’t think they’d use my application as my introduction. We’re not even a minute in and my cheeks are already red.

    “Hi there, Jimmy.” I exaggerate my phoney smile for the camera.

    “So, Atlas, you know how the game works. Get a question right and you’ll be one step closer to our grand prize of $1,000,000.” The crowd goes wild as the figure flashes up on the large screens behind us. “Get a question wrong however…”

    The studio falls silent, anxiously waiting for Jimmy’s reveal.

    “You will leave here, no money, no grand prize. But don’t worry, here on Ignorance is Bliss, no one ever leaves empty handed…”

    I glance nervously at the audience. They had reverted back to their obnoxious cheering and shouting. Although, a part inside me is celebrating too from hearing I won’t be leaving without some sort of prize. But what kind of prize? That’s the real question here. It won’t be a $1,000,000 dollars worth prize, I can tell you that much. Maybe it’ll be a small Ignorance is Bliss trinket or something? I hope not. Though I’m curious about the loser’s prize, I don’t intend on finding out what it is. I’m here for that grand prize. I’m not leaving without it.

    “Let’s get started!” Jimmy beamed, the crowd screaming. “First question.”

    The rounds start off easy. As easy as you’d expect from a stereotypical game show. Current events, pop culture, geographical stuff. Though, none were particularly difficult, I can’t let myself get cocky. It only takes one royal fuckup and that $1,000,000 dollar prize slips right through my fingers. And the questions are definitely getting more difficult. I know that much. Now, the questions are delving into actors I’ve never heard of or countries I know bare minimum about. I just gotta keep calm and I should be able to do it.

    “Last question of the night!” Jimmy applauds me. “Almost no one has gotten this far. In fact, no one has ever won the cash prize, Atlas. Will you be the first?”

    “The final question of today’s show is…. ‘In Hinduism, who is the male God of erotic love, lust and sexual pleasure?’”

    I look towards Jim, then to one of the camera men and smile nervously. Weird final question. And what makes it worse is I have no clue what the answer is. I’m a young white student. Never left the country. Was raised Roman Catholic. There is no way I am getting this. At least not through rational thought or logical reasoning. I’m just gonna have to guess. I have a one in four chance of winning a million dollars. 25%. Fuck. That doesn’t bode well for me. One in four… one in four… okay. No point in delaying it.

    “Your options are:

    A) Vishnu

    B) Krishna

    C) Ganesha

    D) Rama”

    A timer appears on the screens behind us, ticking down quickly. I glance at all four options. It could be any of them. I don’t know. How am I supposed to know? I have to guess.

    “We’re gonna need an answer now, Atlas!” Jimmy warns.

    The timer continues to tick down.

    Tick tock. Tick tock. Tick tock.

    “3 seconds left Atlas!” Jimmy yells frantically.

    “Rama!” I shout. Less than a second left on the timer. But is it right…?

    “You chose option D, Rama.” The charismatic host looks towards the screens, waiting for them to turn green or red. “The correct answer is…”

    Time stops. I look at the screen. Waiting. One million dollars…

    Suddenly, the screen and studio lights turn a deep dark red. The words ‘wrong answer’ flash across the monitor. I feel my heart sink into my stomach. Jimmy emulates a sympathetic wince, letting out a condescending ‘awww’.

    “The correct answer is…”


    What? Kamadeva? That wasn’t one of my options! Was it a mistake? Or was the show rigged? I’m betting the latter. No wonder no one has ever reached the grand prize. They’re being lied too, forced take the stupid loser prize home. I was set up.

    “Hey! That’s bullshit! That wasn’t-“ I scream before Jimmy cuts me off.

    “Don’t worry my boy! As you know, no one goes home empty handed!” He pats me on the back. “Get over here.”

    Jimmy throws his arm around me, tightly holding me in place. He escorts me towards the other side of the stage. Towards the big mysterious glass cube. As I’m forced to approach it, a side of the cube lifts open letting mist seep out of it, like some kind of sci-fi movie. The intimidatingly tight grip of the host eases before he tosses me inside. As I stumble to the ground, the glass door behind me slams shut, leaving me trapped inside the glass cage. I scramble to my feet. The audience gawks at me. I feel like an animal in a zoo. Is this some kind of humiliation technique? Is there actually a loser prize? Or is this the loser prize after all? It’s a sham either way, that’s for sure. I begin looking for a way out but the cage is empty. Although, at the top of each glass corner, there are orange tubes. The tubes connect to the ceiling of the studio. God knows what’s in it. Maybe thats where the mist came from? It can’t be good, that’s all I know.

    “So Atlas! You lost Ignorance is Bliss!” The host announces. I can feel rage filling inside me. “But, no one leaves here empty handed! It’s time to announce your prize!”

    “You clearly don’t know much about Hinduism or Indian culture, Atlas!” The crowd giggles and whispers to each other. “So as your prize, Ignorance is Bliss is granting you a LIFELONG TRIP TO YOUR HOMELAND, INDIA!”

    The crowd goes wild.

    My clueless expression remains unchanged. Lifetime? Homeland? What does he mea- what the fuck? Suddenly, an orange gas is pumped into the glass cage from the tubes above, robbing me of clean air and replacing it with a hot suffocating warmth. I pounce onto the glass and yell for help. My cries are met with the audience gawking at me like I’m some kind of monkey at the Zoo. I try to avoid breathing the gas, but at this point it’s all-encompassing, giving me no choice but to take a gas filled breathe. As I breathe in, a strange feeling travels throughout my body. A strange pleasurable feeling. Erotic almost… I look down to see my 6 inch boner straining against my pants, on full display for the audience. I feel more and more blood rush into my cock. At this point, it feels as if my cock is hard enough to burst through my pants. I grab my boner with my two hands and then realise... never in the 22 years of my life have I fit both hands on my cock… one hand was enough to cover it whole. I slowly look down at my body. My cock… its growing. Inch by inch, I see my cock expand. As if I have a growing boner which never stops increasing in size. It grows and grows, straining my pants, until the tip of my boner presses against the side of my hip. The new cock, which fills my pants, suddenly stops growing in length. Instead, it starts thickening. My cock, which was just thicker than my thumb, begins fattening up, becoming chunkier and thicker. It grows heavier and heavier until my knees feel like giving out. Still adjusting to my new fat manhood, I take a step backwards, tripping. I twist and fall on my new fat package, causing the seams of my pants to burst open. My fat cock flops out, acting as a cushion for my pelvis to lay on. I pick myself up and sit back on my flat ass, my cock now long and heavy enough to still be laying on the ground. I panic, lift myself to my feet and turn around to the audience, displaying my new unnaturally large appendage. It hangs down between my legs, reaching my knee. The heat fills my genitals, more specifically, my balls. My balls, which looked ridiculously small compared to my new massive cock, begin to grow. Almost like a water balloon, my balls fill with hot potent semen, ready to shoot inside some fuckable ass. My new balls begin to appear proportionate to my unnaturally thick penis, forcing my legs apart to accommodate it.

    “Look how flustered he is, folks! That new big appendage of his looks like it could cum everywhere at any moment!” The host laughs, inspiring cheers from audience members.

    God… I’m so hard. The audience is staring at me… but that turns me on even more. They’re in awe of my Godly cock. My Godly Indian cock…. wait… no. Why am I thinking this? I’m not Indian. I’m not… gonna stuff my Godly Hindu cock into some pathetic white boy and impregnate his hole. Oh fuck! I need to stop. What’s wrong with me?! My average dick turning into a massive monster cock is one thing, but this is even more overwhelming. Not only have I lost control of my body, but now… I’m losing control of my mind. It’s as if the gas is seeping into every crevice of my brain, making my thoughts more lustful… more primal. Images of my fat cock breeding men assault my mind. Vivid fantasies which involve my thick sperm shooting into a big fat jiggling ass. I begin hitting my head. This is too much. It’s all too much. As I smack my head, attempting to knock some sense into myself, I notice something strange.

    I look down at my body. It seems to be… growing. My chest… its inflating like a balloon. The two muscles press against my tight shirt. They look soft. The kind of soft that would make for the most comfortable and fuckable pillows. I decide to feel it. I press my hand on it. It sinks into it, fat flowing through the crevices between my fingers. My pecs look like the most beautiful pair of perky fuckable tits. Is that what they’re making me into? Some big titted, massive cocked hybrid? Maximising femininity and masculinity on the body of one person… I panic that this will be my final form. A bisexual’s wet dream.

    This worry is soon subsided as I feel the growth shoot down my arms. My biceps triple in size, looking like the arms of a professional NFL player. My hands begin fattening up too. My fingers turning into sausage sized monsters. Each finger is as fat as my old penis used to be… I’m thankful that they’re still useable… mostly. I might struggle to use a keyboard or accurately press the numbers on my phone now. The fingers are fat enough to press multiple buttons at once, like some big brute. My stomach begins to develop abs. They form into six perfectly shaped mountains. I run my thick brute hands over them, feeling the calluses from my fingers glide over each crevice. The growth finally reaches my lower half. Thankfully, my massive cock and balls are unaffected. I don’t think I could handle them growing any larger. I wouldn’t be able to walk… The growth mainly affects my legs, feet and unfortunately… my ass. My two cheeks begin to inflate but not in the way you’d expect. Instead of an unnaturally large increase in muscle mass like the rest of me, my ass seemed to only fill up with fat. Like two water balloons, my cheeks grow and jiggle, bouncing and shaking around with every slight movement. The audience watches as my insanely fuckable feminine ass sways from side to side, preventing me from walking normally. I waddle. It’s humiliating. This will be on TV. My friends will see this. My coworkers will see this. My classmates. My family…

    Jiggle. Jiggle. Jiggle.

    My fuckable ass reaches its limit. It looks like two huge beachballs attached to me. The growth spreads to my legs. My thighs and calves grow, though not to an unnatural size like my bouncy cheeks. Their size is still nothing to scoff at. My legs look like two heavy tree trunks. They make it even more difficult to walk, or should I say, waddle.

    I look down at my new self… I feel weird even saying its me. My pecs… my ass… my muscles.. I don’t resemble the skinny economics student who entered this studio an hour ago. I don’t look like me. I look like some dumb fuckable brute. It’s humiliating. I watch the crowd laugh and cheer at me. The new me. Mocking my waddling. Flexing their biceps, which were nothing compared to mine. Bouncing their pecs, which looked nothing like my big fuckable tits. I even glance at one guy in the second row who is fingering his hairy straight ass, letting out a jokingly high feminine moan.

    “Do you feel like an Indian God, Atlas?!” The host laughs, his voice booming through the entire studio. “No? Let us help with that!”

    The host clicks his fingers causing the gas to become noticeably more intense. It pumps the orange transformation gas into the glass cage at a higher rate than before, forcing me to inhale even more than before. I look down at my huge body, anticipating what could happen next. What is there left to change? The gas already inflated every part of my once skinny body. It elongated my cock, inflated my ass. What more could this smelly gas possibly do? How much more humiliating could this become?

    I glance down at my thick forearm to realise something… it seems hairier than before. The hair seemed different too. Well, at least it looked different. Instead of my normal weak arm hairs, this new hair is noticeably thicker, like a wolf’s pelt. I never remember my arm hair being so dark. I assume it must be the gas again. I look at my body, realising my arms aren’t the only part of my body sprouting in thick hair. My chest has too. My once hairless chest now sprouts a thick sweaty pelt of hair. My legs seem to have adopted the wet pelt too. My armpit hair also seems more thick, although that’s the least of my worries right now. My face begins to itch. I reach up with my hairy paws and scratch it. My face feels fully bearded. My eyebrows are significantly more bushy too. Untrimmed. As if they had never seen a tweezers in their life.

    I glance beside me to see a man standing on the other side of the glass. He stares at me, watching my transformation. He has dark skin. Beautiful dark skin. It glistens with sweat. I could almost smell his stench from here. He continues to stare at me. He looks confused. Confused and dumb. Very dumb. His jaw hangs agape, breathing strictly through his mouth. His forehead is very pronounced. His eyes are vacant. As if he had no brain. Couldn’t form a single thought of his own. Drool dribbles out the side of his mouth. It gathers in his beard as he dumbly chuckles at me. He looks like he’s only good for one thing: fucking. He continues to stare at me. Dumbly. Vacantly. Confusedly. I reach up and scratch my beard… he does the same. I tilt my head to the side… he does the same. I grab my juicy fuckable big pecs… he does the same. I stumble back in shock. It hit me. All at once… the smelly stench… the big pecs… the huge muscles… juicy pecs… fat cock and fuckable ass… it’s… me.

    The man… the one staring back at me… my reflection… his… his skin. His deep dark beautiful brown skin. It’s mine. Gone was my caucasian skin. Gone were my caucasian features. The show completely changed me. It changed me into some big, dumb, fuckable, Indian brute…

    “There we have it ladies and gentleman! Our sex God, Kamadeva!” The crowd screams in awe. I gaze into the crowd, displaying my new Godly form. I see men jerking each others cocks while looking at me. Even some fingering their holes chanting my name. I am… a sex God.

    “That’s it for today’s show, folks. Tune in next time to see what happens to our next contestant!” The crowd screams and cheers. “This has been Ignorance is Bliss. Goodnight!”

    The lights and camera shut off. Members of the crowd pull up their pants and make their way out of the studio. The host walks over to my glass cage and chuckles. I adjust to my new weight. He stares at the Indian God in front of him.

    “Don’t worry, Kamadeva. We’ll have you shipped off to India in no time.” He smirks. “Soon, all of this will be just a distant memory…”

    “प्लीज मेरा सुराख भर दो। मैं बहुत हॉर्नी हूं” I mutter.


    And so, Atlas will live out the rest of his life in Mumbai as the Indian sex God, Kamadeva.

    Reviews conclude he definitely lives up to his name. He puts both his massive cock and fuckable ass to good use, providing pleasure to men all over India. He lets men cum up his big juicy wobbling ass and he also breeds every man with a bubble butt that he sees, making the most out of his Godly body.

    The man has no memory of his life in the US. To Kamadeva, he was always Indian. He was always a sex God. He was always a dumb fuckable brute with a low IQ. And he wouldn’t have it any other way.

    As Ignorance is Bliss promised, he definitely didn’t go home empty handed…


    I'm a very skinny guy, but I've always wanted to feel big and strong. I've never been able to grow a single hair on my body, can you help me become the strong hairy bear I've always wanted to be?

    I’d stop with that “hey im a skinny guy talk” right now if I were you. Once people get a look at you there’s no way any of them are going to believe you were ever anything other than a bulging, husky dude from the word go.


    Now I know what you’re probably thinking, sure you’ve got way more muscle than before, but it doesn’t seem very practical. Sure your gait is stuck as a permanent waddle, and you can’t wash your own back, or even scratch the top of your own head, but you *look* impressive and intimidating, and that’s what matters for your new line of work. On that note it’s probably prudent that I explain what i’ve done with the mental side of you. You’re mostly the same person inside, just with some blocks, and new urges. You can remember what you used to do for work before this, for example, but if you try and think on it too hard, say, hard enough to actually try and go back to it, your head gets all foggy and you feel like going to the gym or wolfing down a few rotisserie chickens instead.

    Right, so your new job. With a body that intimidating but ultimately kind of clunky ,the best job I could see for you was working as security. So that’s what you do. You work basically just entails you standing around, looking huge and intimidating. It’s not such a bad job really. You keep the club safe so everyone inside can have a good time without worrying, and then there’s the perks.

    There’s quite a few regulars at the clubs you work at who are more than a little into your muscles. Very few nights go by without you getting some kind of action. There’s actually a little game you play some nights when you’ve had a couple drinks after your shift. A group of guys will get on their hands and knees and take turns blowing you while you try and guess who’s who. You can't see a thing past your massive muscle gut, so the only things you have to go on is the feel of their mouth and their technique. Whoever you guess correctly has to bottom for you, and the ones you get wrong, well they give your hole a nice nice working over. As far as your concerned you come out a winner either way, all those roids you take really keep your sex drive turned up to eleven.


    Hope you enjoy your new, muscle bound life man. Don’t hesitate to ask if you ever get bored with being a waddling sex magnet.

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    The wishing well redux pt.1

    Eric was driving home for spring break. Or rather what should have been home. He had no where to go when the college shit down for the week so he was forced to go to only place he had....his father’s house. Or rather mansion. His father was loaded. And demanded that he go to school for a degree in architecture so he could follow in his footsteps. Every part of Eric’s life was pre planned by his father. And he hated it. All he wanted was the loving father that he heard about his college friends having. But that wasn’t going to happen. Erin pulled up into the drive way and stared at the gothic style mansion. He breathed heavy trying to get up the courage to go in. His father was going to yell at him. He wasn’t doing so great in school right now. And his father was going by I give him the lecture about how “Morrison’s don’t make these mistakes. What makes you think you’re an exception?” It was a conversation his father had given him several times before. He knew it word for word. He got out of his black bmw. A car his father owned. One that Eric felt was punishment because he had to have a certain look being Morrison. And when he shut the door he just said “fuck” under his breathe. The was mud on the tires. And he had tracked mud through the the drive way. His father was going to be so mad at him. Maybe he would have time to clean it ? But that was quickly shot down as he heard his father clear his throat behind him. And as soon as he turned around. He was immediately slapped by the older man.

    His father turned away from him leaving him with his head pointing to the ground. Welcome home Eric. The normal greeting. His father slammed the door behind him. The butler came up to him him with an ice pack. “Your father is really upset you master Eric. I’ll tend to things out here” said the older man as he handed him the ice pack. “I’ve already set aside some food in your room. I expect your father will tell you you’re not allowed dinner. But don’t let him know. You know how he is...”. The battle Grieves left his side to start cleaning the mud. He was an older man who had been in Eric’s life for as long as he could remember. This man was the one Eric always had to protect him. And the man had the scars from his own father to proofread. Grieves had a rightfully fitting man. Eric had asked him before why he never left and the old man just shrugged and said “where would I go?” Eric held the ice pack to his face. But knew had to hide it before he seen his father again. It was a sign of weakness and that was not some the Morrison men were. As Eric started to climb the steps to the gothic mansion his heart began to race even more. His palms already sweating when he turned the brass door knob.

    When he got inside he quickly made his way to his room. His father was in the study at the bottom of the steps and he didn’t even look in his direction. He was halfway up the steps when he heard his father clear his voice. Instantly Eric stopped. “I expect you know that I don’t want to see you for the rest of the evening. You don’t deserve human interaction if you’re going to act like a barn animal. No food either”. Eric finished climbing the steps and slumped his way to his room where he shut the door as quiet as possible. Thank god Grieves has left him some food because he was hungry and couldn’t be seen leaving the room.

    He finished the sandwich and just sat in his room playing on his phone. The good thing was that when he was sentenced to his room his father would not bother him. His father would refuse to have anything to do with him. It hurt though. Eric craved the attention of his father. To be loved like a son. That was the only reason he didn’t break ties and run away. But even though he was an adult, even if he tried his father would find him. And bring him back. His mother had tried the same before he passing and it got her locked on the grounds of the manor never able to leave again. Eric lost track of time when he fell asleep. Sweet sleep where he could be free and have the family he always wanted.

    Eric found himself walking through a dark forest. Everything was black. But the trees were clearly illuminated. Grown with green leaves. But brown leaves covered the ground. He moved through the forest and came to an opening with a well. He slowly walked forward and he heard a rustling and from behind the well was what Eric could only describe as being a shadow. He couldn’t make out any of the features but there is was a moving shadow. “What do you wishhhh booyyy” it hissed at him. It pointed at him with claw like fingers and Eric could feel his breathe get heavy and his voice crack as he was forced to speak his truest desire. “I want my father to love me. I want him to love me for simply being me. And to stop caring about all the material stuff and just love his son”. Eric was sweating cold and heavy as the grasp of the shadow let go of him. And he heard a horrible cackle reverberate around the Forrest. Eric was instantly thrown back. As if being pulled back by an invisible force. Into the darkness from whence he just came.

    Eric woke up to something smelling horrible. His back was hurting and when he went to stretch his hand hit the wall with a loud thump. Making whatever was on the wall shake. Eric’s eyes popped open. His father would allow something that would rattle to be on the wall. And that’s when he seen something that made him sit straight up. A hole in the ceiling on or his bed. When Eric sat up he was confronted with something that made him panic. Filth. Everywhere. In a corner he could see dirty clothes covered in mud and grease. Right next to an open pizza box with a half eaten pizza. When he sat up he could hear cans rattle and clink against one another. The room was small. There was stains on the wall that told him they had never been washed. A bed sheet covered a door way that he could only assume led to other parts of the house. The carpet was dirty and thread bar. His bed was on the ground. But that was the least of his worried. His body was so different. He was larger. A gut resting between his spread legs that were packed with muscle. His orca were huge and hairy. His hands and feet were so much larger than before and he could feel a beard tickling his chest. What was going on! As he managed to stand up he could hear the board creak under his weight. He felt weak spots in the floor that made him think he was going to fall through. And that’s when he heard it “ hey Eric. Come on in for breakfast!” It was his father. But there was a difference in the way he was speaking. Eric didn’t recognize it. He couldn’t find anything clear to wear and eventually settle on a pair of the dirty shorts from the pile. They had grease stains on them. He could find any underwear and it made him self conscious as he placed the shorts on feeling just much larger groin slapping his thighs. He could feel that he was sporting an obvious bulge in the shorts as they were almost too small for him.

    He made his way out of the bedroom. The door opened into a hallway that had holes in the walls. The same dirty thread bare carpet that let to a kitchen. And when he got in there. He seen his father. Or what resembled his father. He smelt just as bad as Eric did. Or almost smelt as bad. An unkept beard with a gut that hung over his dirty jeans. Hair covered him too. He was smoking. Something a Morrison doesn’t do. “There’s my big guy ! I hope you slept well! I made your favorite. Bacon and eggs. Gravy biscuits. And a few cold beers !” He pointed to the seat across from him. Eric didn’t know what to think. He was being offered to eat with his father. In the same room. And his father even said that he made it ! “Well come on big guy! We don’t have all day. We have stuff to do ! “. Eric just looked at him. They had stuff to do? Like together ? “Oh and hear I got this for you. I found it in a bag at the thrift store. I think it will fit”. A Morrison never worse thrifted good. So of course Eric just stood there. But when the shirt was in his hand he put it on. It fit. But barely. He had a significant beer belly now. But the sleeveless shirt felt right at home. As Eric walked over to the seat he was offered and started to consume all the food his father had made for him.

    When Eric was done eating he had consumed everything. Even the cold beers his dad had prepared for him. His gut was tight and the shirt was riding up slightly. It was such a differently feeling for him. Being able to eat whatever he wanted without his father telling about calorie intake so he would gain weight. His father took a long drag from his cigarette and blew smoke right in his face. “Well big guy. You ready for work ? I got a new place for us to go to !” Wait did he and his father work together ? His father told him to go ahead and put his shoes on. He didn’t have to get dressed in special clothes for work ? He went to living room feeling the floors and objects in the room shake. He was in a mobile home from the looks of it. When he plopped down on the couch the he heard the couch creak under his weight. His father handed him some shoes. Massive boat sized shoes that he’d never fill out. His father was being so nice to him tho. He even started to tear up. His father notice immediately. “Hey big guy what’s wrong ?! Those bastards aren’t picking on you again are they !? I’m going to talk to them.”

    He bent down and start to undo the laces on the shoes. “Listen. There’s nothing wrong with needing help. That’s what Dad’s are for. And as long as I’m hear you’ll always have someone to help you do things like this. Now. What’s the rhyme ?” Drool pooled from Eric’s mouth. What the hell? Was he dumb now ? It just occurred to him that he was trying to remember this to tie his own shoes ..... and he had no idea. His father just laughed and sang a little catchy toon. It made Eric so happy he even clapped a little. “Alright. Let’s get going.” Eric followed his dad from the trailer and was greeted by a trash covered yard. Or rather what could be seen as trash but somehow Eric felt they were treasures. He followed his dad to an old white Ford pic up truck. His father driving of course. When Eric sat down you could see the truck do a noticeable plop from his weight. And then his father drove him to his new life. Eric then finally realized what that sound was in his fathers voice from earlier. Love. The first time he had heard it.


    Hey, so I hear you might be able to help me out with my problem? Well everyone always calls me adorable, which is nice but I don’t want to be adorable anymore, think you could help?

    Ohh I like this one. Always being referred to as adorable and be really annoying. Especially when you are wanting people to see you as more than a cute little pup. And I think I found the perfect form for you. Now I could have been mean and made you the exact t opposite of adorable. I could have made you a hideous creature. But I’m not that mean. For you though life is going to change. But we are going to have to change a lot first. I know that you’re about 5’11” right now. Well not anymore. You’re you going to feel your bones aches and they begin to grow pull your think frame to a new height stopping at 6’6”. Your face is adorable but not anymore. You face will begin to ache as magic cause your feature to shift. Your nose gets bigger and your brow bone bulges out and your face mecomes more angular taking on a more masculine shape. A heavy bead comes next that grows so past you find shaving difficult. Your thin body won’t be thing anymore as your start to swell wil muscle giving you definitely and fat that covers it so you don’t have any ridges seen. And hair. And lots of it. Hair Weill coat your body from top to bottom making sure that you look am hyper masculine. And I’m going to even add a nice tattoo over your dick to make sure people know where to look to find the behemoth you will pack in you loins. One of the last changes I’ll make is to your feet because I can’t have you wearing small shoes with a frame like this. So now your feet will grow. Bending and cracking until they stop at 17 wides. And of course. Like the rest of your body they will be hairy as well. Some people jokingly call them your hobbit feet form being so big and hairy. And this all may seem to be perfect for you. But with such a big body now you’re going to have to find work that suits it. Manual labor is what your fit for from here on out. It allows you to be the man you were meant to be. And definitely not adorable. Sweat is going to cover every part of your body from sun up to sun down. And when people look at you they will never see adorable again. They will see what I have made you look like. Masculine. Hairy. And I have to say.... pretty dumb.