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    I'm matress Morgan a sensual and female dominant seeking for a submissive slave or sissy maid to be owned and collared by me . If interested dm on Hangouts Goddessmorgan50@gmail.com .

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    This is how all women should want things for a better, safe world

    Is Tumblr only a platform made for fakes , scammers and prostitutes or is there any other funktion with it ?  Am so tired of these ignorant people with their Stone age world view and mind set . .  Especially those who think that being transgender automatically makes one a retarded person who is easy and ok to scam for money and will not report you because of shame for being who they are ..  Only a severely mentally disturbed person would ever think that in a educated modern world . 

    Am I the only one here that has really been in female led relations as sub girl , and know what it is really like ?

    Many people are obviously totally clueless here , and still try to pass as Alpha women , Mistresses , etc and say that once you pay them then you will get to have a relation with them . . That is so wrong in every way . . It`s a transaction , Not a relation . . A real Alpha would Never humiliate them selves by behaving as a common prostitute or would treat their sub girl as a "John" .


    I'm sick to the back teeth of 'mistresses' messaging me and asking for me to pay them a certain "commitment fee" . . . . . . Like, GTFOH (Get The Fuck Outta Here) with that bull5hit. I ain't paying your broke ass nothing. If you WERE 'genuinely' into femboys, trap girls, trans girls, transgender people, then you wouldn't even dream of trying to charge for that shit, so leave me alone and try to scam money out of other people.


    I second that statement ,and am gathering intel that I will share with the proper authoreties 


    Just a reminder that we aren't gatekeeping Pride.

    I know it's only April, but I just saw such a rancid take on Tiktok (and the person blocked me, woo!) That I need to vent somewhere.

    The argument went "bi/pan/queer people with cishet partners shouldn't bring those partners into queer spaces/Pride because it makes those spaces unsafe for lgbt folks."

    Which is a frankly awful take for many reasons.

    First of all "makes a space unsafe" is not an identity. It is a behavior. And ANYONE who is making those spaces unsafe, regardless of their identity, *shouldn't be there.* Whether they are a cishet man or a lesbian, if you are making people unsafe, you shouldn't be there.

    Secondly, it's blatantly unenforceable. You can't clock someone's identity at the door. You don't know if they are bi or trans or nonbinary. And no one should have to out themselves to a bouncer.

    As a caveat to this, you also don't ever know *why* someone might bring their cishet partner to pride. Whether that's because this is an important part of their life they want to share with their partner, or they are disabled and need help managing their meds or mobility aides, or the partner is a designated driver. You just don't know. So even if you did know they were cishet, maybe they have a "good reason" for being there.

    So between it not solving an actual problem to not being enforceable, all this discourse does is create an EXTREMELY hostile environment for, well, bi/pan/queer folks especially. Always. We always get targeted for this kind of stuff.

    But also anyone who might worry that *they* aren't queer enough or not look queer enough. Trans folks who haven't socially transitioned, non-binary folks who aren't androgynous enough, ace and aro folks, people who are newly out- they see this rhetoric and think "Oh no. What is someone sees me and thinks I'm cishet? What if someone tells me I can't be there? What if I don't really belong?"

    So we aren't doing it. It's shitty snd hostile and biphobic and exclusionary.

    Everyone can come to pride.

    Except cops.

    Fuck cops.


    well put . thank you