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    Drarry Art + Fic: From Behind The Wall

    Title: From Behind The Wall
    Author: @nymphadoratonqs
    Draco Malfoy/Harry Potter, (Mentioned) Hermione Granger/Ron Weasley
    Other Key Characters
    : Hermione Granger, Marion (Original Character)
    : Mature
    Word Count
    : 19.2k
    Art Medium
    : Digital Art
    : Immediately Post-War
    Angst with a hopeful ending, Getting together, Working through issues, Therapy, Adopting a cat, POV Alternating, Slow Burn, Grief and Mourning, Mental Health Struggles, Loneliness, Miscommunication
    After the war, Harry gets therapy. Draco doesn’t. They still find their way to each other.
    Author’s N
    otes:  All the therapy in this fic is based on real life techniques that I’ve had the privilege of studying for the past years at university. Emotion-Focused Therapy is evidence-based and known to be effective in the treatment of patients who have a history of childhood abuse and neglect, and who suffer from anxiety and/or depression.

    In other words: I’m a huge nerd and I wanted to use my nerdy knowledge to help our boys feel a bit better.
    Please check AO3 for a complete set of tags and warnings.
    t’s Notes: I’m really happy to have participated in this fest! I’ve never drawn for a reverse bang so this was both challenging and really really fun. Thank you to my author for claiming my artwork and all the hard work done!



    Drarry Art + Fic: Dead Ends

    Title: Dead Ends
    Author: @toxik-angel
    : @melcarrianna
    : Harry Potter/Draco Malfoy, Parvati Patil/Lavender Brown, Hermione Granger/Ron Weasley
    Other Key Characters
    : Neville Longbottom, Luna Lovegood
    : Explicit
    Word Count
    : 18.7k
    Art Medium
    : Digital
    : EWE, Post-War
    : Dark!Harry, Murder Mystery, Head Auror Harry Potter, Neville POV/POV Outsider, Abductions, Slightly Violent, Divination, but make it gross, Harm to animals, Drinking, Missing Persons, Semi-Public Sex, Sex, Top Harry Potter, Bottom Draco Malfoy
    : Head Auror Harry Potter is the best at his job. Head Auror Harry Potter always saves the day.

    But someone has been picking off ex-Death Eaters one by one. Someone has been abducting Harry’s friends right out of their homes. And someone is fucking the Minister for Magic.

    The Minister for Magic and Head Auror are both very concerned about it.
    Author’s Notes: I’m so excited to share this art-story combo with you all! make sure you go to mel’s art post and give her all the comments and kudos!
    s Notes: Oh what a weakness I have for a dark and possessive Harry Potter. I really wanted to create a piece that would bring him to life and really show off his madness. I loved creating every detail from the Hallows and tattoos to all of Draco diamonds. In creating this I hoped for an author to pick this who would really embrace the dark side of Harry and I can definitely say that I am so excited for the story toxik_angel has written to accompany these pieces.💕

    This Fest has been such a joy to be a part of I’ve met so many wonderful people and I’m so happy my 1st year returning to this fandom happened alongside this fests return. Thank you to the Mods for making this fest the success I’m certain it is.



    Fic Claim Wireless 2022

    Ties and Knots

    by @iero0

    G | 2K | Love Triangle | Infidelity | Auror Partners
    Harry/Draco | Draco/Astori


    I’m not prepared for the way it makes me feel when I watch you across the room, or for the tenderness of your touch. I’m even less prepared to see you touch her the same way.

    H/D Wireless 2022
    Song: Mr. Brightside by The Killers

    thanks to my lovely friends for cheering me on and helping me with this fic!

    Read Ties and Knots on AO3

    *Ron removes his sweaty T-shirt after playing Quidditch*

    Molly: Merlin Ron! What are those on your back?

    Ron: what?

    Molly: it looks like someone has scratched you violently. Ronald Bilius Weasley, how did those happen?

    Ron: umm... mum its nothing.

    Molly: do not say it's nothing, young man. Those look awful. Tell me right now what happened?

    Ron: I- umm... Crookshanks. Crookshanks attacked me yesterday. It was my fault too. I stepped on his tail in the darkness.

    Ginny(grinning evilly): are you sure, Ron? it was Crookshanks or someone who is close to Crookshanks?

    Molly: what does that mean?

    Ron: nothing mum. Ignore her. I told you the cat attcked me.

    Molly: I am gonna prepare some murtlap essence for you. Tell Hermione to control her cat(leaves)

    Ginny: yeah Ron. You should really tell Hermione to control... her cat I mean.

    Harry(laughing): yeah mate. Tell her to control her cat.

    Ron: fuck you both.