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    I was out for a jog and took a break on a bench facing the water.  A short time later this hot shirtless dude jogged by and made eye contact.  So of course, I got up and started running toward him, a good distance behind but keeping him in view.  Eventually, as it was getting dark out, he stopped at a light post and leaned against it looking even sexier than when he ran by my bench earlier.  When I got to him I stopped.  I was in silky red running shorts (commando) and was also shirtless.  At first we just stared at each other.  Then to start the convo I said “Calvins, eh? I guess I’d wear Calvins if I ever wore underwear.”  He smiled.  Then he stepped forward so we were inches apart and he felt my big cock through those sexy thin shorts.  “Where do you wanna take this? My place, yours or the bushes?” I asked him.  He asked where I lived and I told him we could run there.  He said that sounded good and so we ran, side by side, working up a nice sweat by the time we got to my apartment.  When we got inside the apartment I told him to get out of those warm pants and get comfortable while I went for a couple of beers for us.  By the time I came back he was in nothing but his Calvin Klein briefs.  I grabbed his package and we kissed.  Then we both sat on the sofa to drink our beer while feeling each other up and kissing each other.  When the beer was done, the kissing got heavy and soon we were sucking armpits, nipples, and our shorts were kicked off.  The sex was amazing that night.  When one fit muscular lad is fucking another man of similar body type, the animalistic nature of the sex is amazing.  With men there is no concern for tenderness, love, talking, caution.  All care is thrown out the window and the two of us just fuck like wild animals.  It’s hard, it’s rough, it’s raw.  It’s the way sex is meant to be.  It’s a fucking blast.  I fucking love it.


    You just said the Meaning of Men into other Men into the animalistic part of attraction the Meaning is not the attraction the Men on Men is!!