You probably have too many thoughts. Getting rid of them is hard! They make you unhappy but they keep coming. So what to do?

    Turn them into thots!

    What's the difference? Thoughts are heavy and boring and sad. Thots are slutty and fun!

    So train yourself to have only thots! Feel a thought coming? Discard it and change it for a thot! Train your brain enough and soon it will become automatic!

    Let me give you some examples to help you:

    Thought: I should be smart.

    Thot: Dumb is hot! Men like dummy sluts!

    Thought: I wish I was more respected

    Thot: My purpose is to make cocks hard! I don't need respect!

    Thought: I feel lonely! What do I do?

    Thot: Sending nudes gives me male attention and value! I should take more slutty pics!

    Thought: What should I do with my life?

    Thot: I am just a slutty body to make cocks cum and that's all I need to be!

    Thought: I'm so stressed out!

    Thot: I should edge and edge and let men think for me!

    Thought: That guy is such an asshole.

    Thot: I should suck his cock! Sexists are hot! Women are happier on their knees!

    So, if you have too many bad thoughts, remember: NO THOUGHTS, ONLY THOTS! Train enough and thots will be the only thing in your head.

    Wouldn't that be great?

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    Fiction: The Bet


    “No way you guys! This is way too small!”

    “Hey! We didn’t make the rules!” laughed Ron.

    He was right. I had made the rules. But when I made the rules Hillary was up by an unbeatable margin. Everyone knew she would win and I wanted to put my most annoying friends in their place. They were cocky enough to accept my idea for the bet. Whoever won the election would bring the loosers out a night out and would choose the loosers outfit.

    I had been giggling at the thought of bringing my asshole friends to a gay bar wearing leather pants and feminist slogans. Then everything went wrong. A few weeks later I was standing in Ron’s living room holding a tiny Trump top. Preparing for the worst night of my life.

    I shuddered when I pulled it on. Make America Great Again covered my entire upper body and my breasts almost burst out the top. Just get it over with, I said to myself.

    Ron and Drew couldn’t keep from laughing as I came out. I gave them my old top and bra which they happily accepted. “Hey! Don’t drool on my clothes jerks! I’m not going back to my flatmates wearing this shit. I get my clothes back at midnight. That’s the deal.”

    I wasn’t surprised when they drove out of the city. Most places around here were liberal feminist places. I would get ugly looks, but noone would do anything. So what was the point? They wanted to see me squirm.

    We ended up at a dirty redneck bar outside the city. I was almost crying from embarrassment when they took me out of the car and into the bar. Drawing every pair of eyes in the bar towards my chest. They pulled me towards a table in the middle of the room and smiled at how the room got quiet. Ron got me a beer. Can’t hurt, I thought.

    Most of the night was spent sipping the beer trying not to get drunk while putting up with drunk rednecks drooling over me. Ron and Drew seemed to keep them from trying to hit on me but it didn’t help me much. I used all my force not to cry and run out. Knowing how much they would love to see that this was getting to me.

    A half hour was remaining. I started to realize I would get through this. Thirty more minutes and this would all be just a bad joke. I emptied my third beer. Then I heard a deep voice.

    “Nice top babe! Few girls are brave enough to flag their love for Big D in public.“

    I looked up and froze. Over me stood a muscular man with the looks of a Calvin Klein model. He didn’t seem to care about Ron or Drew at all but stood so close to me his thigh pushed against my arm.

    “Uhm. T-thank you.” I blushed. My eyes went down to the ground but then up at his face again in awe.

    “Say, what makes a girl get so passionate about Trump? Most chicks I know got scared off by the pussy grabbing tape?”

    What the fuck was going on? The rules said nothing about what I could say? Just place and clothes. But still. I looked over at Ron and Drew who seemed as shocked as me.

    “I. Uhm. Like how he speaks his mind I guess?”

    “Nice! But you didn’t campaign? I didn’t see you out there. And trust me I would have noticed.”

    “Oh I. Uhm. I’m not very good with talking about politics and. Stuff?” I couldn’t believe what I was saying. I was a major in political science and an active campus feminist. I could easily start a discussion or just tell this guy to fuck off. But I couldn’t.

    “You wouldn’t need to know anything babe. I do the talking. Those tits just gets the door open. Say? We’re doing a pro life rally tomorrow. Getting some signatures. Man would it help if you just stood next to me flaunting those things.”

    I blushed even more and looked back at Ron and Drew who had their jaws down at the table. My body shivered.

    “By the way, where are my manners. I’m Hunter and this here is my bar. I was lead campaigner for the big man in this county. And trust me when I said we knocked the bitch out of the park. Nice to meet a piece of ass like you here. We don’t get many of those.”

    He grabbed a bar stool and sat down just over me. I looked up at him.

    He spoke forever about himself and Trump then Ron interrupted him. “So. Uhm. It’s way past midnight. I guess we should. Uhm. Like. Leave now?”

    “Hey don’t worry kid! I’ll take her home.” said Hunter.

    Ron looked at me. I didn’t even know what to think anymore. “We have your. Uhm. Stuff in our car. Remember? I really have to go now.”

    I looked at Ron. Back at Hunter. Then to Ron again with a different look on my face.

    “Don’t worry Ron. I’ll pick it up whenever.” I heard myself say while shrugging. I turned my chair towards Hunter and leaned abit towards him. Turning my back completely to Ron and Drew. “Anyway. Can you tell me more about that pro life thing tomorrow?”


    I love stuff like this. Where a woman in an encounter with a man who she by all rights should, at best, not get along with. And at worst, will hate. But she is so into him any way simply because of how attractive and confident he is