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    “Nice Mike,” I said to my uncle, I always just called him by his first name. “You are really toning up.”

    “Yeah? Can you tell?”

    “For sure!”

    He flexed for me and turned in all different ways so I could take a look. I kept taking glances at the outline of his dick. I couldn’t help it, I was a horny 19 year old and my uncle was hot. He stepped forward, still showing off for me.

    “Feel how firm my legs are,” he said.

    I reached out and gave them a light squeeze and let go. “Yeah, they are.” It was too much for my young mind to take. I was getting way to hard sitting there looking at him, now touching him.

    “Feel my abs too! I’ve always had a flat stomach but now I have some definition.” He grabbed my hand and put them on himself. His skin was so soft and his muscles were firm.

    He slowly moved his hand all around his body, moving lower and lower. He had me feel his V, I could feel the hair leading down to his dick, god damn I was losing control. I felt the waist band of his underwear and I knew I was so close to it, just inches from my Uncle Mike’s cock.

    “Your chest is looking bigger too,” I stammered, so incredibly uncomfortable with how to act.

    “Yeah, lots of bench time,” he smiled at me as he took my hand up to his hairy pecs and let me squeeze his chest. “and my arms and shoulders.” He let go and I moved my hand to his shoulder and then his thick arm. His moved a little closer and his crotch was eye level with me face. I could see his dick looked bigger now, thicker then when he first stripped to show me.

    “Keep going bud, feel anything you want. I like showing it off,” he smiled down at me.

    I moved my hands to what I thought was a safe place, his back and then down to his lower back. He just stood there like this was normal that I had my hands all over him. I could feel the waistband on his underwear and I moved my hands to his ass.

    “Damn Uncle Mike, even your ass is pretty firm.”

    “Uncle Mike is it?” He chuckled. “Okay I better put some clothes on,” he finally said as my hands were still cupping his ass.

    “One last feel,” I put my hand in the middle of his chest and ran my hand down his stomach and then let it brush his dick as I finally put my hand down.

    “Whoa buddy, got a bonus there didn’t you,” he smiled.

    His dick moved in his white trunks, he was clearly partially hard now.

    “Sorry, it was an accident.” I turned red.

    “It’s okay, I don’t mind you touching. Go ahead if you want.”

    I looked up at him and he was smiling. I knew he wasn’t messing with me and that he was really letting me feel if I wanted. I put my hand out and touched his dick with the tips of my fingers. It jumped back at me as I made contact. I grabbed it, wrapped my fingers around his clearly hard dick and gave it a few nice hard squeezes.

    “You’re really hard,” I said looking up.

    “I am, you can get it out if you want a better look.”

    I grabbed the top of his underwear and pulled down, his dick sprang out at me, it pointed down towards the left and bounced a few times. He had a nice big pair of balls too, hairy, and they hung down perfectly.

    I cupped them in my hand and held onto him. Just holding on to his junk as his dick moved slowly back and forth. He was so warm down there and I could smell him. It was making my heart beat fast. I’d done some stuff with a friend but that felt like forever ago. This was a man, and I felt so inadequate to sexually take care of him.

    “You like it?” He broke the silence.

    “Yeah, it’s really nice.” I let go of his balls and grabbed the underside of his dick and began to play with it.

    “What you’re doing feels really good,” he always made me feel good, encouraged me, even now. “Do whatever you feel comfortable with doing. I won’t stop you.”

    I looked up at him, he was giving me the go to put his dick in my mouth right? He had to be. I opened up and stuck my tongue out and licked the tip of his cock. He had some pre on it, I liked the way mine tasted so I figured his would be good too, it was.

    “Oh fuck,” he grunted as I closed my lips around the end of his dick and sucked down. Letting my lips move and wrap around his head as I pulled it out and in a bunch of times. “That’s great kid.”

    I had watched tons of porn and I did my best to mimic what I had seen. I grabbed his shaft and began to hold it tight as I moved my mouth deeper and deeper down on him. I could feel it pushing on the back of my throat and wondered how people ever got it in farther.

    He was leaking a bunch and I kept licking him and doing my best to get him to cum. I must have not been doing a good job because no matter how hard I worked he just moaned and watched and nothing was happening. I finally decided he needed to try something else.

    “Do you want to…” I paused.

    “Want to what, bud?” He looked down at me.

    “Put it inside of me?” I was red again, embarrassed that I offered. Maybe he didn’t even like anal and now I just set myself up for rejection.

    “Fuck, really? You ever do that before?” He asked.

    “Not with a person, but I’ve tried some stuff,” I was so stupid now that I had admitted that too.

    “I’d love that, if you want to. But you know that you’ll be giving your virginity away to me. I’m not sure if I should be your first.”

    “I don’t care, don’t they say you should do it with someone you trust and even love? I want to do it, if that’s okay.”

    “I don’t think that’s exactly what they mean by that but if you want I will.”

    He stepped back and took off his underwear. He was so fucking sexy, I can’t believe I was finally going to have sex and it was with someone like him.

    “Okay, some ground rules,” he said as he stood over me naked. “First, you tell me if something hurts so we can help you get used to it.” I nodded my head yes. “Second, trust me. I’ve done this a lot with guys and girls, I’ll help you.” I responded with an ‘okay’. “Lastly, have fun and enjoy it. It’s going to feel strange and good and all those things. Don’t think too much, just connect with me and we’ll have a great time.”

    “Deal,” I smiled.

    He helped my out of my jeans and then pulled my shirt off. He pushed me onto his bed and got on top of me and began to kiss my neck. He ran his hands up and down my body as he was pushing himself down on me. I felt his dick against my leg, he was still leaking and it was wet.

    I wrapped my arms around his strong body and gave him a hug. We’d always been close and this made us even closer I thought. I was going to have sex with my Uncle, let him have me before anyone else.

    He worked his way down my body and kissed my bellybutton and smiled up at me. “You’re so cute kid,” he said with a grin.

    He pulled off my underwear and my dick hit my stomach with a loud slap. I was so hard. He grabbed it and put it in his mouth and began to suck me. It had been a long time but I didn’t remember it feeling this good. My whole body was tingling as he worked it in his mouth.

    He moved down to my balls licking them and running his hands up and down my body. He pulled my legs up to my chest and held them with his left arm and put his mouth on my hole.

    “Holy shit!” I yelled as he licked my hole.

    He chuckled as he gave me a rimjob, working magic with his tongue. I was always nervous about how things would actually feel but now I was so eager to have him in me.

    He stood up and pulled me to the end of his bed, my legs to my chest.

    “Let me go get a condom, I’ll be right..”

    “No, go bare. We’re family, let’s not wear one.”

    “You sure?” He seemed concerned of my lack of safety.

    “It’s you, I’ll wear one with other people but not now. Not for my first time.”

    “Fuck, okay.”

    He leaned against the bed, his cock just inches from my hole. I watched as he spit on his dick for lube. Shit, I hope this didn’t hurt.

    “Okay buddy, your first cock,” he said looking right at me to gage how I was doing.

    I felt it on my ass, trying to find it’s way in me. He pushed down and I wasn’t sure if it was going to work. “Push like you don’t want it in, it will open for me.”

    I did what I was told and I felt it pop inside. Fuck it felt weird, not good at all. He saw it on my face, “It’s okay buddy, I promise it will get better.”

    I shook my head yes and he kept pushing in. I grabbed his hips to try to get some control but I just held him, I let him do what he needed to do. I felt my Uncle’s cock stretching me out, more then what was comfortable. He felt massive inside me. It felt so good when he licked my hole but this wasn’t good, I didn’t want him to stop though. I had come too far, if anything he needed to get off and at least I could do that for him.

    I felt his entire body pushing against me. “I’m all the way in. You feel so good, my dick is throbbing in you.” He was so happy, I faked a smile.

    He rested his head in the crook of my neck, I could feel him breathing as we just sat there. My dick wasn’t even hard anymore but I was determined to keep going.

    He moved his head and looked me right in the eyes, he was so beautiful, and the look on his face was nothing I’d ever seen from him. What a handsome guy he was and I was melting as I looked at him.

    “Let me kiss you,” he said, not asking not telling me.

    “Okay,” I was lost in this moment with him.

    He slowly brought his lips to mine and gave me a quick peck and then another. “You’re a good kid,” he said and gave me another kiss. He pushed his lips against mind and then opened his mouth and we began to make out on his bed. His cock was so hard inside of me, I could feel it pulsing as we kissed.

    I felt his tongue slide into my mouth and begin to explore. Finding mine he pushed against it and the sounds of a very loud make out session filled the room. He kept pulling away and looking down at me, right in my eyes and then kissing me again. I had never been kissed like that and my dick was hard again. All the feelings were back, I couldn’t wait to feel his cock sliding in and out of me.

    He looked down at me and pulled out, nice and slow. It felt empty as he did. Giving me little kisses he pushed back in, it felt big still, way to big.

    “You’re okay, I got you,” he whispered as he pushed all the way in, “it’s going to feel good, trust me.”

    Fuck, I did trust him. I knew he wouldn’t lie to me and that whatever he said was going to happen. He pulled and then pushed in a few more times. It wasn’t hurting, it was so strange. Like something was in me that my body knew shouldn’t be.

    I felt him working his cock in and out of my hole and then it happened. It was starting to feel okay. As he was pushing his cock in I felt him in a spot that felt pretty good, shit, like really good.

    He kissed me again. Oh fuck. right there I thought. He smiled as he saw my face change to pleasure and he began to pick up speed. I grabbed hold of his ass and felt it get tense with every trust inside of me. Wow, this was good. This older beefy guy was pounding his cock into me and I was loving it. Loving my uncle fucking into me like this.

    “Oh man, your ass is so tight. It feels so good wrapped around my cock!” He was grunting, going full force into me.

    “Fuck me Mike, oh god!” I moaned, he kissed me again.

    “I’m going to cum buddy, you ready?” He asked as he grabbed my cock and began to jack me off.

    “Fuck!” I yelled, I began to cum after just a few strokes.

    “Oh yeah, clamp down on my cock with your ass!” He grunted loud as I was cumming all over myself and his hand.

    He pushed inside all the way and held me down on his cock. “Oh fuck!” He yelled, I knew he was cumming inside of my virgin ass. My very first load in me.

    He kept pushing deeper like he needed it to be as far inside we he could get it. He started to kiss me, it was like he was thanking me for the sex we just had. He wouldn’t stop, his dick was still hard inside of me as we kissed for a long time.

    “If you were a girl I’d just have made a baby with you,” he laughed, totally joking.

    But for me that was one of the hottest things he could have said. Make a baby with him. I had his seed in me, and that was amazing.


    I asked my dad to close his eyes. I pulled his underwear down and started sucking on his cock as fast as I could. As I looked up he started smiling. After finding all the dad/son porn on his laptop I had a feeling he wouldn’t fight me on this.

    He just sat there watching me get him hard and taken care of him. I kept looking up and he was looking the whole time. Watching his son suck on him, enjoying what I was doing.

    “This good Dad?” I asked smacking his cock against my cheek.

    “Perfect, fucking perfect,” he said grinning.