tell Eric. I want him to know it was me

representation matters or whatever. yes i wrote nec. no we are not discussing it

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2021-01-19 02:03:18

    oh no i’m thinking about the gif again


    what was it. what was it. what happened here. what was this in response to. what did he say here. what did cas say. what line was said here to warrant this reaction. why was this shot cut. what is the significance of us seeing his reaction at this angle. what happened. what are the implications. what was this for. i feel like i’m being strained like pasta.


    my rule for spn fanfics is that dean gets to fullname castiel exactly ONE time and one time only. it’s like how pg-13 movies can have only one usage of the word “fuck.” i have to pick the exactly right moment with the UTMOST of care. but when i find the right one it will hopefully feel like getting kicked in the chest because that’s exactly how i feel when he does it in canon


    supernatural was balancing on a precipice for years like “if we don’t make the angel canon gay then nothing we do to him is homophobic” but then they DID make him canon gay and you realize they labotimized their gay character for years specifically for being gay. like they did that