Marital Sex

Hi. I am 30+, blissfully married male, with an amazing wife (Hi), who noticed that there are way too few hot romantic FAITHFUL 1 on 1 sex blogs... so here is one... Lets celebrate together! Celebrating submissions are welcome.

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2018-12-21 03:37:32

    The Best Medicine

    Female masturbation doesn’t have to be a private thing. I have always had a female masturbation and sex toy fetish. My wife wasn’t the first woman that I bought sex toys for. I found one common theme with all the women I gifted toys to. They like to keep their masturbation private….even to the point of denial. I would set traps so that the exact positioning and storage of toys would prove evidentiary in the event they were being used. Creepy? Perhaps a little…but it was the only way to fuel my fantasy. Even the Notorious @curiouswinekitten2 used to shield her masturbation from me. I wonder if this comes from a fear that men will become insecure or look at them differently. After nearly 17 years of marriage, we have eclipsed the days of shyness and embarrassment. It is no longer about whether she had play time….but what she played with. I have a high stress job with tremendous responsibility. Her occasional shares in the midst of the work day make my days more tolerable and eat away the stress. Not only does it make my day better….but it probably extends my lifespan.

    Ladies…..Share with your man. Send him boob pics on a Wednesday afternoon. Tell him about your dirty fantasies on a Tuesday. Share your lingerie photos to Tumblr on Monday. Masturbate adventurously and openly. If he has a high stress job….you are the best medicine.

    So few days left on Tumblr I want to celebrate some "truth" posts that capture some of what "this marital sex" blog has been about" this reblog does some of that.

    TO ME: I'm very careful with my hands at work, I wear gloves when things might be a bit abrasive, have to do a lot of lifting & other strenuous work... What people at work don't know, it's not about my hands... it's where I like to put them when I'm at home. @maritalsex priorities!