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2022-06-25 16:18:43

    I found this on tiktok and I laughed so hard so I thought I’d share on here

    It’s so chaotic I love it


    just so you guys are all aware, the only reason gritty exists is allegedly because the NHL made a rule that every team HAD to have a mascot and were apparently assholes about it. so the fliers made him as a chaotic fuck you. hell the first tweet made on his official account was a “sleep with one eye open” threat towards another mascot for making fun of his design


    are we not going to talk about how he launched an entire sheetcake into that man’s face, probably killing him?


    He also collects crystals


    I fucking love Gritty.


    another car opinion is that they shouldn't have touch screens


    if you need to do something with your car (ex: adjust the AC) you should be able to do it based off of touch and minimal sight; without knobs and buttons for tactile orientation youre ... staring at an ipad while driving? awesome trend we've started


    what the fuck happened


    This was peak driver ergonomics. 3 Knobs for HVAC. How hot, How Hard, and where do you want it? RAdio is just below windshield level. Headlight switch is big and easily reached by feel alone. Buttons are large, and each one textured differently. You could operate everything without taking your eyes off the road.


    Touch buttons on anything are a plague on humanity. There's no advantage, it's just tech bros fellating themselves. It just makes it way easier to press a button by accident.