Nancy was radiant with beauty and joy! She was proud of herself and what she’d accomplished: and the two men in her life who loved her so much were very proud of her. 

    Nancy had given birth just 3 months ago, and reveled in her new-Mom body. Her magnificent tits were swollen with Mommy-milk. They were HUGE, and her bra size had gone from her already gorgeous pre-pregnancy 40 C to a breath-taking 44 DD.

    She’d given birth shortly after her 37th birthday to a beautiful baby girl, Karen: her 3rd child, after her son, Clark, age 14, and daughter, Susan, age 12. Nancy’s first two children had been fathered by her lawful husband, Steve: but Karen had been fathered during a sizzling-hot incestuous love affair. Nancy had been knocked up with Susan, and knocked up by her own then-13-year-old son, Clark!

    Her husband was stunned when Nancy told him this, but soon found to his own shock that this was the most sexually-arousing situation he had ever encountered! 

    He told his wife that he would gladly support the baby, and acknowledge it as his own: but Nancy and their son had other ideas. So when little Karen came into this world, their 13 year old son proudly stood by his mother in the delivery room, to assist in the delivery of their child: and he signed the hospital records and birth certificate as the baby’s father. 

    Congratulations to mother Nancy, father Clark, baby Karen, and Daddy Steve: the Mother And Son Love Association’s Incest Family of the Year!


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