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    Let's talk about jay

    I'm not sure if all of yall know about the current situation with jay so I wanted to talk about it. We all know about how engenes have made memes of jay since I-land and I think some of the fans are taking it too far. I hope everyone knows that jay is not your best friend or someone your close to that you can make fun of. He's an idol, a human and we as fans should support him. Not make fun of him. At first it was him saying that he thinks he's the least handsome in enhypen because fans rarely appreciate him. Then I've also noticed that jay's fancams have the least amount of views compared to the other members. Why? He too is a part of enhypen right? And as engenes we should love each one of them equally. And now he talked about how we only see him as a fool in enhypen. This is so wrong y'all. Jay is such a talented man. He can sing, rap, dance, has amazing looks, a great sense of fashion, a person with alot of knowledge and a kind heart. Stop seeing him as someone in enhypen who serves as the boyfriend material. Nor is he a living meme. Please treat him equally and appreciate his talent. Let's be good fans and treat all of enhypen equally and let's not make fun of jay.



    Got any life advice?


  • cheat in solitaire.
  • listen to the world.
  • make up your own gods and pray to them.
  • think about chuck e cheese.
  • stare at a wall.
  • averagekrtzyyenjoyer
  • don't take yourself too seriously. if you're playing solitaire, a game against yourself, there's no harm in making it easier for yourself.
  • i got my hearing aides today, and it astounds me what people don't talk about. they talk about the sound of the rain, or a creaky door, but not the sound of pouring milk in a glass, or the sound of a hedgehog eating, or the sound of carbonation.
  • genuinely just. make up your own explanation for the universe. i make up gods on the daily to explain the little things, and when im hurt or need help, i toss a prayer out into the universe. they're not real, i know that, but they're a good scapegoat for my problems.
  • it doesn't have to be chuck e cheese, just somewhere that brought you joy as a kid. somewhere you felt unbridled joy. someplace childhood felt potent, where you let yourself be a kid.
  • sometimes you just gotta let yourself go braindead. staring at a wall helps.
  • lesbiansforwangxian

    [ID: Screenshot of an anon ask that reads: wtf do you mean 'these are all genuine.' End ID]


    "Is that my hoodie?" your boyfriend had asked as he sat on the edge of the bed while you lay on your stomach, playing video games. "Maybe it is," you had shyly answered.

    San had smirked at you, grabbing the sleeve of the garment and pulled. You had tried to squirm away but it was no use. Your boyfriend was much stronger, having been spending most of his free time at the gym.

    Once he had a hold of you, he could easily tell it was indeed his hoodie you were wearing. A light grey one without a logo or any print. Once he had you in his arms, your game was forgotten as San peppered small kisses all over your face.

    Soft, fluttering kisses turned into a heated makeout session and before long, San had rid you of your leggings and you were currently on top of him, his sweats and boxers pushed halfway down his thighs, and his cock buried deep inside you.

    The only thing that could be heard over your breathy moans was the background music of your long forgotten game as you slowly rode your boyfriend. He looked up at you through half opened eyes, lips parted slightly. "Fuck," he groaned, his Adam's apple bobbing as he swallowed.

    "Don't stop," he murmured, his hands moving to squeeze your thighs. He didn't stop there, sliding his hands up under the hoodie to grab your waist. "Come on, baby," he purred. "I know you can move faster than that," he added.

    Leaning over slightly, you rested your hands against the mattress on either side of San's head and lifted your hips, his cock easily sliding in and out of you as you moved. You heard the sheets beneath the two of you rustle as your boyfriend no doubt planted his feet to take control as he often did.

    "I'm sorry, baby," you heard him breathe. "I know you want to take your time, but I'm impatient," he added before thrusting up to meet your hips. A soft cry fell from your lips, fingers curling into the sheets as you held on.

    "That's it," you heard San say. "You always take my cock like a good girl." You mewled in response as he continued to fuck you from his position. "You keep moaning like that and I'll flip you over and fuck you like you deserve."

    He always knew exactly what to say to get the best response from you and this time was no different as the words coming from him caused you to moan his name, your walls squeezing him tightly. Without warning, San sat up, knocking you back onto the bed before he grabbed your hips and gave you a mischievous smile. "What did I say, babygirl?" he asked.

    "You really think I wouldn't moan when you keep saying such dirty things," you whimpered. San's smile widened as he pushed the hoodie up past your breast. "Hold on tight, baby," he said as he gripped your sides again, his smile accompanied by an equally mischievous glint in his eye.

    "You're in for a long night."